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The time will come that all of the years of your hard work and dedication to your job must come to an end. You have proven enough that you are an efficient employee but years have passed and your body might not be as energetic as it used to be and so you need to withdraw from your work. Most companies or organizations will throw a retirement party to people who will stop working for good. You may want to say one final thing to your colleagues and friends and thank them for their support. And so giving a retirement speech is your vehicle to thank your friends and colleagues who supported you through all these years.You may also see appreciation speech.

Writing a retirement speech is no easy work. It’s not easy to enumerate the number of years of hard work and service in just a short speech. So here are some helpful ways to ace your retirement speech. You may also see introduction speech.

The Writing Process

1. Content

The content of your speech must reflect your personality. This type of speech is your own and you must give it flavor that is unique to only you. You are recalling your experiences and this is the time to cherish them. It’s also better if you put some humor in your speech, just not to bore your audiences. However, if you are not the funny type of person or you don’t feel like giving jokes, it’s okay. You can make your speech sentimental that will make your audience shed a tear or two. Whatever type of speech you have, make sure it is genuine. You may also see tribute speech.

2. Who Are You Talking To?

Before getting down to write your speech, think of you are talking to. Are you talking to your colleagues? To your friends? Or to the whole employees of the company? Ask first before you prattle on intimate or silly memories with your friends when you realize too late that you are speaking to a wide audience. That way you know what tone is apt for the occasion whether if it’s formal or casual. One thing to remember also is to consider the age differences of your audiences. If you are in your 50’s, it might be hard to relate to the fresh and young employees. You may include references that will relate to people of all ages. You may also see thank you speech.

3. What Is Your Main Message?

So what is the point of your speech? Make sure you already know what you will be talking about. If you’re there to thank your colleagues, wish them well and look forward to a new chapter of your life, then put it in your speech. Don’t stray off to another topic that is not related to your speech. You may also see welcome speech.

4. Keep It Short And Sweet

There is no need to spend half a day by just delivering your speech. Remember your audiences are people who are working and you don’t want to waste their time. You don’t need to enumerate every single detail about your work life. Instead focus on the highlights of your job. A 5-15 minute speech is good enough. You may also see wedding speech.

5. Content Of Your Speech

Your speech may include the following points:

1. Mention your colleagues and thank them for helping you along the way by giving you endless support through your high times and low times. Thank them also for inspiring you to be a better and effective worker in the company or organization you worked for. This will certainly warm the hearts of your friends who are dearest to you. You may also see special occasion speech.

2. Recall some key memories that helped you shaped who you are (and as an employee). May it be the experiences that you encountered and the lessons you’ve learned from it, the highlights of your career and how you managed to do it. Mention also that all of this encounters were part of a team effort from your co-employees and your employers. Without them, you may never be able to achieve all of this success. This is your time to shine in your company or organization for the last time so might as well boast a little about those accomplishments; just don’t be too boastful about it. You may also see informative speech.

3. Tell them what will be your plans as you enter a new phase of your life. May it be you’ll be spending your days in sunny Florida or cruising along the Caribbean, spending time with your family, especially to your young grandchildren, taking up a new hobby that you haven’t tried before such gardening or bungee jumping, or moving to a new state or country. Whatever it is, let them know that you are looking forward to these changes. You can also share your plans and dreams but don’t make it too long. This should inspire your co-workers who are left behind and appreciate you. You may also see launch speech.

4. Lastly, end by wishing them well and what you will miss the most in the company or organization. This is a good way by saying goodbye to them as you take your “final bow”.  This should be a sincere expression of woe that you’ll miss the company of your colleagues and your routine in the office. Wish your company or organization for further successful growth and development in the coming years. Wish your co-workers for more success in their careers. By reaching out to them, you make them feel special. You may also see youth speech examples.

Now that you finished writing your speech and decided that it’s great for delivering it, you might also want to take up tips for a an awe-inspiring speech.

Retirement Speech Examples

If you are not sure what format your speech will be, here are some samples:

Jeepney Ride: A Tribute to Reynaldo Reyes Example

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Retirement Speech Example

retirement speech
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Allison’s Speech for Dad’s Retirement Example

retirement speech
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Delivering Your Speech

So the next (and a bit unnerving) step is delivering your speech. Now if you’re not the type of person who is used to give out speeches, you may be prone to fluster during public speaking. But it is possible to seem calm and collected when delivering your speech even if your knees are shaking. Here are some tips to help you out. You may also see presentation speech.

Know the place where you will deliver your speech.

If you are either speaking in a conference room or a hall, you must know how to control the volume of your voice. You may not want to encounter an experience where you will shout your speech at the top of your lungs in a small room or speaking in a minuscule voice in a great hall (even if you’re holding a microphone).

Familiarize your speech.

One key to do this is to practice, practice, practice. Practice delivering your speech. You don’t need to memorize it word for word, but gain familiarity to it so when it’s time to speak, you will not stand in dead silence with a horrified realization that you have forgotten your speech. If bad experience may happen, bring a copy of your speech. But make sure you don’t look at your copy in the entire time you are talking. Just glance at it to help you keep track and focus your gaze to the audience. You may also see orientation speech.

Practice the pace of how you deliver your speech.

This is very important especially if you have little experience on public speaking. You should speak in a regular pace just as how you normally talk. Don’t sputter your words as if you’re in a rush and don’t talk so slowly and weakly as if you’re in slow motion. You may also see motivational speech.

And lastly, just relax.

Don’t make this speech seem such a big obligation to you but instead focus on the bright side of it. You are here to thank your co-workers. Make this special for them and for yourself. You may also see leadership speech.

Now that your speech is ready and you are confident enough to speak publicly, you are now ready to talk in front of your co-workers and thank them for the wonderful memories that you gain from your company or organization. You may also see persuasive speech

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