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Conversion Factors:

  • Kilocalories to Electronvolts: 1 kilocalorie=2.611×1022 electronvolts
  • Electronvolts to Kilocalories: 1 electronvolt=1/2.611×1022 kilocalories

How to Convert Kilocalories to Electronvolts:

To convert kilocalories to electronvolts, multiply the number of kilocalories by 2.611×1022


Example: Convert 3 kilocalories to electronvolts.

Electronvolts=3×2.611×1022=7.833×1022 electronvolts

How to Convert Electronvolts to Kilocalories:

To convert electronvolts to kilocalories, divide the number of electronvolts by 2.611×1022


Example: Convert 5.222×1022 electronvolts to kilocalories.

Kilocalories=5.222×1022/2.611×1022=2 kilocalories

Kilocalories to Electronvolts Conversion Table

Kilocalories (kcal)Electronvolts (eV)
1 kcal2.611e+22 eV
2 kcal5.222e+22 eV
3 kcal7.833e+22 eV
4 kcal1.0444e+23 eV
5 kcal1.3055e+23 eV
6 kcal1.5666e+23 eV
7 kcal1.8277e+23 eV
8 kcal2.0888e+23 eV
9 kcal2.3499e+23 eV
10 kcal2.611e+23 eV
20 kcal5.222e+23 eV
30 kcal7.833e+23 eV
40 kcal1.0444e+24 eV
50 kcal1.3055e+24 eV
60 kcal1.5666e+24 eV
70 kcal1.8277e+24 eV
80 kcal2.0888e+24 eV
90 kcal2.3499e+24 eV
100 kcal2.611e+24 eV

kcal to eV Conversion Chart

Electronvolts to Kilocalories Conversion Table

Electronvolts (eV)Kilocalories (kcal)
1 eV3.829e-23 kcal
2 eV7.658e-23 kcal
3 eV1.1487e-22 kcal
4 eV1.5316e-22 kcal
5 eV1.9145e-22 kcal
6 eV2.2974e-22 kcal
7 eV2.6803e-22 kcal
8 eV3.0632e-22 kcal
9 eV3.4461e-22 kcal
10 eV3.829e-22 kcal
20 eV7.658e-22 kcal
30 eV1.1487e-21 kcal
40 eV1.5316e-21 kcal
50 eV1.9145e-21 kcal
60 eV2.2974e-21 kcal
70 eV2.6803e-21 kcal
80 eV3.0632e-21 kcal
90 eV3.4461e-21 kcal
100 eV3.829e-21 kcal

Difference Between Kilocalories to Electronvolts

AspectKilocalories (kcal)Electronvolts (eV)
DefinitionA unit of energy commonly used in nutrition and food science.A unit of energy used in atomic and particle physics.
Conversion Factor1 kcal = 2.611e+22 eV1 eV = 3.829e-23 kcal
Typical UsageMeasuring the energy content of food.Measuring the energy of particles at the atomic scale.
ScaleMacro level, suitable for human consumption measurements.Micro level, suitable for atomic and subatomic measurements.
Context of UseCommonly used in dietary and nutritional contexts.Commonly used in physics, especially in quantum mechanics and particle physics.
MagnitudeLarger unit of energy suitable for everyday life.Smaller unit of energy used for very small-scale phenomena.
Scientific RelevanceImportant in biochemistry and health sciences.Crucial in understanding atomic structure and reactions.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Kilocalories to Electronvolts

Example 1:

Problem: Convert 1 kilocalorie to electronvolts.

Solution: Electronvolts=1×2.611×1022


Example 2:

Problem: Convert 5 kilocalories to electronvolts.

Solution: Electronvolts=5×2.611×1022


Example 3:

Problem: Convert 10 kilocalories to electronvolts.

Solution: Electronvolts=10×2.611×1022


Example 4:

Problem: Convert 0.5 kilocalories to electronvolts.

Solution: Electronvolts=0.5×2.611×1022


Example 5:

Problem: Convert 25 kilocalories to electronvolts.

Solution: Electronvolts=25×2.611×1022


2. Solved Examples on Converting Electronvolts to Kilocalories

Example 1:

Problem: Convert 5.222×1022 electronvolts to kilocalories.

Solution: Kilocalories=5.222×1022/2.611×1022



Example 2:

Problem: Convert 1.3055×1023 electronvolts to kilocalories.

Solution: Kilocalories=1.3055×1023

Kilocalories=1.3055/2.611= 5Kilocalories=5

Example 3:

Problem: Convert 2.611×1023electronvolts to kilocalories.

Solution: Kilocalories=2.611×1023/2.611×1022



Example 4:

Problem: Convert 1.3055×1022 electronvolts to kilocalories.

Solution: Kilocalories=1.3055×1022/2.611×1022



Example 5:

Problem: Convert 6.5275×1023 electronvolts to kilocalories.

Solution: Kilocalories=6.5275×1023/2.611×1022



How accurate is the conversion between Kilocalories and Electronvolts?

The conversion is very accurate and is based on the established relationship between the joule, kilocalorie, and electronvolt. 1 kcal = 4184 joules, and 1 joule = 6.242 × 10^18 eV.

Are there any tools or calculators available for this conversion?

Yes, there are many online converters and calculators available that can perform the conversion between kilocalories and electronvolts with ease.

Why would someone need to convert Kilocalories to Electronvolts?

This conversion might be necessary in scientific research where understanding energy in different units is crucial, such as in biophysics, biochemistry, or when bridging concepts between nutrition and particle physics.

Is Kilocalories to Electronvolts a common conversion?

While not commonly encountered in everyday scenarios, this conversion is significant in specialized scientific fields where different units of energy measurement are used.

Are there common applications of kilocalories in everyday life?

Yes, kilocalories are commonly used to describe the energy content of food and beverages, helping individuals manage their diet and energy intake for weight management and overall health.