15+ Best Real Estate Banner Ads Examples & Templates [Download Now]

best real estate banner ads examples

Do you know that Real Estate Banner Ad Templates can save you a lot of time and money? They save you time because you do not have to create them from the scratch. And, they save you money because you don’t necessarily need to hire a graphic designer to create the templates for you. Here are the top 15 best examples and templates for inspiration.

Best Real Estate Banner Ads Examples and Templates

1. Real Estate Facebook Ad Banner Template

real estate facebook ad banner template
File Format
  • PSD


With hundreds of thousands of people using Facebook these days, there is definitely a very huge market potential for your real estate brand. In fact, with a well-built marketing program, you can capture the attention of a more targeted audience on Facebook with ease. Available in Photoshop file, this template lets you create a compelling ad that helps to grab the attention of your target audience.

2. Real Estate Google Ad Banner Template

real estate google ad banner template
File Format
  • Adobe Photoshop


3. Real Estate Object Cartoon Vector Ad Banner

real estate object cartoon vector ad banner

Your real estate ad must stand out to grab the attention of the target market. So, to create a compelling advertisement, you need to think about using a unique design. The object cartoon vector is a good example of a professionally done, simple design. You can download this and use to create an ad in minutes.

4. Real Estate Agency Web Banner Ads

real estate agency web banner ads

Do you have a real estate website with a good number of daily visitors? It is time to use a real estate agency ad banner to convert your traffic into prospects and sales. Whether you need an ad for the header, footer, or sidebar section of your website, this template should help you meet this goal.

5. Editable Real Estate Apartment Banner Ad

editable real estate apartment banner ad

With so many people in constant pursuit for cheap homes in urban areas, the demand for affordable housing is definitely growing by leaps and bounds. To take from the crowd in a competitive market, you need to have an affordable housing solution for the potential customers. You can use this effective ad banner to advertise cheap houses in your region.

6. Downloadable Real Estate Ads Banners

downloadable real estate ads banners

Here is a simple, clean, professionally designed template for inspiration. Use it to create unique ads in just a few minutes. This example template is an ideal option for website promotion, Facebook groups’ advertisement, Facebook fun pages post, and direct marketing. This template is fully editable in Photoshop.

7. Real Estate Business Banner Ads

real estate business banner ads 549x1024

Combine a unique real estate image with a simple three-sentence property description, to create an ad banner that stands out from the crowd. This template is a good option for a real estate business that already has an online presence. The template is ready to use, with a call to action that can bring prospect to your office’s doorstep.

8. Photoshop Real Estate Ad Banner

photoshop real estate ad banner

Grab the attention of potential customers with this real estate marketing example. The ad banner has a white background. And, the combination of white and yellow text makes it look appealing to the user’s eyes. With this template, you can highlight the asking price of the property in question. Then, add your contact on the listing so that potential clients can reach out to you with ease.

9. Sample Real Estate Ad Banners

sample real estate ad banners

Many people use the internet for search, every single day. Families look for houses on sale or rent and then close a deal with real estate agencies or agents when they find a good house option. You, too, can tap into the growing internet audience and promote your real estate business using this simple real estate template. You get 5 unique ad banners, which you can use for testing to determine which one converts better.

10. Real Estate Agency Banners Pack

real estate agency banners pack 1024x682

You can use this real estate agency banners pack to market your business, get more customers, and close more deals. Whether you are running a small agency or you are completely new to the business, you can use this sample template to get the words out and build your brand. This package has 21 different banner sizes.

11. Clean Real Estate Banner Ad Template

clean real estate banner ad template

Invest a few minutes in creating an ad banner and spend more of your time marketing your real estate business. Because this ad banner sample lets you design your advertisement in just a couple of minutes, it cuts the design time by up to 90%. The sample is fully editable and optimized for Google Adwords.

12. Real Estate Property Banner Ad Template

real estate property banner ad template

Use this unique sample ad banner to promote new houses on sale or lease. Customize the template and use it on your own website or related real estate listings web portals. There are three sections on this ad banner: the top, middle, and bottom. The top section has an image of a house and a logo placeholder. Replace these with your image and business logo respectively. The middle section lets you provide a description of your business in just a few words. The bottom section lets you specify the locations of your homes as well as a call-to-action.

13. Real Estate Instagram Banner Ads

real estate instagram banner ads

With millions of people using Instagram every day, you can take advantage of the platform and market your real estate business with ease. In fact, you can take your simple marketing campaign to the next level with this real estate ads banner. You get 15 PSD ad banners, which easy to customize and edit.

14. Social Media Banner for Real Estate

social media banner for real estate 1024x681

Use these 12 customizable Photoshop ad banner to promote your real estate business on social media. Whether you have a converting Facebook fan page, a business profile on LinkedIn, a growing audience on Twitter, or many followers on Instagram, you can use these templates to reach out to them with ease.

15. Website Real Estate Ad Banners

website real estate ad banners

Maybe you don’t have enough money to pay for Google Ads. Or perhaps your marketing budget is so tight that you cannot invest in a 12-month Facebook marketing campaign. A website ads banner can save you a lot of money and still get the words out.

16. Editable Real Estate Banner Facebook Ad

editable real estate banner facebook ad 1024x681

Here is another real estate ads banner example for Facebook marketing. The template does not come with pre-designed image, but you can add your own custom image to add appeal to the advertisement. The template is easy to edit.

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