Great Tips for Postcard Marketing

Last Updated: September 26, 2017

Great Tips for Postcard Marketing

Digital marketing has been one of the most sought-after mediums of business branding, product, and service promotion, as well as program and activity advertising. With the rampant growth of Internet usage and Web surfing in different industries and even on the daily lives of private individuals, it is a fact that these styles of marketing truly works and is to stay for a long period of time.

The existence of postcards nowadays can be underestimated, because digital platforms are offering marketers and consumers a whole new level of convenience, although there are still faults that are yet to be fixed.

Nevertheless, the way cards are distributed, thank-you cards, greeting cards, wedding cards, business cards, birthday cards, name cards, calling cards, and postcards to mention a few, only proves how they are still deemed vital despite the fast-paced evolution of various methods in different aspects of living.

One way to execute digital marketing is through the usage of postcards, although postcards can be also sent via emails. These postcards are either block images, interactive pop-up ads or well-designed webpages that provide information about a particular brand through email blasting.

Why Is Postcard Marketing an Effective Marketing Strategy?

Immersing yourself in the usage of postcard marketing for your business will help you embrace the needs of this generation through electronic media. Hence, you can easily showcase the necessity of your business when it comes to letting your consumers follow trends, stay updated with what’s new, and have firsthand information about launches and new product developments or offerings. Aside from this information, listed below are more reasons why postcard marketing is an effective undertaking in the marketing industry.

Using postcard marketing can help your business become profitable. Continuous customer communication can actually result to retention. With this, you can have a hold of your market for a long period of time. It is important for you to be able to update your market with what has been happening to your brand. Doing this will let them identify how you can supply their wants and needs accordingly.

Postcards can use different marketing strategies in one marketing activity. With the usage of print as the base of postcard designs, it will be easy to be original when it comes to presenting your brand. Though templates and samples are readily available, you can still edit them based on how you would like people to perceive your offerings. These designs are actually not given physically as you can use the efficiency of the web to disseminate information. Hence, there are already two mediums of marketing that are combined just by the initial implementation of a postcard marketing process.

Postcards let businesses contact a highly-targeted market niche. Since company websites can only be fully-maximized if the correct audience is tapped, postcards are usually sent to people who are already in the database of the company. With this, you are wasting no time as you are already assured that the people who will receive your marketing postcards are either of the following:

  • People who have already inquired about what you can offer
  • Patrons and loyal consumers or buyers
  • Members of organizations who continuously support your brand
  • People who at one point have been interested in your business and its products and/or services

How to Make Your Marketing Postcards Work

Just like any other marketing activity, using marketing postcards can only be effective if you follow a few guidelines. More so, an in-depth understanding of the procedures for using marketing postcards is also necessary.

We have listed six useful and up-to-date tips that you may incorporate in the execution of your marketing postcard usage:

  • Do not hard sell. It is important for your marketing postcard to be relatable. Though your main point of using a postcard is for customers to purchase/acquire something from your business, it is still essential for you to make them feel at ease when looking at what you are offering. Do not make your marketing postcard look like a generic advertisement as it can turn your audience off. Though most marketing postcards look like an ad in terms of their design, the success rate of these kinds of postcards is not really the same with one another. What you need to do is to ensure that your marketing postcard can touch the emotions of your target market. With this, you can pursue them to use their purchasing power in your business.
  • Make a pitch that is worth your customers’ time. Sending a marketing postcard should be taken seriously. Marketers need to make sure that the marketing postcards that they will send to people are formatted properly and professionally. Aside from issues on layout and formatting, you need card should also contain information that is understandable. Make it easy for your customers to get the idea of what you would like to present so they can assess whether what you are offering is aligned with what they would like to get.
  • Comments and testimonials of your previous and current customers can be of big help. If you want your marketing postcard to truly be interesting, what you can do is to provide your possible customers an idea of what people who have put their trust on you think. Testimonials from people who have already tried your products and/or services can give you higher chances of getting the attention of more people who would like to experience the same things that your clients have stated. If your company have an endorser, then you can make use of this endorsement as a way of getting a wider scope of market penetration. All you need to do is let your endorser testify the advantages and benefits that you and your offerings have given him/her.
  • Always keep in mind that the URL that you will use matters. Make the URL of your postcard relevant. Though your postcards can be sent through direct mails, most customers do not have the time to open their emails from time to time if they would like to check the previous postcard that you have sent. Make your URL easy to understand and memorable. This way, customers can directly open it once they are already in front of their gadgets or internet. Lesser browsing time to find your URL can make clients be more attached and attracted to your offerings.
  • Allot time in putting together your mailing list. As we have mentioned above, it will be best if you can identify the people who have already given interest on your brand. Receiving a marketing postcard can be a joy to those who would like to know your business more while it can also mean nothing to those who think that you and your business are irrelevant. Hence, you need to make sure that your mailing list is thoughtfully curated so a more positive result can be expected.
  • Be particular with the selection of language, images, and overall content. Your marketing postcard should be interesting. You can use an intriguing sentence or a catchy phrase so you can get the attention of your market. Your language should also depend on the social status of your prospective customers. You need to be able to make them feel that you are the right fit to their lifestyle. More so, using images should be based on how you would like your customers to identify your brand and aesthetic.

Ways to Effectively Create a Marketing Postcard

The effectiveness of using a marketing postcard does not only rely on your mailing list and the timing that you will follow when disseminating your postcards. The way that you prepare and plan the creation of your marketing postcard can directly impact its efficient and maximum usage.

Some of the ways on how you can create a marketing postcard that works are listed below.

Draft designs and select the one that best represents your business. The design of your postcard says a lot on how you would like your market to see your business as an entity. It is best for all the materials that you will use for marketing to be cohesive with what you believe in, your design choices, and the way that your company is playing in its respective market.

Be particular with the purpose of the postcard’s usage. Marketing is a process that should be organized and well-thought. Make sure that you have an objective that you would like to achieve so you can follow through with targets in a precise manner. Some of the purposes of using a postcard are as follows:

  • To give information about sale, discounts, and other special offerings
  • To provide details about a new product, service and/or activity that is already available for public consumption
  • To announce and event or program that your business will host

Carefully think of the content of the postcard. Be precise especially when it comes to your pitch and headlines. The texts that you will place should be short but is stated in a manner that is lasting and memorable. The way that you put the content of your postcard together should also be tastefully done so the overall look of your postcard is not only visually pleasing but also informative.

Plot the timeline that you will follow when making and sending the marketing postcards. Creating a marketing postcard should be under proper time management. The designs and content should be made within the deadline. More so, you also need to be aware of the timetable or work schedule that you will consider when sending postcards as trends and current instances within an industry can actually affect the way people react to a postcard receipt.

Using a marketing postcard may already be present in the field of marketing for a long time and you may think that people might need an alternative. However, the longevity of using marketing postcards will not be that way if it is not beneficial to businesses who use it and if people do not embrace it anymore. If you have already decided to create a marketing postcard for your business, then do not forget to look back at the list that we have provided so you can have an easier and faster time in making an effective and highly-usable marketing postcard.

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