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Logos are important in any business. essentially, logos are a representation of a company, graphic-wise. They speak in behalf of the company’s brand. More importantly,  flat logos are a crucial part in the marketing or promotion of any business. Such graphical representations of brands are located in most material that the company produces.

Advertising and marketing materials are some of the places where business logos can be seen, and examples of business logo designs that are available to view, and more importantly, download, are available here. Just keep scrolling down and you’ll see excellent business logo examples that are available to download and use.

Construction Business Logos

Construction Business Card Logo

construction business card logo

Free Construction Business Logo

free construction business logo

Building Construction Business Logo

building construction business logo

Photography Business Logo Examples

Creative Photography Business Logo

creative photography business logo

Photography Business Card Logo

photography business card logo

Vector Photography Business Logo

vector photography business logo

Small Business Logos

Small Business Association Logo

small business association logo

Cleaning Business Logo Examples

Dry Cleaning Business Logo

dry cleaning business logo

Carpet Cleaning Business Logo

carpet cleaning business logo

Electrical Business Logo Examples

Electrical Business Logo

free electrical business logo

Electrical Contractor Business Logo

electrical contractor business logo

Restaurant Business Logo Examples

Pizza Restaurant Business Logo

pizza restaurant business logo

BBQ Restaurant Business Logo

bbq restaurant business logo

What Is the Purpose of a Logo

The logo is the first thing that someone will see with regards to a brand. The logo also will most definitely be the one representation of a company that a person will remember down the road. A logo has many uses apart from the fact that it is a norm now. Here are some of the purposes of a  vintage logo in a business and how it can contribute to the success of a business.

  • Visual representation of a brand. Primarily, a logo is a visual representation of a brand. The logo is and most definitely will be the first thing a person sees whenever he sees a company material. The  modern logo serves as a representation of the company through illustration, texts, symbols, or a mixture of the three. It must represent what the whole company is all about. Sometimes, these include the goals, mission and objectives of the brand. At other times, the values of a brand can be seen through the logo. for other brands that have stood the test of time, a logo will show hints about their history.
  • To be placed on the business materials. Logos are also made to be a part of almost all materials that the company makes or materials that move to the hands of other people like potential clients or current customers that a company has. Letters are an example of a material that contains the logo of a business. an event invitation may be another material that contains a logo.
  • Consistency in the message a company wants to say.  Company Logos help maintain consistency regarding a particular message the business wants to deliver to people. the message can be about the passion of the business in their craft, or their love of giving back to the community, or their longevity in the industry. the message can be anything, and a logo can help in disseminating the message.
  • As part of advertising the brand. without a logo, advertising the business will be a hard work for the people who will need to advertise it. Imagine an advertising brochure that says something about the service, but nothing about who advertises it? That may be the case when a business does not have a logo to place on their advertising materials. A logo is so important in the advertising process, it is one of the first things an advertiser wants to see when about to do an advertisement since so many information can be taken from the logo.

Business Card Logos

Dental Business Card Logo

dental business card logo

Handyman Business Card Logo

handyman business card logo

Real Estate Business Card Logo

real estate business card logo

Free Business Card Logo

free business card logo

Design Business Logos

Graphic Design Business Logo

graphic design business logo

Interior Design Business Logo

interior design business logo1

IT Business Logo

it business logos

Free IT Business Logo Sample

free it business logo sample

IT Business Vector Logo

it business vector logo

Modern Business Logo Examples

Modern Small Business Logo

modern small business logo

Modern Business Management Logo

modern business management logo

New Business Logo Examples

Free New Business Logo

free new business logo

New Travel Business Logo

new travel business logo

How Logos are Made

Creating a logo that is creatively, but at the same time, carefully crafted and will stand the test of time is difficult. To be able to make one, there must be a passion for the craft and a development plan for the design must be present. In order to achieve the look of a good logo, these things must be done:

  • Brainstorming – In order to come up with ideas that are needed to do a logo, brainstorming must be done first. Brainstorming will help someone or a team to be able to have ideas on what to do to a logo. SWOT analysis may be done to be able to determine a brand’s strengths and opportunities for the conceptualization process.
  • Conceptualizing – After the brainstorming is finished, the ideas must be collected in order for conceptualization to commence. The main goal of conceptualizing is to incorporate the ideas that were brought up in the brainstorming process in order for a designer to know what goes where and the like. Without proper conceptualization, the drafting process in making a corporate logo will be an endless doodling around all while attaining to nothing.
  • Drafting – the process in which the actual illustration of the conceptualized logos are made. In drafting, the ideas and conceptualized look of the logos by a designer or a group is brought to life. It is in drafting that the general look, the colors, the texture and other elements are placed together for the business owner to look at.
  • Testing – After a certain draft or a couple of drafts are approved by the business, a testing period starts in which the drafts are tested in the market. Sometimes, a communication plan is done for this. After the test and after knowing which design works best, then finalization starts and a new logo is brought to life.

Vintage Business Logos

Vintage Bakery Business Logo

vintage bakery business logo

Vintage Photography Business Logo

vintage photography business logo

Vintage Restaurant Business Logo

vintage restaurant business logo

Vintage Travel Business Logo

vintage travel business logo

Professional Business Logos

Free Professional Business Logo

free professional business logo

Professional Business Card Logo

professional business card logo

Professional Business Logo in Photoshop

professional business logo photoshop

Wedding Business Logo Examples

Wedding Planner Business Logo

wedding planner business logo

Wedding Photography Business Logo

wedding photography business logo

Food Business Logos

Healthy Food Business Logo

healthy food business logo

Fast Food Business Logo

fast food business logo

Pet Business Logo Examples

Pet Sitting Business Logo

pet sitting business logo

Pet Grooming Business Logo

pet grooming business logo

Vintage Pet Business Logo

vintage pet business logo

Flat Business Logo Samples

Flat Vector Business Logo

flat vector business logo

Modern Flat Business Logo

modern flat business logo2

Types of Logos

Before, there were absolutely no types of logos. As more and more photography logos were made, people noticed that some logos were illustrated, some are in the form of texts, some are symbols and others, a mixture or two or more types. Thus, logos were classified and these are:

  • Illustrated – these are drawn or illustrated logos. These are different than symbolic  restaurant logos in the sense that symbolic logos are logos that has the same meaning universally, such as Nike’s swoosh logo which is clearly a check mark and will be a check mark anywhere one would go.
  • Textual – Textual logos are logos in the form of words or letters, such as Google and Lenovo.
  • Symbolic – As stated earlier, symbolic logos are like illustrated  wedding logos but with a difference. Symbolic logos are symbols in which will be recognizable as such everywhere in the world. The logo might be a silhouette of a tree and that silhouette will always be recognizable as a tree anywhere in the world.
  • Mix – This is a combination of different types of logos. For example, the symbol of a tree as a silhouette would make a symbolic logo, but then it can have text on the logo’s lower part, resulting in a combination of two types of logos.

There are many possible types of logos that can be used in a business. Do not forget to take a second look at the excellent examples of business logos here. Choose some more and continue to download some!

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