Business Cards vs. Calling Cards

You might be one of the people who would get confused about the difference between business cards and calling cards. And you might have also assumed that these two are just the same only that this kind of thing can be called with either of the terms. But this is where you are wrong—business cards are not calling cards and calling cards are not business cards.

True enough, these two cards have similarities because both contain necessary contact information. However, these similarities are simply not enough to make each of them an equal entity.

In this article, we are going to discuss business cards versus calling cards in the hopes that you will be able to distinguish the difference between these two kinds of cards.

Business Cards and Calling Cards—Defined

Before we should discuss the differences between business cards and calling cards, let us first discuss each of its definition so that it will be easier for us to understand its differences later on.

What Are Business Cards?

Business cards are used by professionals as a networking and promotional tool in their business transactions. 

The fundamental role of a business card is to conveniently share contact information with someone, for example, prospective or potential business clients or investors. They will make use of your business card to get your contact information should they make a follow-up call or email.

As opposed to just writing down your name and contact number on a random sheet of paper, having a business card ready and available is more preferable and it will also be more professional that way. You will become more memorable when you would hand out a business card rather than just scribbling down your contact information on a random sheet of paper that will most likely get forgotten and thrown away. 

Keep in mind that with your business card, you are representing not your own identity but of your business; this is why you should make sure that you have not put your reputation at risk by simply just giving out your business’s contact information in an informal manner. We have some professional business cards you might be interested in.

Even if business cards are just a mere piece of card, it can actually do so many wonders especially to the way how other people will treat and see your business. The business world can be likened to a jungle where it is a survival of the fittest. You will have a lot of competitors that you need to beat. Having something as simple as a business card can actually put your business at an advantage. You may utilize a corporate business card for this.

Having a business card could improve your business’s credibility; thus, this also means that having a business card can also come in handy in the event that you would then need to establish your credentials. You might want to check out personal business cards for your own use.

What Are Calling Cards?

Calling cards, also usually called as visiting cards, are now usually used simply for interaction. It could go big or go simple when it comes to its visual appearance compared to business cards because you do not have to be too formal.

Calling cards are also used should you want to promote your own self rather than promoting the business you are involved in. It is in the nature of calling cards that it simply does not promote any kind of business; however, it does not aim to avoid one either.

Calling cards are usually commonly handed out during events where an individual would like to create any kind of relationship with strangers and this is commonly driven with private reasons and not because of business-related reasons. Calling cards usually contain just the name of the person handing it out and, of course, his or her contact number. Some people would also write little notes on their calling cards but it is totally optional.

Instead of handing out business cards during social situations, it would be more suitable if you would hand out calling cards. Handing out business cards to someone you’d like to see again would be too formal as opposed to just handing out a calling card. Handing out a calling card also enables the recipient to remember you.

What Are the Differences between a Business Card and a Calling Card?

Now that we have thoroughly defined business cards and calling cards, we can now easily identify the differences between the two.

Business cards, as the term suggests, represents just your business, although you may also include your personal information such as your name and phone number, but the main purpose of business card is to sell your business or its idea but it does not have to necessarily sell the person who gives the business card or who runs the business.

Calling cards, on the other hand, have more of a personal purpose why it is being handed out. It is more like of personal token rather than on the business side. It is a simple representation of the person who hands it out without being motivated of having to create business connections, but it cannot be denied that it would eventually lead to business dealings. However, despite its possibility of creating business relations, calling cards are more into generating an interest toward an individual rather than the fact that generating a business relationship toward an individual.

If you would base its differences on its appearance, one distinct difference you can see between business cards and calling cards is that calling cards do not have logos in it compared to business cards where placing the logo of the business is one of the most important things that you should never forget especially if you want to reinforce your business identity.

It is on the calling cards where you can have fun with typography that you should never use on a business card because it would definitely look less professional or formal.

We hope that you can now easily identify the difference between business cards and calling cards.

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