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When you start a business, marketing it to the vast majority is a one of the priorities. Marketing is one of the best and quickest way to make an impression as well as making an initial point of reference for potential clients.

You need to make sure you let the market know that your business exists and that you offer certain products and services. This will help you encourage potential clients get intrigued with what you offer and it can lead to them being interested to give your business a try. It is one of the best way to make your business known and a good way to make your presence known to your potential competitors. You may also see marketing business cards examples. elegant business card1

A business card is a useful tool for giving out relevant information about your business to potential clients. But it is just not merely a tool, it is also an opportunity for you to form a personal connection with with new potential clients. With this reason in mind, a good business card could not be possibly replaced by digital networking tools that are only a click away because those digital tools lack the human interaction and sincerity.

You business card is an extension and a small representation of your business. It also conveys all the right and relevant information about your business and what you do in a powerful and memorable way. You may think handing out business cards is an outdated marketing strategy, it is not. It is still very relevant and, frankly, very much needed with the abundance of false marketing on social media.

Not to mention personally handing out business cards shows the type of service your business offers and how you handle people, therefore, potential clients can determine if you are worth the money.

SEO Business Card Template

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Restaurant Menu and Business Card Template

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Elegant Salon Business Card Template

salon business card template

Rent a Car Business Card Template

rent a car business card template

Taxi Business Card Template

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Tips on the Information to Include on a Business Card

Thinking of what information to use to market your business can be stressful. With the abundance of possible relevant and important you can share, you can get confused on whether or not those information area actually worth sharing. So, what information should you include in your business card? Here are a few tips you can use to help transform your business card into a meaningful piece of paper people will want to look into:

1. Logo and Tagline

Your logo and tagline are as important as the information that you include on your business card. You need to make sure you have decided on what your modern logo will look like and what your tagline should embody. Since your business card is an extension of your business, your business card needs to convey the business identity with the use of visual cues such as shapes, colors, as well as the words that best describes its features.

Your prospect client must be able to identify the type of service and products you offer with just your logo and tagline.

The more creative and catchy both your best logo and tagline are, the more likely your potential clients are going to remember your brand. The main goal of the logo and tagline is to help clients easily identify your brand and instantly recognize whenever they see it. This can then help you park their interest and that interest can urge them to give your business a try.

The goal for your modern business card is to help you introduce yourself or your business to the general public, therefore, your name and job title should be included. First off, when you include you name on your business card, you need to use the name you are comfortable with.

For example, if your name by birth is Charlie but you prefer to be called Charl, put the latter on your attractive card and not the former. The goal is to introduce you to people who may be interested to do a business transaction with you and not provide your genealogical information.

For your job title, you need to use the one that describes your main function. If you are a freelancer and also the CEO of a small business, you need to use the title that best describes what you do in the business. It should give the information your potential client will use when he/she calls for you. You may also see designer business card designs and examples.

Make your functional job title known in the business card. If you want to keep your credentials, you can still include it but after your functional title. For example: John Doe, Video Editor and Founder.

Elegant Business Card Template

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Landscaping Business Card Template

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Elegant Architecture Business Card

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Sports Business Card Template

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Luxe Chic Business Card Example

luxe chic business card example

Sleek Business Card Example

minimal elegant business card example

3. Contact Information

Of course you want people to contact you when you hand out your simple business card. Therefore, you must definitely not leave your contact information. Your contact information is the meat of your business card. However, you need to choose the contact information that is the most direct and efficient.

Business cards create a personal connection between you and the potential client basing on the nature that it is given from one hand to another, possibly without breaking eye contact.

With that, you should not provide potential clients with a generic email address or a general phone number where they have to go through several operators before reaching you. However, you also don’t want to be too personal. Always give your direct contact information as a professional while keeping your personal information private.

In addition, you should only include a physical street address when you have an actual location that is crucial to you doing business. If you are a videographer or photographer, you should at least include your state on your best business card so people from other states wouldn’t be hassled for calling but then get let down. If you are a freelancer who works wherever there is an Internet connection, there is simply no point in giving your registered business address.

That is unless your client wants to discuss matters personally, then you can send an email indicating your current business address.

4. Your Website, but Skip the Homepage

The purpose of including your website address on your professional business card is not only to let them know that you have one that is functional but to also to help them find out more about you. Hopefully, by the time your prospect client gets home, they immediately type in your Web address into their browsers to get to know you better.

However, that does not mean that you provide an address that sends them to a page that does not give off the information that they need. You need to send them to a page with the designated purpose of introducing you and your business. You may also see business card logo design examples.

You should create a page with a welcoming message or a record of a short and interesting video so that people can get to know you better and to help them understand how you can be of help to them. You can also put a special offer or bonus for them they can use as a thank-you gesture for connecting with you. You may also like IT business card designs and examples.

Simply put, send potential clients to a a page that can help deepen the connection you have already established with them in person while you gave out your card.

In addition, you should make the URL to your website something interesting but at the same time short and easy to type. Avoid using the generic “domainname.com/landing-page.” Instead make them more interested and intrigued by using a quirky or captivating link like “domainname.com/surprise.” You may also check out examples of catering business cards.

Modern Business Card Example

modern business card example

Clean Business Card Example

clean business card example

Elegant White Floral Business Card Example

elegant white floral business card example

Elegant Business Card Example

elegant business card example1

Peachy Frame Business Card Example

peachy frame business card example

Pure Elegance Business Card Example

pure elegance business card example

5. Social Media Profiles

With the efficiency and convenience of social media, you should include your social media profiles on your formal business card. However, you should not include all of them. Only include those you think are more accessible and easy to connect to with your target market.

Social media has become an indispensable part of both traditional or virtual businesses. When potential clients don’t see you on social media, you don’t exist in their eyes. However, that does not mean that you should list whatever social media accounts that you have. You don’t want to overwhelm potential clients with your presence; you want to give them the opportunity to connect with you.

Think strategically; only include a few social media accounts that can let your potential clients have a good look of your work. For example, if you are a photographer with an active and curated Instagram account, list that. List your strongest profiles, not just any account that does not help you showcase what you offer. You may also like examples of makeup artist business cards.

6. White Space

You may think white space should be avoided, but with the popularity of overcrowded, overstuffed business cards out there, it can hep you stand out.

Being minimal is not such a bad thing. You have to remember that the point of a creative business card is not to overwhelm the person receiving it but to invite them to get in touch with you. But a cluttered and messy business card will surely not encourage anyone to connect with you.

White space does not mean the literal white color, of course. It is simply an empty space you leave on your business card. White space will help your business card to look sleeker and can help allow your information to flow smoothly. You may also see real estate business card designs & examples.

Rose Gold Marble Business Card Example

rose gold marble business card example

Elegant Floral Business Card Example

elegant floral business card example

Elegant Makeup Artist Business Card Example

elegant makeup artist business card example1

Gold and Black Business Card Example

gold and black business card example

Geometric Rose Gold Business Card Example

geometric rose gold business card example

Chic Business Card Example

chic business card example1

Final Thoughts

A business card is a great tool introducing you and your business to potential clients. Aside from that though, it is also an opportunity for you to start a personal connection with them. Therefore, the information you provide on your business card is essential in strengthening that connection you have already made when you handed out your clean business card. You need to consider the right information that can actually help you pursue your original purpose.

You need to think about what information to leave out and that you can use to your advantage when they decide to contact you. We hope that the examples we have given sparks your creativity inspiring you to make you own elegant business card.

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