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In a business world, tapping connections is needed to broaden your scope of marketing. Connection is what businessmen need in order to reach a wide range and to encompass a wide and large communication with customers and clients as well as prospects, suppliers, and other third parties.

In order to achieve this, one important key to communication is giving them your contact details which is usually in the form of business cards. Whether you may be a small or large business, it is important that your lines are open for communication. You may also see marketing business cards.

Professional Blue and White Business Card Example

professional blue and white business card example

Best business cards are important because they provide information, especially contact information, regarding a business or the person. The information may be in the form of the address of the physical building of the company, email address, telephone or mobile number, and any other contact details. Just make sure that the telephone or mobile numbers that you are including are still active and working.

Very Simple Professional Business Card Example

very simple professional business card example

Set Professional Business Example

set professional business example

Tips for Creating a Professional Business Card

If you are starting to create your business or you are already into business, among the first things that you must also create in parallel to creating your start-up is to make a business card. As mentioned above, luxury business cards play a significant role as it provides the contact details for your customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

It is also a way of making people know you are serious with your business and that your communication lines are open for inquiries, queries, suggestions, and comments. Hence, it is vital that you create one may it be for your company or your for yourself.

1. Find the Right Location for Printing

The first thing to decide when you create your business card is to know where you want your cards be made. You can choose from these three options:

  • Online printer – Nowadays, people are already dependent on the internet, spending most of their time online, browsing the net, and surfing for interesting stuff. This is the most common option that people commonly choose because it is less hassle and can be done in a one sitting. This is also what is most recommended because the cost is less than printing the cards yourself once you add up the cost of the printer, ink, and paper. You may also see real estate business card designs & examples.
  • Local printer – Working with your local printer, you are very much free to customize your business cards but for a price a little bit higher than the online printing option.
  • Do it yourself (DIY) – If you want to create a business card yourself, you may do it with the help of online templates and examples,, similar to what we are presenting above. Other people prefer to make cards on their own as they can choose any design that they want, they can incorporate any graphics that they like, and they are free to include the information that is needed on their fashion business card.
  • However, this is not really recommended unless you are adept in designing and you really have a good-quality printer. Otherwise, you will sacrifice the quality of your business card and it will really not look good and professional.

Salon Nail Technician Business Card Example

salon nail technician business card example

Blue & Black Business Card Bundle Example

blue black business card bundle example

2. Choose the Right Elements

Paper Stock Options

This refers to the thickness of the paper being used for the business card or the grammage of the paper, also known as the grams per square meter.

  • Standard – This paper is a little bit flimsy, but this is also a least expensive option.
  • Signature – This provides a good thickness and only costs a few dollars more than the standard option.
  • Ultra thick – This is the thickest among the three options and it provides your enough sturdiness for your simple card. However, this may be too thick to fit into standard business card holders.

Paper Finish

This refers to the option of the finish of the paper whether you like it gloss or matte finish. The decision ultimately depends on the preference of the holder or the owner.

  • Gloss finish – This has a gloss coating applied to the business cards, creating a shiny and flashy look which is best if you have an image or lots of color on your creative business cards.
  • Matte finish – This has a dull coating applied to the business cards, creating a protective, elegant, and non-shiny finish which is recommended for a classic feel and if you have designs that are text heavy.

Size and Shape

As you observe the business cards around, you may notice that there are business cards that come in different size and shape. You may create and decide any size and shape for you or your company, but just make sure that it would fit on the standard business card cases. You may also see examples of bakery business cards.

But if you want to create a standard size, the standard business card is 3.5″ × 2″. Also note that there are things that you need to consider before choosing a standard card size or another unique-shaped cards. One of those things is the added cost for your card as cards with rounded corners or with a unique shape will cost you extra. You may also like

Another thing that you need to take note is that if you have an oddly shaped card, especially those that cannot be placed inside the wallets, most probably, people would not place them in places where they usually place their cards. Hence, there is a greater possibility that they will lose your professional business card.

Professional Salon Flower Business Card Example

professional salon flower business card example

Artistic Professional Business Card Example

artistic professional business card example

Premade Professional Business Card Example

premade professional business card example

3. Draft the Card’s Vital Information

A business card must include important information that is needed for the people to make a communication with you. Not only that, there are other information that is vital for your content:

  • Your full name
  • Your job title
  • Your business name
  • Telephone or mobile number
  • Email address or website

You may also like minimal business card designs.

Other things to consider adding in your business cards are as follows:

  • Your logo
  • The physical business of your business company
  • Tagline
  • Social media accounts
  • QR code
  • Certifications

Note that you must carefully select which information is needed to be placed on your modern business card as you only have a limited amount of space on your card, and putting all of these information on your card make it look overcrowded and full of unnecessary stuff. Only choose the information that is most relevant for your business and highlight those things that are most important just like the first five mentioned above.

Elegant Professional Business Card Example

elegant professional business card example

Corporate Professional Business Card Example

corporate professional business card example

Clean Professional Business Card Example

clean professional business card example

4. Design Your Card

There are a lot of options for designing your card. First is to use a premade template just as what we are presenting in the examples. This is the cheapest and easiest option if you decide to order your cards online. The templates are customizable so it is less hassle for the user. The next option is to design your business card on your own. You are free to incorporate graphics and other designs, but you must have a good-quality printer and you must know how to design your card in a way that it is elegant and professional.

However, if you are not really good in designing, another option is to hire a professional designer to design a business card for you. Lastly, you may also opt to work with the printing company directly. If you will really search on the area around you, you may find several printing companies that offer design services. This may cost you generally somewhere between $100 and $500. You may also check out logo and business card designs and examples.

Minimal Professional Business Card Example

minimal professional business card example

New Corporate Business Card Example

new corporate business card example

Professional Business Card Bundle Example

professional business card bundle example

Customizable Cheap Business Card Example

customizable cheap business card example

Free Editable Business Card Example

free editable business card example

5. Check and Recheck

Last but not the least, you must check and recheck the business card design before printing them. Check if there are errors in the text or in the graphics or images incorporated in the card. Ensure that it is free from error because this can greatly affect your credibility as well as the credibility of the company that you are representing.

If there are spelling mistakes of your business card or there are errors in the text, especially in the contact numbers, people may fail to contact you or, worse, they would be discouraged to keep in touch with a company who did not spend time proofreading their business card, the vital tool for communication. You might be interested in clean business card designs and examples.

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