ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts

Last Updated: June 5, 2024

ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts

Test Marketing is an important aspect or element of a successful business or company, which allows the commercial enterprise to organically obtain, retain, and attract customers to its products or services. Email marketing is one of the most common ways to market one’s brand in the digital space to millions of potential leads and customers worldwide. Modern marketing teams can make use of ChatGPT to help expedite some processes and create higher-quality content.

1. ChatGPT Prompts for Email Subject Line Generation

The email subject line is the first set of words or phrases that will tell or relay the intention and overall contents of the email to the receiver. This line will serve as a first impression to the receiver and will affect the person’s want to open and read the contents of the email. ChatGPT can help the person create creative subject lines that will entice the recipient to open the email; one can do this by prompting ChatGPT with “Can you generate a list of five subject lines for a workplace memo email?”

2. ChatGPT Prompts for Email Content Generation

The email content is the written or typed-down portion of the digital letter, which will primarily act as the message the sender intends to relay to the recipient. A person can use ChatGPT to help format and generate the contents of the letter to ensure that it is clear and understandable. For example, a person can prompt ChatGPT to create a work letter outline that will request more funding and resources.

3. ChatGPT Prompts for Email Marketing Content Optimization

When trying to market a product or service online, it is important to know that unclear and unoptimized content will reduce the chances of the person engaging with the advertisement. A person can use ChatGPT to help optimize and edit the contents of their marketing email to improve the chances of organically obtaining a new customer. Writers can prompt CsatGPT to edit the content of your email by prompting them and providing them with the said marketing content.

4. ChatGPT Prompts for Growing your Email List or Connections

An email list is a numbered list of customers’ email addresses that will receive various information, promotions, and advertisements through email updates and newsletters. Email lists will help the business or organization have a higher reach and influence with their intended target audience, which will not only boost online sales and traffic but will also help make the business or organization grow. ChatGPT can help new businesses or organizations by providing them with tips and tricks that can help them organically grow their business email list. For example, a person can prompt ChatGPT to provide them with a list of exercises they can do to increase their email list within five to six months.

5. ChatGPT Prompts for Personalize Your Marketing Emails

It is important for the sender of their marketing emails to provide a specific identity and personality to make their brand appealing and attractive to the potential target audience. One can utilize ChatGPT to provide a unique and creative identity that the person can integrate into their marketing emails. The person can prompt ChatGPT to help provide specific nuances in one’s email by asking the AI how one can creatively personalize their marketing emails.

6. ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts for Customer Success

One’s marketing attempts should see some success in generating digital traffic, customer interactions, and creating hype with the target audience. One can use ChatGPT to create, edit, and generate marketing emails that have specific details, which can improve the email’s success rate in attracting and interacting with potential customers. For example, a person can prompt ChatGPT with a sample of their marketing email and ask ChatGPT to improve some aspects of the sample to attract more consumers.

7. ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts for Use Clear Calls to Action

Calls to action are small groups of texts or phrases that will ask the audience or viewer to do a specific action or task on the web page or email. These calls to action can include the phrases “Buy now”, “Click here”, or “Enter this website”, which will change depending on the context you have chosen the CTA for. You can prompt ChatGPT to help create clear and succinct calls to action that will ensure the target audience will interact with one’s CTA.

8. ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts to Help Monitor one’s Marketing Results

Marketing results are the observable statistics and trends which the marketing strategy or plan has generated in a specific period. It is important to monitor the marketing results to ensure that the marketing strategy or plan is providing its expected results and whether or not the business or company will continue that specific marketing route. One can enter their marketing results into ChatGPT and use the AI to compare other readily available marketing results online, which will help monitor the current trajectory of the marketing strategy or plan.

9. ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts for Email Survey

Email surveys are one of the best ways to obtain objective data one can use to improve specific elements and parts of the business and its products or services. One can use ChatGPT to help create surveys and survey questions, which the person can either attach or link to an email asking the recipient to fill out the survey. For example, one can use ChatGPT to generate email contents that will creatively ask the receiver to answer a link to a survey attached to this email.

10. ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts for Email Weird Mechanism

There are multiple ways to obtain a person’s attention through the creative use of subject lines in their marketing emails. One can use ChatGPT to generate weird titles that can intrigue the recipient into opening their email. Just note, this can make the email’s subject line seem spammy and may have the opposite of its intended effect. A person can use ChatGPT to generate a list of email subject lines that will include a weird mechanism in the phrase.

11. ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts for Email Problem + Hint at Solution Format for the Subject Line

One can use a specific subject line formats that will gather the receiver’s attention and will provide a specific identity or personality to their subject lines. A person can use ChatGPT to help create subject lines that will follow the specific desired format the said person wants to use as subject lines for their future emails. For example, the marketing team can prompt ChatGPT to provide them with a whole list of subject lines that use the [Problem] + [Hint at solution] as the content of the Email’s subject.

12. ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts to Create and Highlight a Unique Selling Proposition

One of the best ways to ensure one’s marketing email attracts the attention fo their target audience is to create a subject line that indicates a unique niche one’s product or service can fill. ChatGPT can help provide lists and phrases of subject lines or email headlines that can highlight a specific thing one’s product or service can do. A person can prompt ChatGPT to highlight a specific aspect of one’s product as an email headline.

What Are ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts?

ChatGPT email marketing prompts are a specific subtype of ChatGPT prompts that focuses on letter or email writing in the marketing context, theme, and tone. These purposes can span emailing content like posters and advertisements to welcoming new users to their digital webspace and informing them of various present deals. Proper utilization of ChatGPT email marketing prompts may positively impact and will affect the customer experience.

How to Use and Write ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompts

When writing ChatGPT email marketing prompts, it is important to keep in mind the overall length and accuracy of the written or typed prompt. There is an observable connection between the accuracy and completeness of ChatGPT’s output and the quality of the prompt the person has written and provided to the chatbot. Therefore it is important to ensure that the prompt will properly relay instructions or an outline of steps the AI will take to provide the email marketing output.

Step 1: Select the Marketing Purpose and Objective of the Prompt

The purpose and objective of the ChatGPT prompt will not only determine the contents of the prompt the person will write, but the main subject will also affect ChatGPT’s output the AI will provide to the user. Start by selecting the marketing purpose and objective you want ChatGPT to provide you with content or guidance. This can be email subjects, processes, and email contents; for more examples of email marketing uses for ChatGPT, you may use any of the examples in the headers above.

Step 2: Get to Know or Refresh One’s Knowledge of the Basics of the Purpose or Objective of the Prompt

When you have chosen the purpose and objective of the content you want ChatGPT’s AI to generate, it is important that you know the basic knowledge of the concepts that surround the said email marketing purpose. This is because the prompt may provide vague instructions, data, and information to the AI, which will lead it to provide misleading information or wrong data. Not only will the prompt present an issue in the generated content, but the AI also pull datasets from the internet that may be untrue or vague.

Step 3: Write the ChatGPT Email Marketing Prompt

Create the ChatGPT email marketing prompt, which can span a length of a single word to a whole set of paragraphs. The most important part of the ChatGPT marketing prompt is the clear instruction and succinct description of the content you want ChatGPT to generate. Another important factor to remember is adjectives that ChatGPT will apply to your generated content. For example, “Can you provide me with 5 subject lines that will attract new customers to use our handwashing product? The subject lines should not sound spammy.”

Step 4: If Possible, Include Different Email Examples that Will Affect the AI’s Output

ChatGPT AI uses examples you provide in the prompt to help tailor the output or content it will generate for you. If there is a specific format and tone you want ChatGPT’s content to follow, you must include examples of outputs you want ChatGPT to generate for you. Therefore if you can add or write down some examples in your ChatGPT prompt, then you should add the said examples to the last portion of your ChatGPT prompt.


Why is it important to have interesting subject lines when sending cold emails to generate leads?

Cold emails are a marketing technique that allows businesses, companies, and other corporate entities to potentially gain their audience’s attention via the use of emails. These said cold emails are not spam and will not outright indicate the product or service the corporate entity will offer and will instead introduce the entity to the customer, People can use ChatGPT to create unique subject lines which will serve as an effective first impression for the potential customer.

Can I prompt ChatGPT to create a list of more than 20 subject lines?

Yes, you can potentially ask ChatGPT to create a list of 20 or more subject lines that will span a specific topic or email marketing context you want the AI to create. Just note, ChatGPT may repeat some of the subject lines or will have subject lines that barely fit your chosen topic. It is essential to indicate in the prompt to have non-repeating subject lines and indicate the word length you want your subject line to have.

Can I edit the ChatGPT’s generated email marketing outputs to better suit my needs?

Yes, it is important to know that ChatGPT’s generated email marketing content or subject lines are not perfect or static. This means that people can edit, alter, or change the contents ChatGPT has created for them to better adapt to specific situations or to better fit the current goal or purpose of the content. 

The potential of ChatGPT is limitless, especially in the field of marketing or email marketing. Not only will ChatGPT improve the quality of the content the marketing team will use for specific purposes, but the chatbot can also improve the efficiency of various marketing processes, which will save more time and effort. Therefore the person needs to know how to create the perfect ChatGPT email marketing prompt to suit all their email marketing needs and campaigns.

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