Content Marketing Examples

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about content marketing. More and more companies are using content marketing as a major tool in their marketing efforts and is actively taking a big slice of the marketing budget.

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It is not common that a lot of people think content marketing and advertising are all the same. But contrary to popular belief, content marketing and advertising are two different things. Content on its own is what viewers or an audience really wants to read and share while advertising only interrupts the content for the reason of trying to sell a product or introduce a brand. Content marketing is building and attracting audience or potential customers. It is conversing and understanding the customer and creating content that they are interested in and would want to share to their friends in return.

Content Marketing Types

While there exist many types of content marketing and other types of content as well, the following examples should give you enough inspiration in creating stimulating and engaging content for your audience:

  • Infographics – generally includes graphic information relating to statistics and represented through charts, graphs, and such. These are done in such a way that information can be presented quickly but clearly. This also makes use of our abilities in recognizing patterns and trends to the information being presented.

  • Webpages – web pages that use content marketing do not just publish content. They publish content that appeals to a vast and wide audience. They post content that grabs the interest and makes the reader want to share that particular content. That is why even small company websites have thousands of views. This in turn translates to more traffic coming in or otherwise more potential customers on your site. This realizes part of the goals for marketing which is putting your product in front of your targeted market and creating that opportunity for a conversion or sale.

  • Podcasts – For those who are musically inclined, a lot of music streaming platforms on the net have podcasts wherein a particular topic is being discussed and valuable information and advice is given out. Podcasts again generate attention to a particular topic and helps the one conducting the podcast gain attention to his company or business through helpful information being given out that would naturally be interesting to listeners.

  • Videos – A lot of companies owe their success through videos. Videos demonstrating the use of a basic product which does not necessarily center on the product itself but in the process of usage or in the correct or proper way of doing something help generate attention which would have been otherwise dismissed as another advertisement if it were not for it being informational and interesting. And with the increase in the innovations we have today, making high quality video content has never been more easier and much cheaper than before.

  • Books – Believe it or not, in this digital age, there are still a number of people who read books. Books are another way of marketing your company or your services. There are a lot of public and inspirational speakers who use this method to market their services. And with the help of modern technology, it is even more faster and easier to publish a book without a publisher.

  • Ebooks – By adapting to the current technologies, like the book, the ebook reaches target audiences faster and easier through the web. The ebook has the same goal as the book wherein it aims to educate the reader and keeps the level of conversation in consistency to the brand that you are trying to promote. It has a narrative structure as the book and can include visual designs akin to that of a book.

  • Cheat Sheets – These are informational two or three pager documents that give out information which makes it easy for the reader to scan through for wanted information and also links to other resources for more learning.

  • Workbooks and Templates – This is another way in keeping your brand in front of customers and at the same time helping them out. Most are designed to be made for printing and have a variety of practical uses.

  • White Papers and Reports – Are less graphically designed but are also generally used as educational material observing a more professional tone. These are also used for the reason of making opportunities of partnering with other organizations.
  • Slide Decks – Slide decks are often used in the break down of complicated ideas into simple and smaller chunks of information keeping the text uniform throughout the article and using big graphical images.

  • Case Studies – These are primarily used to showcase the value and results of a particular product. These are based on real stories and contain real data or information.

Content Marketing in Various Media

Media is the main transport of content marketing. Media promotion is divided into three types namely:

  • Owned – Is content being shared on your own media channels that presents for a quick and free possibility in connecting to your target audience.
  • Paid – Media platforms today have developed paid advertising which presents options that will make the ads be presented to individuals that match or are in connection to your brand’s personality that help decide investment opportunities.
  • Earned – Earned media promotion is the culmination of your media promotion efforts. This is when your target audience shares your content to their own networks.

And though there are a number of other media networks that exist, it should be noted that having or being in such networks does not guarantee your overnight success. Driving home content to where they are most useful takes time and patience. You need to know and understand your target market in order to develop meaningful and useful content to your target audience.

By developing interesting but useful content, you are not only promoting your business but also shows genuine effort in trying to help your target audience. Content marketing is appealing to where your target audience’s interests lie and not necessarily to that of your own. Content marketing is a subtle but effective approach in marketing and developing customer loyalty.

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