Travel Email Newsletter

Last Updated: February 22, 2024

Travel Email Newsletter

Newsletters are an effective communication and promotion medium for companies. Marketing agencies charge heavy amounts for promotions which are sometimes tough for micro and small scale agencies to afford. An e-newsletter is an efficient medium of promotion for such companies specifically and even for other established firms to promote and maintain an organizations market presence. Travel agencies or travel agents usually prefer email newsletters due to the following two reasons 1.) It is a low-cost promotion tool 2.) It is effective and can generate assured leads. Email newsletter helps travel agencies to inform their existing client and to the potential clients about the latest trips, packages, and destinations that the agency successfully covered. It can also act as a promotion medium for future trips & its advance bookings.

Travel newsletters are easy to modify once the template is ready and can be sent immediately from anywhere through email. This article covers samples, templates, and examples of travel email newsletters for your ready reference.

Travel Email Newsletter Examples & Templates

1. Free Travel Email Newsletter

Free Travel Email Newsletter Template
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Size: 600 Width


A travel email newsletter can include details about the successful trips & achievements of the company and it can include the details about the future travel packages of the agency. A newsletter if designed sensibly can also include both the details. This file is an example of a travel newsletter template with convenient editing options. It includes mesmerizing pictures of the destination and the content is assigned to a theme, based on white color. It includes artwork and the file is compatible almost all email providers like Gmail, yahoo, outlook, and others. It is available in 600 width layout and is fully customizable.

2. Travel Hotel E-newsletter PSD

Travel Hotel E-newsletter PSD

An e-newsletter related to travel must at least include all the required details of the destination & the hotel if covering all the small information is not possible. This file is an example of a travel hotel e-newsletter template. It can capture details about the hotels that a travel agency provides at different tourist destinations. The template comes with a default alignment and one has to simply substitute the relevant content & pictures. It is designed in multiple colors and also has the provision to include content table if required. The PSD template includes layers and smart objects. It is a well-organized and structured for convenience in editing.

3. Email Newsletter Travel Inspiration

Travel Email Newsletter Inspiration

Newsletters are no secret and are used by all most all the travel agencies in the world. People intending to travel in the vacation usually search online for destinations and services offered by different travel agencies. They subscribe to newsletters of multiple agencies but end up being disappointed as all most all of them are the same.  Hence, despite having the best offers and quality service a genuine travel agency loses a potential client. To avoid such scenarios and convince a potential client about the services offered by your agency, download the above email newsletter template designed by professionals exclusively for travel business. It maintains a perfect balance of pictures & content and is fully editable to customize according to the travel agencies requirement.

4. Explore Travel PSD Email Newsletter

Explore - Travel PSD Email Newsletter

Newsletters are a better option compared to email marketing. Leading travel agencies in the world use newsletters to connect with clients instead of emails. Emails can often be irritating and marked spam by people. Newsletters, on the other hand, are a timely reminder of an agency’s existence in the market irrespective of the clients traveling plans. Newsletters help in boosting social media engagements and are the most important sources of manually redirecting potential clients to their website. Consistency in newsletters helps in building trust & loyalty and indirectly represents a brand as an expert in the industry. So what are you waiting for? Download the above file which is an example of an explore travel newsletter template in PSD format. It has an ocean theme design and is easy to edit. It one of the best templates for corporate and comes in three layouts.

5. Travel Email Newsletter Example

Travel Email Newsletter Example

A travel newsletter should be dynamic and vibrant. Simple newsletters which feature regular travel package prices are often considered mediocre and are rejected by clients. Elegant pictures and to the point content attracts clients. Special discounts and limited period travel offers are the marketing strategies to be used with clean and professionally designed newsletters. It must be made sure that the newsletter has a compatible view in smartphones & tablets to assure that no technical hindrance is caused. This file is a travel inspiration newsletter template with required compatibility and furnished design. It is designed in a white background and has convenient editing policies to customize the template.

6. Travel or Multipurpose E-newsletter

Travel or Multipurpose E-newsletter

Consistency is the key to achieve success and create an impact with a newsletter campaign. Consistency in designing, releasing, and quality of the content is extremely important for a newsletter to create an impact. Newsletters can redirect a lead to your website but it is not assured that they will book a holiday with you. Interacting and reaching out to clients on a regular interval through newsletter helps in converting a lead to a client. If you are looking for a fixed editable template to customize your travel newsletter then download this above file. It is a multipurpose e-newsletter template and can be molded as required. It comes in four color schemes and has a mobile portable layout option.

7. Travel Email Newsletter Template

Travel Email Newsletter Simple

Email Newsletter should be realistic and not look like a website providing information about a destination. Include real experience and reviews from genuine customers along with pictures. Provide a single click feedback option and not-ready to book now option to obtain clear stats about the efficiency of your newsletter campaign. The above file is a vintage style design travel newsletter template. It is compatible with different layouts and comes in professionally designed color schemes. Download this file and customize this newsletter according to your website to establish a better connection during the email.

8. Travel Email Newsletter Design

Travel Email Newsletter Design

 If you have been releasing newsletters for a considerable time and are failing to attract the audience then it’s high time to revise your strategy. Newsletter campaigns often fail due to reasons like poor design, non-compatible layout, below average content, and mediocre deals. Evaluating a newsletter campaign is necessary to know where one is going wrong. The above file is another example of a travel email newsletter template with premium quality pictures and simple theme. It looks sober and attractive. One can easily accommodate the required content in the design with flexible editing option feature.

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