Vacation Greeting Card

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Vacation Greeting Card

Spending time for a vacation means you want to have a sneak peek to another side of the world, you want to give yourself a break and unwind alone or with your family and friends, you want to rejuvenate and replenish lost energy, or you just wanted to contemplate and ponder on things. While vacation is important for most people because of the above reasons, many people cannot afford to go on a vacation not just because of financial matters but also because their schedule won’t permit. No matter how much they want to go on a vacation, they still wouldn’t gain a peace of mind when their desks are piled up with paper works. Hence, it is essential for us to create our own schedule and work on our tasks before it is due so we can take even a short break. You may also see Best Greeting Card Designs.

If you happen to know someone who is expert in balancing every aspect of their lives, you might consider asking them tips on how they do it. You may also send them vacation greeting cards before they leave for a vacation. Below are examples of vacation greeting card designs that you can send to anyone who would go on a vacation.

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Important Things to Do Before Leaving for a Vacation

There are times that you get so excited and overwhelmed with your vacation that you are giving your full attention to the things you need to bring, focusing on your checklist. However, there are a lot more to your preparation. You need to settle things first before leaving especially when your vacation would take more than a week or a month. This is to ensure that you leave your place in good condition and when you come back, your place and things are just in order.

Here are the things you need to do before leaving for a vacation. Make sure to do or check them before leaving for they are really the most important ones. You may also see Funny Greeting Card Examples.

1. Pay Your Bills

Before you leave, you must ensure to pay your bills first or schedule automatic payments so you do not be charged with interests or any late fees. Also, you will attain a peace of mind while you are away if you have already paid your bills beforehand. You also do not want to let other people arrange for your payment if you are already on a vacation. Hence, paying the bills must be the first item on your checklist Examples.

2. Put Mail and Newspapers on Hold

Put a hold on the delivery of your mail or any package that might be coming your way. You do not want your neighbors to see a pile of newspapers at your doorstep while you are away or a mailbox overstuffed with mails. Or you can ask trusted persons to collect it for you provided you trusted them fully and you already know them. Never leave your mails and packages to a total stranger or to a person you just know. You may also see Blank Greeting Card Examples.

3. Arrange Pet Sitter

If you have a pet at home, a cat, dog, bird, fish, or many others that need to be cared for, you must arrange a pet sitter to look after your pets. Depending on your pet, you may ask your neighbor or your close friend to take care of them while you are away. Or, you may let them bring your pets at their respective houses provided that you trusted them and that you are certain that they will really care for your pet. Otherwise, if you have enough budget, you can send your pets to a pet care and instruct the pet care providers to look after your pets for a short while until you arrive from your vacation. You may also see Floral Greeting Card Designs.

4. Recheck Your Work Calendar

Check and recheck your calendar if you have an incoming scheduled meeting that is on your vacation dates. You may also have other commitments that are scheduled in between those dates. If so, cancel them before you leave or better yet reschedule or postpone them so you won’t miss any important appointments. Also, check other non-work-related appointments you may have committed. You may also see Creative Greeting Cards.

5. Sort Your Wallet and Remove Items You Don’t Need

Clean and sort your wallet for the things that you might not use during your trip. Leave the foreign currency from your last trip which cannot be used in your travel now, the credit cards that are expired or cannot be used in the country you are going, reward cards that only apply to the country of your residence, and other papers or sample receipt that were left in your wallet.

6. Call Your Bank

Let your bank know that you will be leaving for a vacation, especially when you are going outside your country. So must notify them or your credit card provider that the must expect international charges from your trip. In this way, you will not be questioned of your transactions and that they will not suspect that your card has not been stolen. You may also see Rustic Greeting Card Designs.

7. Inform Your Family and Close Friends

It is not about boasting your travel, but it is just about letting them know that you will be going out of town. You must inform them so they won’t expect to see you in your house or if ever they wanted something from you and ask you to come. You must also inform them so they will not get worried whenever they won’t see you around. You may also see Thank You Greeting Cards

8. Check Supplies

Check your toiletries, gear, clothes, food and other supplies and buy new items as needed. You must travel with full gears for your own comfort during your vacation especially when it is your first time going to the place. Make sure you packed sufficient supplies with you for the whole duration of the trip.

9. Create Automated Email Response

When you are on a vacation, you do not want to receive mails, especially work mails, to come in your way, spoiling your vacation. Thus, you must create an automated email response or a personalized voicemail to let the person in line know that you are still on a vacation. You may also see Animated Greeting Cards.

10. Make a Vacation Checklist

Better create a checklist rather than just relying on your memory for the things you need to prepare and bring to your travel. This is to ensure that you will not miss any important thing to bring. This is also to organize things like itinerary, contact numbers, prescriptions, money, gadgets, passport and other important papers, ticket, and many others.

11. Wash Your Laundry

Most people do not really think of washing their laundry and bed sheets before they leave. However, the moment we get back from our vacation, we often do not want to do the laundry first. Thus, we must first wash them to come back with an inviting, fresh bed. You may also see Romantic Greeting Card Examples.

12. Pack Your Electronics and Gadgets

Chargers are among the things that we usually forget in our trip. Because we sometimes lack time in packing our luggage, we almost always forget to include chargers and power banks in your bag, and you only realize them when you are already out of battery. Hence, never forget your chargers everytime you remember your phone. Also, do not forget to fully charge your batteries before leaving.

13. Clean Out Your Fridge

Check out for perishable goods inside your fridge so they won’t rot or get spoiled inside. Throw your trash and garbage as well before leaving so rodents won’t have a feast inside your trash bins and you can come back to a fresh and clean house after the vacation. You may also see Fall Greeting Card Designs.

14. Confirm Hotel and Car Rental Reservations

To ensure that you will be staying at a comfortable place, confirm your reservations in hotels as well as the transportation you need in order to get to the place you are staying.

14. Secure the Doors and Windows

Never forget to shut the doors and windows in your house before you leave to prevent the trespassers and thieves from entering your house. You do not want to invite them by leaving your windows open while you are away. Also, remember to bring the keys and never ever leave them under the mat in your doorstep thinking that strangers won’t find them anyway. You may also see Vintage Greeting Card Designs.

15. Unplug Electronics and Turn Off Lights

Before leaving the house, unplug the electronics and turn off the lights to ensure your house won’t be caught on fire. Keep your house safe by checking if there are still electronic gadgets plugged to the outlets, or it is better to completely shut down the power breaker before you leave.

16. Check Your Papers and Medicine Kit

Always make sure that you pack all the important papers needed for your vacation, as well as the medicines you might need along the way, like medicines for nausea, headache, and fever. Always do a double and even triple check regarding these things especially those that are vital for your travel.

Last Say

In going for a vacation, many people are concerned about their travel checklist that they somehow forget the things they need to do, arrange, and prepare before leaving. Some of these things include paying your bills, putting on hold your emails and newsletters, cleaning out your fridge, doing the laundry, confirming reservations for the travel, checking and double checking your luggage and turning off electronics and lights in your hours. These ensure you that the house is safe the moment you leave, that you need not worry on the things you left while you are on a vacation, and that you can come back home with a clean house to welcome you, not an additional mess for you to clean up. Settling things before going on a vacation gives you peace of mind, so you can fully enjoy your vacation. You may also see Photo Greeting Card Designs.

Now that you know the things needed to settle down before your vacation, we do hope that this can help you in future travels. We also hope that the above vacation greeting card examples provide you a card that you can send to someone you knew who is about to go on a vacation.

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