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Coupons, attractive vouchers, and gift cards are among the perks that a business company can offer to their customers and prospects to engage them into availing those for their family and friends and even for themselves. And who would not want to have these things especially on their birthday? If you are having your own business and you are planning to boost your name in the industry, a voucher can surely help, as this can entice people to try your products and services. One extraordinary offer you can give to them is the birthday voucher.

Hearts Birthday Voucher Example

hearts birthday voucher example

Green Gift Voucher Card Example

green gift voucher card example

Basketball Birthday Gift Voucher Example

basketball birthday gift voucher example

You can even make a rule that only those who have birthdays for that certain month can avail your birthday voucher or those whose recipients would celebrate their birthday in the current month. This can attract many customers, as most of the time, vouchers are prepaid and the holder of the voucher is entitled to anything he or she would like to buy using the voucher for a predetermined amount. So, it is highly recommended for the companies to issue vouchers to increase their sales, their company’s popularity as well as to boost their name in the industry. You may also see blank voucher designs and examples.

How (and Where) Can You Get Vouchers?

If you are smart enough, you already had the idea of how and where to get vouchers or coupons. Vouchers are really everywhere. You can find them on the things that are most common to you, and the manufacturers of these vouchers are very much accessible. More people are seeking vouchers to be given as a gift to their family or friends or for themselves. You may also see receipt voucher examples & samples.

Because vouchers are very much handy and convenient as you need not anymore bring cash with you when you go on shopping, more and more people prefer to use vouchers. Vouchers also have predetermined amount which will limit you in your shopping.

1. Sign Up for Newsletters

If you are really into a particular product, you may check the company’s website and see if they offer a printed or an email newsletter. Sign up or register on their newsletters as subscribers are often rewarded with special vouchers and other promotions. If you are into local companies and have not yet tried signing up with international companies, better start your registration now because, aside from the promotions, you would also get updated to their special offers or new products and services. You will also get notice of their giveaways, contests, and special events. You may also like shopping voucher designs & examples.

2. Browse Magazines

If you are a fan of subscribing magazines, make sure to browse through them carefully and look for vouchers in them. A lot of magazines, especially those who are sponsored by big companies and are already a big hit in the market would attach special vouchers in their magazines. This is not just a way to make people notice their product or their brand; this is also a way that their sales in their magazines would increase.

Now that you know that they are attaching promos in their magazines, do not fail to check those magazines that are already opened but are left unscanned by the owner for these are the usual sources of promotional vouchers of the company. You may also check out food voucher examples.

3. Directly Contact the Manufacturer

Another way to get a voucher is by calling or sending an email to the manufacturer directly. But before that, look through your house for products that you love or those that you are regularly using, then go to the product websites and you can see their “contact us” link. Most of the websites have included their email address on their site. Send the email address a short note about how much you love their product, how often you are using them, the special features of the product that you want, the reason why you like them, and how it helps you and your family and friends. You might be interested in cash voucher designs and examples.

And if you will ask for vouchers, do it in a subtle way like, “Do you have a newsletter to subscribe to or coupon mailing list?” Writing this way would inform the manufacturer the importance of their product and the reason why they need to continue manufacturing their items, and as a token of gratitude, almost all the companies would surely mail you vouchers. At times, there are companies that will even send them for free.

Editable Ribbon Gift Voucher Example

editable ribbon gift voucher example

Baseball Ticket Voucher Example

baseball ticket voucher example

Vibrant Kids Birthday Gift Voucher Example

vibrant kids birthday gift voucher example

Soccer Ticket Voucher Example

soccer ticket voucher example

How (and Where) Can You Get Vouchers?

4. Hunt for Electronic Vouchers

Because technology is constantly advancing, you may also get electronic vouchers which cost you nothing aside from the time you spend looking for them. There are companies that would offer you electronic vouchers that all you need to do is just to load them to your shopping card and they automatically come off at checkout. Examples of the companies that offer this kind of deal are Target Cartwheel, SavingStar, Cellfire, Upromise, and Kroger. There are are still a lot of them if you only have the patience to search and look for them on the internet. You may also see business voucher examples.

5. Go Shopping

There are also products with peelies and tearpads that offer vouchers inside them. Just look for them in any stores nationwide or near you, but know that you can’t take the peelies, tearpads, blinkies, or other freebies without buying the product. Companies are clever enough to include these in their products so you will really buy their products before having the freebies. However, if you know someone who is buying the product but is not interested in having the freebies (which is a very rare case), you can ask them to give you the vouchers for that certain product. And did you know that these can be mostly found at gas stations? You may also like gift voucher designs & examples.

6. Try Your Luck in Coffee Shops

You might notice in the coffee shops that people, most especially the oldies, read the newspaper or magazine while sipping their morning coffee. These people do not really mind about the vouchers attached in them as they pay more attention to the content of the printed material. Knowing this, you can ask the establishment, the management of the coffee shop or anyone responsible for the entity, if you can take the newspapers that people leave behind. Most probably, they would immediately give you the newspapers and that is when you must browse through them to look for vouchers. You may also check out travel voucher examples.

Grey Birthday Gift Voucher Example

grey birthday gift voucher example

Football/Rugby Ticket Birthday Example

football rugby ticket birthday example

8. Trade Vouchers

You may also trade your unused vouchers or any vouchers that you do not want to use with your friend. Who knows, they are interested in the voucher that you are having, and you might also be interested in the vouchers that they own. It is a win-win situation for the both of you. You may also see summer voucher examples.

9. Rewards Programs

There are also companies who are offering high-value vouchers if you will take their quiz or you will give your opinion on their product.

Very Elegant Birthday Voucher Example

very elegant birthday voucher example

Wolf Birthday Gift Voucher Example

wolf birthday gift voucher example

New Design Birthday Gift Voucher Example

new design birthday gift voucher example

Nursing Home Birthday Voucher Example

nursing home birthday voucher example

Everybody wants to have a voucher, coupon or a gift card as these entails a promo or a discount or something advantageous to the holder. This is also a way of the company offering these vouchers to attract customers to their business, thereby creating a name in the industry. You may also like fitness voucher designs and examples.

If you are a business owner yourself and plan to give out special birthday vouchers for your customers or clients, we have some designs lined up for you so that you won’t have to look anywhere else. Purchase them now!

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