Marketing Presentation

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Marketing Presentation

As important as the marketing strategies and plans are for your company, attention to marketing presentation is key for any effective strategy and plan to succeed. Admittedly, we tend to focus more on the brain child ideas we have for marketing but miserably fail in conveying these ideas unto our staff or key personnel.

All of us at a certain point fall in love with our strategy and how great we have crafted such. But hey genius, the plan is only half of your goal. Having key personnel understand your plan is important to the proper execution of your plan. Therefore, proper delivery and presentation of such plans play a vital role in realizing the goals set by the marketing plan.

Making Presentations Effective

Presentation skills are perhaps a requisite to making your plans understood by everyone. The following examples help make an engaging and interesting presentation for your attendees:

Delivering Great Content

Marketing is a promise and delivering on that promise is the main goal for marketing efforts. It is therefore by far very important to deliver exactly what you have promised. Make attendees feel that you are presenting a solution by:

  • Focusing on particulars – By providing clear strategies and information that individuals are able to implement, you are not telling them not only what there is to do but also how to do it, making it easier for them to respond to and understand.

  • Being Practical – By presenting solutions that do not require specialized knowledge or making it so the action items are simple, easy to learn and execute; attendees will respond to your message eagerly and be able to grasp the general direction of the discussion. You can additionally implement programs where they could catch up in terms of learning.
  • Recap – By emphasizing on the main points of your plan, you help the audience remember the key points to your strategy. Additionally, having them write up particular items provides for them necessary steps in completing a given task.

  • Relevance – Always keep to the point and do not stray away from the topic. Focus on the main points of your plan and keep track of what you promise to deliver
  • Make a Lasting Impression – By making your presentation memorable, topics and goals discussed during the presentation will sink in the minds of the audience. One commonly good way to make an impression is through story telling. Stories are made to be graphically descriptive in a way that helps in memory retention. This is a great way to show what you are trying to integrate or impart to your audience.

Pique their Curiousity

Starting off a presentation where you instantly grab, absorb, and capture your audience helps get them focused on what you have to present or discuss. Dramatics often achieve this purpose and help start off a discussion with a big bang.

By presenting next of your intent to help or solve the problem at hand, the audience is given assurance of a promise that will solve their problem or issue. And lastly, a good back story always provides drama and human interest no matter what angle you look at it.

Points that Tell a Story or Examples

Going through the discussion, the use of case stories and examples help explain the knowledge that you are trying to impart. Story telling also engages the audience and brings out something where they can openly relate to. An example or story no matter how absurd is likely to be accepted more than a scientific truth having no such examples or case stories.


Who does not love teasers? We all love movie trailers, TV episode teasers, and such. By hinting at what is to come next, we add that necessary element of excitement and expectation. This adds interest in any future event or presentation and makes the whole discussion more fun and engaging.

More is Definitely Better

Most people’s attention spans are impossibly short and during discussions, they may even fall even further down the scale. In most cases, people in the audience may already have seen such presentations or emails or may just have been partying out the night before. In keeping up with the audience’s falling attention spans, a technique borne out of such a circumstance, is to keep your slides in motion. By having multiple images and instead of just having one slide but having more slides, you keep their short attention spans in check.

Be Familiar to Your Audience

Anybody who has a personal connection to somebody will most likely be willing to engage that person in conversation as compared to a total stranger. By injecting personal stories or experiences, you make your audience feel more familiar and know you in a more personal level than just being a speaker or trainer or such. This eases up tension and promotes active participation from your audience.

Another position to take in your delivery would be in taking things light. However, being funny is different from trying to be funny. It is all good when you want to keep things from being overly boring but pushing the right funny bone may take a bit of effort and planning to pull off. Consider what is widely popular and try to go along with that or consider something that you think would be known to your target audience and build from there. In nailing a funny delivery of your presentation, you will have to be convinced yourself that what you are delivering is exciting and should also be in relevance with your topic or content.

High Quality Imagery

Blurry images on a presentation will only be outright annoying to your audience. Blast them up to your projector and all you do is increase the crap factor. Always invest on visually stimulating and high quality images. They are not only visually stimulating but are awesome to look at. You can try to personalize visualization as well by using your own high quality images which would certainly add a personal touch to your presentation.

Real Time Data

By basing your presentation on hard facts and collected data, your audience would want to hear the conclusions being made from them. Presenting case studies also help in making your point or conclusion and recommendations. Marketing is still a numbers game after all.

Social Media Details

In the past, a speaker may cringe at the sight of an audience pulling out their phones and computers during a presentation. But in today’s marketing scene, it is highly encouraged for an audience to do so. Why you may say? By displaying your social media details on every slide of your presentation, you encourage your audience to tweet or chat about your presentation thus sharing your presentation with their own social networks.

Since sharing or tweeting about your presentation would be recorded, it would encourage other people to attend your next presentation or discussion provided that meaningful content is being shown or shared. Again, as a marketer, this is advantageous for you since this would only grow your online and offline social circle.

Importance of a Marketing Presentation

Standing out from the competition help companies impress prospective and current clients. One way of standing out is in making creative and visually stimulating presentations. These presentations are important in ways such as:


Having a consistent and unified message sets the tone that identifies your company and the branding it wants to achieve. Having the right words, pictures, and structure being relayed repeatedly gets the message through across to potential customers. A company’s marketing success relies heavily on the branding that it wants to achieve and how effectively it is being communicated to the target audience.

Research Efforts

Marketing presentations are in effect the direct result of research. Marketing presentations help create a tangible measure of the efforts being made in connection to marketing and branding of your product.


Management decisions are based on marketing reports and presentations. By creating a solid presentation for a certain marketing strategy, implementation for such a strategy can be backed and approved by management and accounting.

Future Research

Decisions pertaining to future research are also affected by marketing presentations that make a big and direct impact on the business.

Ultimately, marketing presentations help get your brand and its purpose across through to your audience. Be it a colleague or a potential customer, having an effective marketing presentation wins over customers and helps them understand not only your product but also your company and why you are in business.

Marketing presentations help you realize and turn your marketing strategies into executable actions with clear and precise steps in achieving such goals. Marketing presentations get you from point A which are your plans to point B which represent your goal. In a way, your plans are the keys in getting into the vehicle represented by your marketing presentation that would bring you to your destination or your goals. Marketing presentations communicate and share what your marketing plans want to achieve to your audience serving as a gateway to a better understanding of your product and the business itself.

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