Memorial Day Label

Last Updated: May 30, 2024

Memorial Day Label

When the last Monday of May comes every year, a large-scale commemoration happens. During these times, most portions of the United States (US) reconcile in decorating the graves with flowers, wreaths, flags, etc. in the memories of the sacrifice of the Civil War soldiers. This memorialization is what we call Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is indeed a significant holiday in the US; thus, some business people or companies want to show their commemoration or take advantage of the event through their products’ packaging. In these cases, labels are often used to grab the customer’s attention or emphasize pieces of information.

Memorial Day Label Examples & Templates

It comes only once a year, so create Memorial Day labels that would not just let your customers feel such feeling of nostalgia but remember you and your product as well. If creating labels is a puzzle for you, this collection of best examples and templates will serve as your walk-through.

1. Memorial Day Wine Label

Memorial Day Wine Label
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Memorial Day is a day of reconciliation; thus, some gather with their family and friends somewhere to celebrate the holiday together. Since this type of occasion allows people to get along and chat with people they meet, this usually calls for a bottle of wine—or more. Let your wine stand out this Memorial Day with this easy-to-edit label.

2. Memorial Day Water Bottle Label

Memorial Day Water Bottle Label


Memorial day is originally named as the “Decoration Day,” since decorating the tomb is what people commonly do during this holiday. However, more than just designing the graves, this occasion is also a door for numerous fun physical activities. Therefore, selling bottled water at this celebration is very strategic. Make it more productive by using this appealing Memorial Day water bottle label.

3. Memorial Day Paper Labels

Memorial Day Paper Labels


Let’s say that you really want to do something that is moneymaking this holiday. Bake some cookies? Sell some bouquet of flowers? Or be a juice vendor? Sure, you can earn from all of these businesses, but you can always get more by making your products interesting. Jive into the Memorial Day season and make your merchandise more appealing with this label.

4. Memorial Day Beer Bottle Label

Memorial Day Beer Bottle Label


Aside from wines, one’s choice of beverage during this commemoration could also be beers. As a customer, it would be more interesting if a beer’s packaging will also give you the sensation of the season. Thus, provide your valued buyers a limited-season look but an everlasting impression of your product. Obtaining one has never been easy with this Memorial Day beer bottle label design.

5. Memorial Day Cupcake Topper Label

Memorial Day Cupcake Topper Label


Let’s be honest, when we talk about cupcakes, it’s the appearance that we initially observe. Hence, being a cupcake seller, you should make your product visually appealing as well. If you have already been given positive feedback regarding your product’s taste, you don’t have to change anything in your recipe. Simply sync your cupcake to the vogue with this cupcake topper label in line with the celebration of Memorial Day.

6. Memorial Day Commercial Label

Memorial Day Commercial Label

Having a humongous sale on your shop this holiday? Theme your promotional tools with the occasion itself. Promote it effectively but effortlessly with this label design exclusive for Memorial Day. Talking about having one now, you don’t have to break a bone for it. With this, you can proudly inform the crowd regarding the large discounts your shop is about to have.

7. Memorial Day Sale Tag Label

Memorial Day Sale Tag Label


Supposing that you really want to promote your shop’s sale with a less space-consuming but not less impressive label design, this would surely fit your desire. Creating a label design that would set your items to sell but could save resources as well could be a hard task indeed. However, you can now own one easily with this Memorial Day sale tag label.

8. Memorial Day CD Label

Memorial Day CD Label


Don’t judge a compact disc by its cover, but if you have the opportunity to present something that is pleasant, why not grab it? Let’s assume that you are one of the music producers that made a track solely for this holiday; we couldn’t deny that people would more likely be interested to hear it if it is saved in a well-labeled CD. Don’t give yourself a hard time. This label is already done for you.

9. Coke Memorial Day Bottle Label

Coke Memorial Day Bottle Label


Coca-Cola is one of the most popular soft drink companies in the world. They are not just popular because of their products but also of their various platforms that always go along with or make a trend. This simple yet catchy design from the said company is a great example of a wonderful bottle label. It would not just refresh its consumers but also remind them of the significant event.

10. Smirnoff Memorial Day Bottle Label

Smirnoff Memorial Day Bottle Label

Being the largest vodka brand in the world, Smirnoff also did a great job in their packaging in recognition of US’s Memorial Day. This Memorial Day label is pretty simple but hardly alluring. Just playing with the colors, a bottle of vodka would surely be enjoyed by a group of reunited fellows while discussing their life experiences.

11. Printable Memorial Day Soda Bottle Label

Printable Memorial Day Soda Bottle Label


Soda is one of the most common commercial drinks in the world. Either you are selling these to your customers or just serving these to your visitors on this holiday, did you know that you could impress them painlessly? This printable Memorial Day soda bottle label could help you accomplish your plan and augment your packaging in no time.

Memorial Day is indeed an important occasion in the United States since it allows them to commemorate the sour casualties of the Civil War and appreciate their sweet freedom and reconciliation. Furthermore, it also became an avenue for some to be productive. With that, labels like these could definitely help you. Just to let you know, these are just a few of the samples and templates we have for you, you can visit our website to see them all.

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