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According to IBISWorld, the plumbing industry was experiencing an annual growth of 2.2% up until 2019, reaching USD 112.7 billion in their total revenue. Even now that the world is experiencing a global pandemic, PHCPPros still recognized the plumbing industry as one of the essential services. These facts only mean that both residential plumbing and commercial plumbing are still in-demand, considering how little knowledge most people have in bathroom toilet and kitchen sink maintenance. If you’re a plumbing contractor, then you might wanna start working on your paperwork, such as plumbing proposals, invoices, work quotations, estimates, and employment contracts. We can help you learn more about the latter through our examples and article below!

3+ Plumbing Contract Examples

1. Plumbing Contract

Plumbing Contract
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2. Plumbing Contract Proposal

Plumbing Contract Proposal
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3. Plumbing Contract Example

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4. Plumbing HVAC Contract

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What Is a Plumbing Contract?

A plumbing contract is a service contract that’s intended for plumbing services. It highlights the agreement between a plumbing contractor and a client, covering the work’s terms and conditions, and other contract elements. Concord listed on their website the seven reasons why this type of agreement is important. And, four of them have been highlighted as the most important. First, it acts as evidence of the participants’ commitments to the specifications. Second, it helps in preventing conflicts and mitigates the results of risks. Third, it assists organizations in keeping track of the work’s compliance. Lastly, it serves as a good tool for the involved parties’ collaboration and communication plans.

Plumbing Industry Trends

Given that the plumbing services are highly necessary, it is important to know how you can serve your potential clients even better. Below are some of the trends that can help you improve your company’s customer satisfaction.

1. Digital marketing campaigns and other online engagements will be playing important roles in the years to come.
2. Most potential customers are now using mobile phones to canvass for service providers. So, better work on your website quotes.
3. Customer education is necessary to distinguish the advantages of professional help from self-help.
4. Many potential customers will base their perceptions of online reviews.
5. Giving customers awareness of water consumption will make way for client discovery.
6. Aging pipes are the most common problems.
7. Solar-powered water heating solutions are now a thing.

How To Create a Plumbing Contract

When writing contracts, you have to make sure to incorporate all of their elements, while blending the quality of conciseness in its content. We highly understand that not all of us know what things should be included and what shouldn’t be. This is why we provide you our very own standardized outline to guide you in creating your contract from start to finish.

1. Present Contract’s Purpose

There are many kinds of contracts, depending on how they are based. They can be based on formation, nature of consideration, execution, and validity. Each of these kinds has subcategories. The nature of consideration, for example, consists of a unilateral contract and bilateral contract. To prevent authorized readers from getting confused, always start your contracts by presenting their specific purpose.

2. Establish Participants’ Details

While presenting the purpose, establish the involved parties’ essential details. These pieces of information should consist of their complete names, addresses, and contact information. This is highly required, especially that contracts are legally binding documents. For service contracts like a plumbing contract, one participant is commonly referred to as the service provider, while the other is the client.

3. Define Plumbing Services

A plumbing company has a lot of services to offer, from the replacement of old plumbing fixations to performing overall plumbing maintenance to writing an inspection report. In line with this, it is very crucial that you define what the client requested accurately because the definitions will also act as the decision criteria during the closing of the contract.

4. Write Down the Terms and Conditions

Once you have clearly defined the services that you will be performing for the client, write down the terms and conditions to expound how and when it should be done. For this section, you have to include a complete project list and the schedule of work. These elements will help both your company and the client keep track of the activities.

5. List Payment Specifics

A plumbing contract is an arrangement where the plumbing company is hired for their services in exchange for a certain fee. This is why you must not forget to include in your contract the section where payment specifics are discussed. The quotes, estimates, and payment schedule fall under this section.

6. Elucidate Termination Clause

Successful or not, contracts have to be terminated. It is the final way to close the business arrangement between the two involved parties completely. Though the reason for contract termination is mostly because the job has been completed, it may not always be the case. There are times that contracts are terminated because of the failure to deliver, late delivery, and breach.

7. Fix Signatures

To prove that you and your potential client have agreed with all the stipulations, you must fix your respective signatures on the designated spaces. This makes your document official and enforceable by the law.


How big is the plumbing industry’s market?

According to Medium, the U.S. plumbing services market had a value of USD 980 million last 2017. For the forecast period of 2018-2025, the market’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) stands at 5.0%.

What are the ten types of residential plumbing services?

The ten types of residential plumbing services include the following:

1. Replacement of Old Plumbing Fixations

2. Drain cleaning services

3. Rerouting Plumbing Pipes

4. Pipe Leak Repairs and Unclogging

5. Toilet Repair

6. Plumbing System Repairs, Replacement, and Installation

7. Water Heater Maintenance and Installation

8. Sewer Line Blockage Cleaning

9. Emergency Cleaning

10. Plumbing Inspections and Maintenance

What are the top plumbing companies in the United States?

The top plumbing companies in the U.S., according to Medium, are the following:

1. Chemed Corporation

2. Jon Wayne Service Company

3. The Dwyer Group

4. Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

5. U.S. Plumbing Inc.

6. Clockwork Home Services, Inc.

7. Rooter-Man

A plumbing service has a lot to take into account, right from the negotiations with the clients down to the execution of their works. Because of these, they need a document that does not just help them legalize their settlements but also assist them in keeping track of their obligations. And, a plumbing contract perfectly suits their needs!

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