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There are times when we cannot personality attend to or process some important documents due to time or location constraints. We need someone to act on our behalf. In order to grant the same powers, responsibilities, and duties to a certain person, we need to have a formal delegation of such powers in the form of an authorization letter.

The proxies or substitutes holding the authorization letter will gain powers to act on behalf of the other person, but there are some limitations to the powers of the proxy by the different sectors or organizations; hence, you must read the bylaws and other important documents that contain stipulations with regard to proxies. You may also see employment verification letter examples.

If you find in hard to start creating your authorization letter, you can refer to the examples and templates below.

Return Authorization Letter Example

Letter of Authorization to Negotiate Example

Authorization Letter by Organization Example

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Definition of an Authorization Letter

An authorization letter is a written authorization giving someone else specific access or privileges to certain resources such as spending a specified sum or to delegate his or her duties and powers which covers a wide range of intentions and responsibilities. Normally, the letter would grant the person the responsibility of a medical, legal, business, and personal aspect for the person to act on behalf of the other person. You may also see authorization letter for a child to travel examples.

It also grants permission to the addressee to carry out certain procedures, take responsibilities, make decisions, and collect any legal document on behalf of someone.

In writing an authorization letter for an organization to act on your behalf, you must address the letter to the organization you are authorizing, for example, hospital, bank, government, or any business entity. Ensure that you specify the dates for which the authorization is valid. It is better to have your authorization letter notarized especially when your letter will serve as a legal document.

Uses of Authorization Letter

The main purpose of an authorization letter is to grant rights and powers to a certain trusted person, and it is used for the following purposes:

  • Business purposes
  • Personal reasons
  • Credit cards
  • Bank deals
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • Consent for children

Authorization Letter for Mobile Equipment Collection Example

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Authorization Letter Template Example

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Elegant Authorization Letter Example

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Tips for Writing an Authorization Letter

As stated above, there are a lot of reasons to write an authorization letter, but whatever the reason may be, you need to follow some tips to effectively write an authorization letter which are as follows:

  • Create an outline that states the things to be included and that are not to be included in the formal letter.
  • Avoid words that are ambiguous or have words or sentences that have more than a single meaning.
  • Avoid difficult words, phrases, or sentences that are hard to interpret and incomprehensible by mere people.
  • Clearly define and express the details of the things that you want a reader to do on your behalf.
  • Short and easily readable sentences are recommended to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Avoid using long sentences that may cause misunderstanding or confusion to the reader.
  • Avoid any kind of misconception for this may lead to serious issues.
  • Do not forget to write the date in the standard format followed in your country; for clarity, you may also write it in words. You may also see child care authorization letter examples.
  • Avoid any negative sentences in your authorization letter.
  • Mention the deadline for the recipient to be aware of the deadline or the date by which he or she needs to complete the task or tasks mentioned.
  • In choosing for a deadline date, choose the one for your own convenience; never give room to any kind of confusion.
  • Include the month and year in your date in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.
  • Always maintain a professional tone to achieve the desired impact and benefits especially if you want the reader to take your authorization seriously. You may also like verification letter examples.
  • You may ask experts or refer to sample authorization letters such the ones presented in the above section to write a good-quality letter. You may also seek help from agencies that offer professional letter writing.
  • You can also write the methods on how to easily achieve the task for the benefit of the proxy. Your authorization letter will also look more professional and there is an ease of the process.
  • Make sure that the parties involved in the authorization letter—the sender, the receiver, and the optional proxy who is authorized to act on behalf—are aware and clearly understood its content. You might also be interested in learning how to write a verification letter examples.
  • The professional approach is important even if the authorization letter is for personal issues or concerns.
  • Close the letter using a positive tone.

Formal Authorization Letter Example

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Minimalist Authorization Letter Example

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Plain Authorization Letter Example

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Steps in Writing an Authorization Letter

1. The addressee of the professional letter must be a person or entity or the office of which your authorization to be accepted. In most and a lot of cases, people would simply write “to whom it may concern” and not be so specific. However, in some cases, this may not work or is not recommended, for the purpose of an authorization letter is to inform and permit a third party on your behalf.

2. Your letter must have a subject line that must clearly indicate the purpose of the letter. This is an important part since most people would look for an easy way to understand the content of your whole letter. Through this, they can easily get the point of what you are trying to say in your letter. Write a good-quality subject for your letter for this will be of great help for faster processing of your letter. You may also see signature verification letter examples.

3. If you are making an authorization letter, you must have complete information illustrated on the letter on who is requesting for the letter of authorization. Include the name, address, and contact details. With these information, the recipient can easily get a grip of who you are and can immediately perform a cross-check if needed. You may also like letter of verification examples.

4. The details of the person who is carrying this letter must be included in the letter correctly and completely. Other important details are as follows: full name, address, and contact number.

5. For the content of the letter, it must be very concise and detailed. It must also be descriptive in terms of what is being authorized by the person to avoid confusion. The authorities should be clearly mentioned to avoid ambiguity when the person who is trusted as a proxy is in operation. His or her responsibilities and duties must be clearly mentioned with all limitations if applicable. You may also check out salary verification letter examples.

6. Do not forget to write the complete date and time as well as the validity of the authorization letter.

7. In closing your letter, maintain a formal tone and conclude your letter with your original signatures. Take note that if you are authorizing somebody for some bank or government transactions, your signature may be verified with respect to the samples in the records. You might be interested in employee verification letter examples.

Elements of an Authorization Letter and How to Write Them

1. Authorization Letter Heading

Usually, the heading of an authorization letter can be found on the top left side of the paper. In this part, you must write your name and address following the standard business letter format. The simplified details are as follows:

  • Write your full name in the first line.
  • Write your street address in the second line.
  • Write your city and state name as well as zip code in the third line.
  • Then, skip one line and then write the full date including the month and year.
  • Next, leave another one line and then write the recipient’s full name and complete address. You must understand that the recipient is the second party and not the proxy who is authorized to make a decision or act on your behalf. You may also see income verification letter examples.

2. Body of an Authorization Letter

This is the usual format of an authorization letter:

  • It always starts with the right salutation such as Dr., Mr., Ms., Mrs., Prof., and Engr.
  • Write the full name of the person to whom you are addressing a letter.
  • Your letter must always be simple and concise in order to avoid any kind of misinterpretations and misunderstanding. You may also like verification of employment letter examples.
  • The details with regard to your authorization must be specific..
  • Do not forget to state the date from when an authorization is in effect as well as the expiration of the authorization letter.
  • You must also state the reason for the authorization.
  • Clearly specify the areas in which you want to restrict an authorization, and don’t forget to mention the details about the financial decisions that even the proxy cannot take on your behalf. You may also check out application letter examples & samples.

3. Closing of an Authorization Letter

Lastly, your authorization letter must have a proper closing, and you must maintain the professional tone until the end of the letter. You can close the letter as follows:

  • Conclude your letter by using closing words such as sincerely, truly yours, best regards, kind regards, yours sincerely, and respectfully yours to maintain a professional tone. You might be interested in notice letter examples.
  • Leave two lines and then type your full name. The blank lines will serve as a space for your handwritten signature.

Professional Authorization Letter Example

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Simple Agent Authorization Letter Example

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Simple Authorization Letter Example

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An authorization letter is important for it delegates some responsibilities and duties to a certain trusted person or organization to perform the task in your behalf especially when you are away and you cannot attend to something or process an important document. You may also see how to write an official letter.

An authorization letter can also be used in business purposes, personal reasons, credit cards, bank deals, shareholder meetings, insurance, medical, and consent for children, These are the common examples in which authorization letters are commonly used. You may also like acknowledgement letter examples & samples.

The steps in writing an authorization letter are presented in the previous section. It discusses on how to prepare as well as to write an authorization letter that is simple and comprehensible.

Lastly, the elements of an authorization letter and how to write them are also presented in the above section.

If you are still not sure on how to create one, don’t hesitate to refer to the examples and templates of authorization letter presented above.

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