6 Tips to Impress Your Potential Employers

Not everyone can live a life that is free from the worries of having to pay the bills, pay for the rent or the house, the daily sustenance we need from food and water, the wi-fi, the distractions that we need to amuse ourselves like stamps, gaming consoles, and mushrooms. We need money to be able to pay all of that and for us to get money, we need to do some hard or soft labor depending on what kind of job we get or how desperate we can get to get some cash to keep ourselves holding on a little bit longer on the tiny thread of life.

But before we get a job, we first need to secure for ourselves an interview which will be the gate we need to go through to get a job. The interview will determine whether or not we will be able to escape the tedious activity of job hunting. So we are also required to learn on a few things that will be able to impress our potential employers since they always did say that the first impressions are always the most important out of all of them. So some of these tips will be about proper etiquette and the like so be sure to practice them before the big interview to somewhat boost your chances of landing that job at your desired company of choice.

Suit Up!

In the immortal words of Barney Stinson, Suit Up! Dressing up in the most business friendly attire is incredibly important for your interview since what your employers would notice first would be how you look. You can’t just go in and look disheveled like having stains on your clothes, your zipper down, and the like. You need to be able to impress them with how well you look in a suit or blazer so that they will think that you are ready to enter the dog eat dog, corporate world. So go into your closet and look for your most business looking attire, iron it up, and suit up!

Research, Research, More Research… and Research

There will be times where you were given an opportunity to apply for a job wherein the job would be something out of left field so you do not know what would be in store for you since you probably have little to no knowledge on what kind of job you need to do if you ever get it. This is why you should always do some research so you will be ready to answer any questions that will eventually get thrown your way whether you like it or not. Finding out more about your particular job is not the only reason why you should do some research, it would also be quite useful if you were to do some research on  your potential employers as well so you would know a bit about their background or whether or not they are a good company to work for. It would be useful if you were to check the testimonies of current and past employees from their company as well since they will be able to give you a better insight from within.  A little bit of knowledge can always go a long way.

Show Your Enthusiasm

Show your potential employers how excited you are for the prospect of being able to work with them. This will let them see you in a very positive light and they will be eager to sign you up much sooner as opposed to someone who showed no enthusiasm or even any interest in working for them. It is also never a good thing to bring any form of negativity when you are being interviewed unless the pressure gets to you from the interviewers asking you some really hard ball questions which may be inescapable as you have no power over what they will ask you throughout the interview.

Weave A Story

The interviewers would always want to know more about you, so try to show them what kind of person you are by telling them a tale about yourself since normal introductions are quite boring and repetitive. This would show how much creativity, fun, and imagination you have which would definitely get them to become even more interested in you than what was shown in your resume. A resume can really only hold so much information about you and it is so restrictive that it does not hold any form of creativity at all.

Ask Questions

In almost every interview, the interviewer would ask if you have any questions. This is the opportunity you need where you can learn more about the company and the workplace. Ask as many questions as you can so you can find out as many things as you can. This act would indicate how interested you are in the company and the questions can even show you their standards or what are the aspects they are looking for in the position you applied in.

Learn the Art Form of the Handshake

A handshake can go a long way and in any business whether politically or commercially, the handshake is where everything begins and ends. For the season veterans, the handshake is all they need in order for them to gauge you as an individual which goes to show how deep a simple handshake really is. It might be as technically deep as the world of coffee but it is probably as surprisingly and equally deep. You can’t just offer to your employers a sweaty and shaky hand with untrimmed fingernails, you need a firm, dry hand with neatly trimmed fingernails. It has been shown a lot in the past that a firm handshake can definitely go a long way and this is incredibly true for business. So get to practicing your handshakes as much as you can until you believe you are ready for the interview. It’s not an art that can be mastered so easily after all.

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