Tips to Impress Your Employer

Last Updated: February 23, 2024

Tips to Impress Your Employer

So you wake up one day and think to yourself that maybe it’s about time for you to finally get a promotion in your workplace, or at least time for you to ask your employer for a raise so that you can become more motivated to do more work. But you can’t just go ahead and ask your employers outright that you want a raise or a promotion, steps need to be taken for that to happen. So we will be giving you business-centric tips on how to do the first and probably most important part of the whole process, which is learning how to impress your employer.

1. Be Positive

The first thing you need to do is to always be positive or have a positive disposition towards your work. Positivity is a good thing to have around the workplace, and studies have shown that it can actually improve one’s overall work ethic. It is also infectious, so you will not only be able to change yourself but also spark a change in those around you to learn from your example and become positive as well.

Once your boss sees how much positivity you are bringing to the office, it will certainly leave an impression on him or her. Just be careful that you are not becoming too positive as there are times when it is uncalled for or even counterproductive, when a more balanced critical outlook is necessary. Be careful not to confuse positivity with cheerfulness. Also make sure that it does not lead to the point where your positive disposition can be seen as annoying to others—it can quickly and very easily get out of hand.

2. Be Enthusiastic

A step up from becoming a positive beacon would be to become enthusiastic about your work and any related activities that relate to your job or workplace. It is similar to being positive, but with more proactive excitement and keenness mixed in.

Once your boss sees how enthusiastic you are when doing your job, they would see it as you liking or even loving your job which would most likely lead to them thinking that maybe you deserve a raise or are in a position of higher power to ensure that those that are under you are doing your former job in the correct way.

3. Become Serious

If you have very lackadaisical attitude towards your work then you need to change that as soon as possible, since it will be seen as a negative side of you towards your employer. You need to start doing what the company is paying you to do and actually produce something that is worth your paycheck.

You can’t just go to work and sleep all day or chill with your coworkers and distract them from doing their job. You need to change all that if you ever want to move up the ranks within the company and earn more money at the same time. If everything goes well, you may even end up in a position where you can just sit back and relax and just check the reports or stats of the company to see how well it is doing overall within the industry and even outside of it. This move will without a doubt lead you to do greater things, and your employers would welcome the very thought of it as soon as they see how seriously you take your job. You would also need to learn how to manage yourself and later on others as well.

4. Show Your Leadership Skills

Your employer will not give you a promotion to a higher position if they have seen enough to reach the conclusion that you do not have the ability to able to lead people in the right direction. Leadership is an important role for any organization as a leader needs to have the charm and respect of those who follow them so that they can work towards a goal together.

This is one of the most important factors in getting the promotion you so desire. And it is hard enough already for any company to find those who can lead a team, let alone a branch or division of their operations. Once they have determined that you would be able to make a fine leader in their organization then it is all smooth sailing from there. You might not need to even approach them for a promotion, as they will be the ones who will come to you to ask if you are interested in taking up that position. So get to work on learning how to talk like a leader as well.

5. Participate or Volunteer

Sometimes a company has an event planned and they need help from the internal staff. Often they are expecting their employees to rise to the occasion, and will use the opportunity to gauge their innate skills and other talents. That would be the perfect time for you to go out of your way and become a participant or volunteer to help them from behind the scenes.

It would show your skills in all the attributes that were explained above. Sure, it may not usually get you an extra amount of digits in your next paycheck, but it will certainly leave a very good impression to your employers. They will remember you as being a contributor even in times when the compensation is not obvious, and it will not be very long for them to give you a reward for all the hard work you contribute to the company.

6. Arrive Early and Leave Late

This may be a big gamble and it is certainly something that would be considered extreme in some cases, since time is the most precious resource of us mortals. But coming to work early and leaving late would give your bosses the impression that you are one dedicated hard worker and they are glad to have you as a part of their team.

There are other benefits to this, since you could always finish as much work as you can early on and have a head start when compared to your co-workers who come in on time or are late. Once you finish then you have the rest of the day to do whatever it is that you so desire or you could even get a bigger head start and finish tomorrow’s work early on.

With all these tactics in place, it will be hard to imagine any employer not sitting up and taking notice.

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