Vector File

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Vector File

A lot of people use vector files to create simple images that people use for their graphic designs. This type of image file is one of the most used digital image file types.

1. Digital Vector File Format

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 60 KB


2. Structured Vector File Format

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 89 KB


3. Searching for Vector Files

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 46 KB


What Is a Vector File

A vector file is a specific image file type that uses mathematical points and equations to create and graph an image. Because of the various elements the vector file uses, the image can be scaled and enlarged effortlessly without sacrificing the quality of the said image.

How to Create Vector Files on Adobe Illustrator

A well-made vector file will present a clean and smooth image that can be scaled and resized to fit the user’s needs. Adobe Illustrator is a digital graphic design software that will allow the user to easily create vector files.

Step 1: Open Adobe Illustrator

Begin by opening Adobe Illustrator on the desktop or the PC screen. Apple or Android users will need to use the Adobe Illustrator app instead.

Step 2: Create a New Image

After you have opened Adobe Photoshop, you must either create a new image or open a Photoshop file you will save as a vector. To create a new image you will need to open the File tab on the top left corner of the program and select the New option. If you want to open a file, you may do so by highlighting the file tab, selecting the open option, and choosing the file you want to open.

Step 3: Draw the Vector File

Start drawing the content of the vector file in Adobe Illustrator. Just note, that it is harder to create more intricate details in a vector file than in a raster file.

Step 4: Export or Save as a Vector File

After you have finished drawing or using the vector file you must either export or save the file as a vector. If you want to select a specific vector file type, highlight the file tab, choose the save as option, enter a file name, choose the vector file type, and click the save as button.


Vector vs. raster files; what is the difference between vector and raster files?

Vector is a type of digital image file program that uses mathematical formulas and equations to establish colored or black-and-white points in a grid to create an image. Pictures and images that are vector files, often have smooth textures and do not lose quality when the image is compressed. Raster files, on the other hand, are digital image files that use pixels to create the desired image on a specific theme, context, and tone. These images lose their quality when they are compressed, but allow people to create more intricate designs. Vector files can be converted to raster files, but this does not work the other way around.

What are the types of vector files you can generate?

There are four different vector file types you can generate using image editing software or illustration software. The four-vector file types are .ai, .eps, .svg, and .pdf. Adobe Illustrator creates the vector file .ai to contain the vector graphic in one single page, while people use .eps for printing.  People use the .svg file for uploading vector files on the internet, while .pdf files are more document-centric style.

Why should advertisements and logos be vector files?

Advertisements, marketing logos, and company logos should be vector files as they can be easily scaled to a specific size, without any loss on their quality. This will allow the business or company to easily form fit their graphics to fit the advertisements of their product, commodity, or service. The only issue is that the graphic’s details cannot be complex or intricate.

Specific graph points and mathematical equations generate the images one can find in vector files. Using vector graphics to draw or generate a simple image that will take some skill in Adobe Photoshop or digital drawing software. Vector images can be resized and scaled without hindering the overall quality of the image.

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