Marketing Logo

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Marketing Logo

Your logo, no doubt, is the foundation stone of your company’s brand identity. It is one of the things your customers will notice first about you, which is why you must ensure it provides an excellent first impression.

If your logo is poorly-done or isn’t professional-looking, it is sure to leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth. This impression will be extended to your product and service offering as well. So how do you create a memorable logo without leaving a big hole in your pockets? The answer lies in using business logo templates. This article has 18+ marketing logo examples and templates to get you off the blocks.

Marketing Logo Examples & Templates

1. Marketing Logo Template

Marketing Logo


This Marketing Logo template gives you a chance to make a free logo without having to pay an agency to do the job for you. And using the template is also very easy. You only need to select a design, enter details about your company and choose colors and font. Finish it off by adding unique designs and shapes to your template to get a truly distinct look.

2. SEO Marketing Company Logo

SEO Marketing Logo Template

This SEO marketing logo enables you to automatically create your business logo as well as view several variations of the choice of the logo that you have made. Also, the template lets you save your logo so that you can view it anytime you want. This template enables you to make a small-sized logo to use on your website. Alternatively, you can download a full-sized version of the logo.

3. Digital Marketing Vector Logo Icon Illustration

Digital marketing vector logo icon illustration

Need to start your own web-based business? This digital marketing logo template enables you to customize your logo design and produce something that’s totally unique to you. Download the template today and create a stunning logo that communicates your brand identity.

4. Logo Design for Marketing Communications

Logo Design Marketing Communications
This template makes creating your logo very easy and cost-effective. After typing in your company name, and other details, the template lets you preview hundreds of logos to choose from. Also, you can customize it by choosing shape, color, and font among other things. Download it today!

5. Marketing Logo in PSD

Marketing Logo in PDF

Using this marketing Logo template, you have a program that’s easy to use to create a visually attractive logo. It enables you to drag your text and shape right to the spot you want them to be. Search for shapes and icons from the gallery, and edit your size, color and more. Next, add text and then organize it whichever way you want. You can also customize color, font type, and size.

6. Simple Marketing Logo Design

Marketing Network Logo Template

This template is not a bad place when you are looking to create a professional-looking logo but you can’t afford to hire a web design agency. The readymade template is easy to use, allowing you to easily drag image and text to where you want them. Even if you are clueless about design, you can still end up with a top-notch logo that expertly communicates your brand message.

8. Social Marketing Logo Template

Social Marketing Logo Design


Using this social marketing logo template to produce a well-designed logo is the smart business decision to make. It lets you produce an excellent logo in just minutes. You can easily customize the template by adding images and text. Download the template to quickly create a logo to use on your business cards or website.

9. Classic Marketing Logo Design

Vino Marketing Logo

This user-friendly template helps you create a perfect logo for your company in only a matter of minutes. With just a few clicks, you will be done creating a stunning logo. With this template, you don’t have to contract a web design agency and pay over the top for a logo. Just download this template and do it yourself.

10. Marketing Company Logo Example

Marketing Logo Example

A professional logo is sure to improve your branding, as well as give you a competitive edge. This marketing logo template enables you to make a unique company logo that will serve you for many years to come. Get the instantly downloadable template today and start creating your own logo.

11. Business Marketing Logo

Business Marketing Logo

In this era of the digital revolution, every business owner needs to be able to create a beautiful and professional logo easily, affordably and quickly. That’s what you get with this intuitive marketing logo template. Readily available on the internet through instant download, the printable template enables you to design your logo in a few minutes! Download today!

12. Rose Gold Marketing Logo

Rose Gold Marketing Logo

The Rose Gold Marketing logo template offers a great place to start when you want to design your own logo and not spend thousands of dollars paying a professional to design it. The template is a done-for-you thing, enabling you to craft your unique logo in only a couple of minutes. Just drag text and image to where you want them to be, choose your preferable color, font type, and size and you have a nicely done logo.

13. Unique Marketing Logo Sample

Marketing Logo Sample

When you use this marketing logo sample, you do not just get a beautifully designed logo on the go. Rather, you also get unfettered access to an entire design studio. Here, you can design and create lots of other branded assets.

14. Simple Marketing Logo Sample

Marketing Logo Simple

Without the right tools, designing a logo is something that’s always going to be challenging. But with this simple marketing logo template, you have everything you need to generate a professional-looking logo. Download the template and get started immediately.

15. Digital Marketing Logo

Digital Marketing Logo Template


With this digital marketing logo template, you don’t have to put up with expensive freelancers or agencies. Also, you don’t have to worry about never getting the logo you wanted. This template lets you be in charge of your own logo making the process. Download the template now!

16. Beauty Business Marketing Logo

Hair Business Marketing Logo

Branding is not only essential for distinguishing your business but also maintaining a positive image. But people wrongfully believe that branding is expensive. This template helps you create a memorable logo at a cost you can afford. Download it today!

17. Marketing Logo for Business

Marketing logo type for business

This is a type of marketing logo that you can adapt to your company. The template, which is instantly downloadable from the internet, is designed to enable you to create your logo fast, efficiently and affordable. Download it today and start producing your logo.

18. Modern Marketing Logo Design

joyness marketing logo

Your brand and logo involve so much more than just wording, shapes and colors. More importantly, it’s an external expression of your personality and what your company stands for. This template will help you capture all that in the logo. Download it today!

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