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Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Company Logo

Your logo can be a crucial factor as to whether your company succeeds or not. A logo can be defined as a brand’s visual representation, but if it’s done well, it can be a lot more. A greatly-designed logo can say a lot about your company. It communicates what you do, why you stand out and even a little bit about your character.

This article contains 13+ immaculately-designed Company logo examples &  templates that you can use to create captivating company logo with just a couple of clicks. Available instantly, these templates are highly customizable and most of them can be edited by any graphics editor.

Company Logo Examples & Templates

1. Sample Company Logo

Global Company Logo

This sample company logo template was designed to help make your logo to stand out. The template has been created to reflect your industry idea. If you want it to highlight your company’s uniqueness, just make all the changes you want. The best part about this template is that you can easily change your company name and colour scheme among many things. Get the instantly downloadable template today and start creating stunning logos.

2. Company Logo Example

Custom Company Logo Design

Download this template to create a unique logo that no one else has. It makes creating logos so simple because the design part has been taken care of. You only need to choose your colour scheme, add your company name and you have a great logo in less than 5 minutes. The template can be accessed from anywhere and at any time thanks to its ability to download instantly.

3. Company Logo in PSD

Company logo Example

Want to create a logo but you don’t want to pay over-the-top for it? Just try this company logo in PSD template. Designed professionally, the template can be edited by just about any graphics editor that you are comfortable with. The template is also highly customizable, allowing you to add the company name and choose the colour scheme that best matches your company branding. Try this company logo template and discover the quickest way to produce professional-looking logos. Also, check out these fantastic logo designs for more inspiration.

4. Creative Company Logo Template

Branding company custom logo

With this template, you might as well forget about the hassle of using a web agency to get your company logo. Easily editable using a variety of graphics editors, this template lets you choose your favourite colour scheme and also add the company name. The end product will be something you had pictured in your mind. By downloading the template, you will be able to generate logos of high quality and which match your company’s branding theme.

5. Modern Company Logo Template

Company Logo Sample

This company logo template enables you to experiment with different fonts, colours and icons so that you get the best logo design that stands out from the competition. You can design the logo online and then download it to your account. The template is easy to edit using any graphics editor and is instantly downloadable meaning you can access it anywhere. Try this sample and see how the logo making process has been simplified.

This template provides you with a convenient logo design system that enables you to create high-quality logos on a low budget. With this logo template, you will be able to create captivating company logo without paying a web design company. The template is highly customizable and editable. With the design part done for you, your work is only putting your company name and choosing a colour scheme and you are good to go.

6. Vintage Company Logo

corporate vector logos

If you are a small business owner, this template gives you a great opportunity to create logos affordably without compromising on quality. Better still, it makes your work really easier. Since you don’t have to waste time on design bit, you will have a fully professional logo in only a  few minutes. Download the template and find out how easy designing your company logo can be!

7. Monochrome Company Logo Design

Company Logo Design

With this company logo design, you can look forward to getting a high-quality PDF logo file which you can scale to any size without pixelating. The template has literally done everything for you, and your only work will be to choose the colour scheme and upload your company name. Editing the template is easy as you can use just about any graphics editor. Plus, the template is customizable and allows you to change font type and size among other things.

 8. Professional Company Logo Design

Company Logo Template

Use this company logo template to create a stunning logo that helps make your product stand out in a sea of more established competitors. Easy to use, the template lets you create fantastic company logos with only a few steps. In fact, you will be done creating your unique logo in just a few minutes. Download the instantly available template today from anywhere and at any time, and discover the cheapest and most convenient way to create a company logo.

9. Standard Company Logo

Graphic Company Logo

This cleverly-designed logo template features beautiful visual properties that help to instantly represent your company’ s mission and purpose. To get started, all you need to do is to download the template, edit with your favourite graphics editor and add colour scheme and company name. Also, you can choose the font size and type that excite you the most. Try the template today!

10. Minimalistic Company Logo Template

Logistic Company Vector Logo

Use this template to create an instantly recognizable logo in just a few minutes. Created by experts, the template has creative design themes and beautiful, vibrant colours. Even more importantly, the template is super simple, easy to use and highly customizable. Download today!

11. Company Interior Logo

home interior design company Logo

Do you want a professional company logo but don’t have the money to pay a web design agency? If this is you, then worry not. With this simple and innovatively-designed logo home interior design company logo template, you will be able to create stunning logos at the most affordable price. All it takes is a few clicks and you have your logo. To get started, download the logo now!

12. Company Logo Template in PSD

Personalized Company Logo

This Starbucks Coffee logo template is an example of how powerful a well-created logo can be. I mean, with such a logo, you don’t need to say anything more. That’s exactly how your logo should be. Use this template to create a logo that speaks for your business.

13. Company Logo Design Example

Company Logo Design Example

This exquisitely-designed company logo template removes the guesswork out of creating a beautiful logo for your company. Just download the template and you will be done creating a wonderful company logo with just a few clicks.

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