Event Banner

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Event Banner

There are various ways in which a company tends to promote its product in order to reach a certain audience. It may be through online advertising such as through social media, or offline advertising such as advertisement banners, flyers, etc. Advertisement banners are the most common way of propagating a certain product or service offline. Event advertisement banners are mainly used to attract mass audience towards an event and ensure that the event is a success.

You may refer to Welcome Banner Designs and Examples for samples. Given below are 14+ event banner examples and template for your reference:

Event Banner Examples & Templates

1. Elegant Event Banner Template

Event Banner

The template is an illustrated event banner for the organizer to promote the event. This template can be used by clubs to promote a campaign. This eye-catching template helps in the overall branding of the club. Size of the banner can be varied to fit the necessary requirement.

2. Events Social Media Banner

Events Social Media Banners

This template is an event banner for an organizer to promote their event through social media. Social media is growing exponentially in this digital age and people spend a chunk of their time on it. Promoting through social media might bring in a large audience. For more information, you may refer to Event Banner Examples.

3. Custom Step Event Banner

Custom Step Event Banner

The template is a custom step and repeat banner used for offline promotion. This banner comes with a backdrop stand used for wedding, farewell, graduation or birthday events. This template is best suited as a back wall for indoor/outdoor events. It allows the attendees to click pictures without reflection of camera’s flash. For more illustration, you may refer to Banner Examples, Templates & Design Ideas.

4. Event Banner Example

Event Banner Example

This is an event banner template used to propagate the event online or offline. This can be used to promote a number of events and attracts more audience; you may refer to Examples of Banner Design for samples.

5. Event Banner Sample

Event Banner Sample

The template is an event banner sample which can be used for music events or clubs. This template catches the attention immediately and can be used as a banner for concerts and EDM nights.

6. Underground Party Event Banner

Underground Party Event Banner

This is an underground party event planner that is specifically used by clubs, pubs, and bars. The club has to attract potential visitors and this banner helps in achieving the goal. This can also be used for music concerts or a DJ night which requires some entry fee. For more information, you may refer to Party Banner Designs and Examples for samples.

7. Instagram Party Events Banner

Instagram Party Events Banners

The template is an event banner used by organizers to promote events through social media and offline mode as well. This banner specifically caters to the women section of the society with the entry of ladies without any fee. This brings more audience to the event which helps in the branding of the clubs.

8. Design Event Banner Template

Design Event Banner

This design event banner template can be used to promote makeup artists and cosmetic products along with beauty services. The banner can also help in the promotion of beauty classes and other services and is a retractable piece.

9. Event Banner in PSD

Event Banner in PSD

This template is an event banner used by firms and institute to promote workshops and courses. This banner can be used for both online and offline promotion. The promotion of workshops and enrollment in them help an institute to further promote their full-time courses.

10.  Event Banner Hand Lettering

Event Banner Hand Lettering

The template is a generic event banner that is usually held to display the name of an event on top of the gate where the event is being held. The attractive designs and color patterns act as quick attention grabbers. This banner may be used for promotion of contests. You may refer to Printable Banner Design Examples for more samples.

11. Conference Event Roll up Banner

Conference Event Rollup Banner

This template is an event rollup banner that is used to promote events such as conferences, meeting, etc offline. Different offices use such banners to let the employees know of the conferences and the speakers participating in it. If you want to see more banners such as these you may refer to Roll-Up Banner Designs & Examples for samples.

The template is an event banner used specifically to promote the grand opening of a company or a store. The banner provides information regarding the event as to what is the name of the company and why the attendees should attend the event along with the future prospects.

The template is an event banner used for birthdays, weddings and other personalized unofficial events. This banner comes in a creative and decorative format as the events being promoted with the help of this template are usually unofficial events. You may refer to Party Banner Designs and Examples for more samples.

12. Event Conference Roll up Banner

Event Conference Roll-up Banner


This template is to promote any conference held by a company through a fabric roll up sheet that consists of the details regarding the conference. It can be used to promote the speakers at the event and topics to be discussed.

13. Party Event Banner Design

Party Event Banners

This is a party event banner template that can be used to promote parties and attract a mass audience. It can be used by clubs to let the public and the club members know of the event. Since it is very attention-grabbing, it may bring in a large crowd. For more information, you may refer to Banner Examples, Templates & Design Ideas for more samples.

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