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Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Welcome Banner

Throwing a welcome party for someone? You totally need a welcome banner for that to make the party venue festive, as well as to make the event memorable for the celebrant. Welcome banners make a lot of difference when it comes to the overall look and feel of any welcoming event. Welcome banners are also the best resort to making a welcome party venue decorative even if that is the only party decoration you can only afford. You may also see roll-up banner examples.

Welcome Banner

Welcome banners are an effective way to make a simple welcome party celebration look festive enough. If you want to enforce a party theme, you can easily do so by making sure that the theme is reflected on the welcome banner. Even if you do not have so much decorations in the welcome party venue, you would not have to worry too much because once you have a huge banner, it would already cover up the lack of other decorative items in the welcome party venue. You may also see event banner examples.

With that, we have here twenty different welcome banner examples to either inspire you should you create your own welcome banner for a welcome party you are to hold or you can even download these examples should you no longer have extra time to decorate one.

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Americana Welcome Banner Example


Vintage Welcome Banner Example


How to Put Together a Welcome Party

If you know someone is coming back after a very long time or someone is coming for the very first time, you might want to celebrate his or her arrival by having a welcome party. A welcome party is a great gesture to show that you have missed or you have anticipated a person’s arrival. You may also like examples of anniversary banner designs.

Keep in mind the preferences and the personality of the guest in honor when it comes to making plans for his or her welcome party. It is through this manner that you will be able to easily plan for the welcome party. You may also check out party banner designs and examples

To further discuss how to put together a welcome party, here are more detailed steps:

Planning the Event

1. Keep the guest of honor in mind

As mentioned above, you have to keep in mind the guest of honor, particularly his or her preferences and personality. Remember that the party is all about his or her arrival, so you really have to make sure that the party will be something he or she will love and enjoy since it’s all about his or her arrival in the first place. You may also like examples of banner ads.

Aside from that, you may also consider how long the person has been gone (if you are to celebrate a welcome home party) because those who have spent a long time away from home, such as those who had done military service, might need a little bit more time to rest and even adjust before they’d be willing to celebrate their return.

2. Date selection of when to hold the welcome party

You might think that it would be best to hold a welcome party once the guest of honor would arrive but you should be considerate of his or her current state before you think so. He or she might need a little time to rest after their long trip. Again, keep in mind that the party is held for the guest of honor, so you have to make sure that you are holding a party that is convenient for him or her. You may also see tips for designing effective banner ads.

Retro Welcome Banner Example


Store Welcome Banner Example


3. Location selection for the welcome party

Most welcome parties are done at home. It is a default venue but it is one of the best and one of the most convenient. You could hold it at your home or the home of your guest of honor. If the welcome party is a larger and even a formal event, unless you have a large home, you may want to opt to hold the welcome party at a function room in a hotel, rental hall, or a restaurant. You have to take note of the total cost when it comes to reserving a space other than your home. You may also see congratulations banner designs and examples.

4. Managing the invited guests

If it is an intimate welcome party, you can just invite the very important people in the life of the guest honor such as his family, closest relatives, and closest friends. If it is not a surprise welcome party, you can always ask the guest of honor who he or she wants to invite for the welcome party. You may also like sale banner designs and examples.

If you are to hold a much larger and formal welcome party, you can definitely invite more. You have to base the formality of the party when it comes to determining the guests you should invite.

When managing the guests, you should never forget about sending them the invites at least a week before the welcome party so that they would also be able to prepare for it.

School Welcome Back Welcome Banner Example


Military Homecoming Welcome Banner


Party Decor Welcome Banner Example


Preparing the Location

1. Choosing the welcome party theme

Having a welcome party theme will make things way easier for you especially in preparing the venue for the welcome party.

There is actually nothing wrong when you would just opt for balloons and flowers to make the welcome party venue festive enough but it will be more meaningful if you would hold a party that is based on a theme. Planning for the other things needed for the party will be easier that way such as planning for the tasty food, drinks, and other activities since you already have a definite welcome party theme to follow.

2. Use decorations related to your guest’s travels

You can decorate the welcome party venue by putting up some photographs and other mementos from their trip. However, do not make it a point to put so much hassle on the guest of honor, you can just enlist the help from his or her family members.

However, if you are to hold a surprise welcome party, you can just look up on the Internet for ideas and inspiration on how to decorate the welcome party venue that will show or remind him or her the places he or she has traveled. You might be interested in printable banner examples.

If your guest of honor had just come home after serving in the military, you can make your welcome party decorations patriotic—this makes decorating easier, plus, it has more impact to the guest of honor since it reminds him or her the things he or she had done for the country. You may also check out vintage banner designs and examples.

And of course, do not forget including one of the welcome banner examples and templates that we have collected and compiled in this article especially for you.

3. Prepare a wide variety of drinks and selection of foods

What’s a party without food and drinks?

Prepare a wide variety of drinks, from non-alcoholic drinks such as water, coffee, lemonade, and soda down to the alcoholic ones such as beer, wine, and cocktails that come with at least three or four choices. You may also consider preparing a bowl of punch, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, especially if the guest of honor just came from a trip in the tropics. You may also check out modern banner designs and examples.

Also, preparing a wide selection of food will make a big difference for any kind of party. You can just opt for finger foods if you are to hold the welcome party during the afternoon. Finger foods such as chips and dip, small sandwiches, fruit and vegetable slices, cupcakes, and crackers. You may also see valentine’s day banner examples & designs.

Make sure that the drink and food choices complement. You may also opt for serving local dishes or dishes from the place the guest of honor had been in.

Recycled Kraft Welcome Banner Example


Rubber Duck Welcome Banner Example


Enjoying the Welcome Party

1. Welcoming the guest of honor

As soon as the guest of honor enters the welcome party venue, you may welcome him with a few words. You may also invite your guests to welcome the guest of honor with a round of applause. Or you can even simply just give each of the guests some time to greet the guest of honor as a way of welcoming him or her. You may also see graduation banner designs and Examples.

2. Prepare fun activities

Aside from just eating, drinking, and chatting, you can also prepare some fun activities where the guest of honor will be able to interact and have fun with the guests that he or she may not have seen and mingled with for so long. Make sure that the activities are fun and exciting that it would not bore both the guest of honor and the guests. You may also like vertical banner designs and examples.

3. Wrap the welcome party up after two or three hours

A party that is too long will be too dragging, that is why you have to think of the time limit as to when should the party last. Ideally, you can wrap the welcome party up after two or three hours. However, this does not mean that you can have some sort of after-party, where you would go to someplace other than the party venue, should the guest of honor want to have more time to catch up with the people he or she has missed for so long. You may also check out examples of superb birthday banners.

But as for the welcome party activities, it should at least end after two or three hours especially if the guest of honor had just recently arrived and may want to have more time to rest before catching up with the people he or she had missed.

Homecoming Welcome Banner Example

Homecoming Welcome Banner Example

Burlap Welcome Banner Example

Burlap Welcome Banner Example

Baby Glitter Welcome Banner Example

Baby Glitter Welcome Banner Example

4. Make sure the guest of honor doesn’t have to clean up

Even if the welcome party is held at the home of the guest of honor, you should never ever make him or her clean up after the welcome party. You can enlist the help of his or her family and friends when it comes to clearing up the mess after the welcome party. You should never make the guest of honor clean up the aftermath of the welcome party even if he or she would insist on doing so. You might be interested in wedding banner designs and examples.Organizing a welcome party anytime soon? Do make sure that you have used one of the welcome banner examples that we have here in this article to give your welcome party event a pop of color.

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