Travel Banner

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Travel Banner

Conventionally banners were defined as a long strip of cloth bearing a slogan or design which was carried in a demonstration or hung in a public place with the intention to communicate a message. In today’s times, a banner is also defined as a heading or advertisement appearing on a web page. Advancements in marketing and promotion methods have resulted in the successful transition of banners from hard copy to a soft copy. Digital banner advertisements have today become an essential part of the advertisement sector.

Travel banners are an innovative way of promoting a travel agency firm or for promoting a travel special offer by the agency. Both printed and digital banners are used for such purposes. Textured, designed, and illustrations based banners are demanded by the clients to attract audience and boom their promotion campaign. This article will cover samples, templates, and examples of a different banner used for varied kind of travel & travel related promotions.

Travel Banner Examples & Templates

1. Travel Banner Ads Template

Travel Banner Ads Template
File Format
  • Photoshop


A digitalized banner advertisement on a website, focusing a unique product or a promotional offer from a genuine brand is tough to avoid. One can afford to pay for such promotions through a digital banner because of the potential returns it can generate. Plus it also provides one with the flexibility of designing a banner according to the required size to fit in a specific space that one has paid for. This file is an example of a travel banner advertisement template. It is designed in black and white with neon topping. It has an attractive design which comes in ten different ad sizes to choose from. It can be downloaded instantly and is fully editable.

2. Travel Google Ad Banner Template

Travel Google Ad Banner Template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Companies prefer to advertise on the search results page of the often used search engine sites like Google and Bing. This helps in promoting the product or a promotional offer to a potential client. Optimized keywords and relative content is the key to be successful in such promotional streams. If you are looking to advertise in a similar manner and intend to build a travel ad banner, then download the above template. The template is designed to promote tourism and can be utilized by any travel agency. It includes the banner in ten different sizes to choose from. Fonts, color combination, and designing makes this template a must have for online promotion.

3. Travel Agency Roll-Up Banner

Travel Agency Roll Up Banner
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 inches


Roller banners are a new form of physical banners used for promotions at exhibitions and conferences in an impactful style. The above file is an example of a roll-up banner template for a travel agency. The basis of the design is planning a trip in exotic locations featured in a unique shape. Download this fully customizable template and prepare a roll-up banner for your agency.

4. Travel Agency Facebook Ad Banner

Travel Agency Facebook Ad Banner
File Format
  • Photoshop

Size: 1200x628px


Do you intend to advertise your travel agency with an ad banner on Facebook? Download this template with high-quality images prepared exclusively for a Facebook ad campaign. The template has original suggestive heading and is print ready in 1200×628 pixels. It is also compatible for promotion on snapchat and is editable.

5. Travel Banners Template

Travel Banners Template

This file is an example of a travel banner template for online promotion. It is available for download in sixteen different sizes. It includes smart objects and free fonts in the template. One can easily change color and pictures to make the banner print ready. Download this file to prepare a customized travel banner for your agency.

6. Travel Party Photos Banner

Travel Party Photos Banner

The above file includes seventeen set pieces of a travel party photo booth props. Available in customized printing options, these party-ready photo banners are the travelers’ passport to fun. Each banner piece is customized with distinguished illustration and is a perfect catch for a travel party banner.

7. Travel Agency Promo Banner

Travel Agency Promo Banner

Are you looking for an attractive travel agency promo banner to advertise your tour package? Download this instantly editable template with vector illustration of wonders of the world. One can include promotional offers and details about the package in the design. It has a default banner size and is fully customizable.

8. Happy Family Travel Banners

Happy Family Travel Banners

A banner must connect a client with his personal experience and imagination of an ideal trip. This file is a one of its kind travel banner template with a focused designing theme of a family holiday. The theme is featured through an animation platform with an impeccable color combination. Download this template and conveniently edit this file to publish your customized family travel banner.

9. Travel Adventure Banner Template

Travel Adventure BannerTravel Adventure Banner

The ambiance of a travel agents office must suit his/her profession. A travel adventure banner like the above template can be utilized in the interior decoration of a travel agency office. It has a simple background and the letters feature a world map, with a clear message that traveling is an adventure.

10. Travel Horizontal Banner Set

Travel Horizontal Banner Set

This file is a horizontal travel banner template set with sketch landmarks. It includes vector illustrations of vacation elements. The banners are eye-catchy and provide convenient editing provisions.

11. Travel Banner Pack

Travel Banner Pack


An orthodox design with relevant content and unbeatable promotional offer can often attract customers. This file is an example of travel banner template promoting a tour in Australia with an illustration of a Kangaroo and an effective punch line. The template is available for download in multiple sizes and can be easily edited.

12. Travel Themed Banner Template

Travel Themed Banner

Individuals who are passionate travelers do not miss any opportunity to promote their passion. This file is an example of a travel-themed banner template with a customized message for the wedding of an enthusiast traveler which reads “Traveling from Miss to Mrs” with each letter placed in a world map background.

13. Travel Tours Banner

Travel Tours Banner

The above file is a tour & travels promotion banner template in a horizontal format. It has a clean abstract and covers the header background to suit the respective promoting website design. The file is editable and one can make the changes as required.

14. Travel Banner Example

Travel Banner Example

This file is a one of its kind banner template package with wonderful designs in twenty unique sizes for all your promotion campaigns. It is a layered PSD file and is easily editable. One can also conveniently use this design template for promotion in Adwords & Adroll.

15. Travel Banner with Map

Travel Map Banner

Designer traveling banners for decoration are the best gifts for travelers. The file is a printable map garland banner with six different map flags in two sizes each. The digital pennant is of 300 DPI resolutions and hence exhibits marvelous printing potential.

16. Travel Banner Design Set

Travel Banner Design Set

An attractive and eye-catch traveling banner in an online campaign receives the most number of hits. This file is one such vector designer traveling banner template with world’s famous landmarks and tourist destinations elements in colorful background. It includes three unique files which can be fully edited.

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