Marketing Letterhead

A marketing letterhead refers to a pre-printed heading at the top of documents like memos, letters, and notes. Letterheads lend a document a sense of professionalism and help to keep a consistent brand message. Assume that you want to reach out to potential clients. When you use a letter containing your custom letterhead, it gives your business more legitimacy.  All the documents that you send out need to have a letterhead. Whether you are sending a letter, a project proposal or just a note, including a unique letterhead makes you stand out from the crowd.

In this article, you will find 10+ marketing letterhead examples & templates to start with. With these letterhead templates and examples, you don’t have to start from scratch.

Marketing Letterhead Examples & Templates

1. Marketing Agency Letter Head

Marketing Agency Letter Head Template1

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Size: (US) 8.5×11, (A4) 8.27×11.69 inches


With the help of this marketing agency letterhead, anyone can create professional-looking letterhead for their company. It is simple to use, as most things have already been done for you. The only thing left is to enter the details about your company like the company name and you have a letterhead. The template can be downloaded easily from the internet and be done creating your letterhead in a matter of minutes. Also, check out these corporate letterhead design examples and templates.

2. Free Business Marketing Letterhead Template

Free Business Marketing Letterhead Template

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Size: A4 & US Sizes


Whenever customers think about your business, those little details have the ability to leave a great impression on them. This free business marketing letterhead template enables you to show them you are an expert in your field. It allows you to include your company name, slogan, contact info and logo. After you are done with the simple and fast design process, just add matching envelopes to complement the look. Download this template for free today!

3. Content Marketing Invoices Letterhead

Content Marketing Invoices Letterhead

When you send out a letter out to potential clients, it’s like you’ve sent a representative of your company to potential clients or customers. The letterhead that appears at the top end of the page officially represents your company.
Use this content marketing invoice letterhead template to create a letterhead that can stand for your company and speak for it. Good letterhead design is sure to show professionalism and also tell the recipient that time and care go into the services or products that you offer. Download the template today to create your letterhead!

4. Marketing Photographer Letterhead

Marketing Photographer Letterhead

This marketing photographer template helps you to create a professional letterhead that will convey a feeling of reliability to clients and customers. If you accompany it with a high-quality logo, you send a powerful message that your customers can trust you to meet their needs as well as deliver on your promise.
With this template, you will always ensure that a smart and professional letterhead is part of your marketing plan. This is because the design chosen by you will be visible on your entire business communications.

5. BrandEra Marketing Logo and Letterhead

BrandEra Marketing Logo and Letterhead

This BrandEra marketing letterhead template can be a great place for those looking to create a professional letterhead. We live in a world where we are visually and infinitely connected with each other. This simply means that you can’t overlook branding.
Today, people move fast, and it’s important that your business stands out otherwise it can easily get lost in the crowd. A recognizable letterhead will bring your business instantly to mind immediately it is seen by potential clients and customers. Download this template to create a powerful letterhead that announces you even where you are not present.

 6. Content Marketing Invoices Letterhead Example

Content Marketing Invoices Letterhead Example

Your letterhead also acts as a small advertisement for your business. Created well, it will broadcast your brand to potential clients and also tell them how they can reach out to you. Also, it can remind your customers why they need to purchase your products.
Use this readily downloadable template to design and create a letterhead that speaks for your company. The template is customizable, allowing you to enter your details and even remove some elements. Download it today!

7. Business Marketing Letterhead

Business Marketing Letterhead

This business marketing letterhead template offers an insight into how you should create your own company letterhead. When you send out a letter, a direct mail communication or an invoice, the recipient will take it more seriously than if it was only printed in a plain piece of paper. This is why it’s important to have a professionally-designed letterhead that has an aura of power with it.
Use this template to easily and affordably create your letterhead today. It is editable and can be customized fully.

This marketing letterhead template is simple yet professional. You need not have a complicated letterhead or even a fancy one. In fact, when it comes to marketing, simplicity is the byword. This simple template can help you generate a professional letterhead that sends the message you want to convey. Also, you can customize it by removing or adding elements as you want. Download it today!

8. Marketing letterhead Template

Marketing letterhead design

Contrary to popular opinion, all businesses need a letterhead. It is not only the big corporations that should use these when communicating with each other.
This marketing letterhead design template will help you create a stunning marketing letterhead that acts as your representative even when you are not present. Just download the template and enter your company name, contact information and other details and you are good to go.

9. Marketing Editable Letterhead

Marketing Editable Letterhead

This editable marketing letterhead comes as a great relief to people who want to create professional letterheads but cannot afford to pay expensive design agency fees. With this template, anyone can generate an eye-catching letterhead that stands out among the competition. Easily customizable, the template is available on instant download and you can access it anywhere and at any time.

10. Marketing Letterhead Exhibition

Marketing Letterhead Exhibition

This is yet another important template that you can use as a guide when creating an elegant marketing letterhead. It has been designed beautifully and forms a wonderful template to use for creating your own letterhead. Just download it, customize, add your company details and download the template. You have your letterhead!

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