14+ Marketing Presentation Examples & Templates [Download Now]

A marketing presentation refers to the manner or style of offering in the display. In the marketing realm, the importance of presentation is undeniable. It determines whether you grab your audience’ attention or languish with no viewers. A successful presentation is the sole aim of every marketing buck spent.

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If you are struggling with presentations, you may want to check out these marketing presentation examples & templates. Also, here are content marketing plan examples to peruse.

Marketing Presentation Examples & Templates

1. Content Marketing Presentation


Content marketing has grown to be one of the leading marketing strategies today. If you have a digital agency that specializes in content marketing, you may want to do a presentation on that to make people know what you offer. This elegant PowerPoint template has been designed to help you showcase your content marketing genius. It’s instantly available and very easy to use.

2. Digital Marketing Presentation

Do you need a PowerPoint presentation to showcase your digital marketing services? If so, this template should be your first port of call. Containing slides meant specifically for digital marketing, the template enables you to spread the word about your service offerings in a way that will remain memorable to your audience. Highlight your data and showcase your marketing strategy with compelling slides. Check these successful marketing campaign examples.

3. Marketing Business Presentation

Are you looking to make a business presentation? You just need to use this PowerPoint template for a quick show. It features a properly-designed framework that lets you do your presentation with no hassle.

The template has digital research derived from trending social media topics. It gives you an idea of what you should present in your session. Download the template today to get started!

4. Simple Marketing Presentation Template

This trendy marketing presentation PowerPoint is designed to create potent plan presentations. It has lots of useful features like pre-created marketing themes, modern and fully editable graphics and unique PowerPoint slides for every theme.

It also has lots of colorful vector illustrations aimed at making your marketing ideas to pop. The template caters to numerous presentation needs, for instance, social media and SEO among others.

5. Marketing Plan Presentation Template

This marketing plan presentation features innumerable awesome presentation options that will bring your marketing ideas to life. The template also has lots of imaginative advertising slide layouts, plethora of presentation sales graphics and great marketing background designs.

With this template, you don’t have to create slides from the start. Just replace your content with the placeholder content and you are good to go.

6. Facebook Marketing Presentation

Your marketing ideas surely deserve being heard. If you want your message to relate with your target audience, you need a beautiful way of presentation. This template helps you to clearly showcase your marketing ideas in a persuasive and convincing manner.

Featuring hundreds of slides, this PPT template enables you to make a presentation that will remain etched in your audience’s memory for some time. It has compelling designs as well as simple-to-use features.

This marketing template contains slides designs that are sure to help you make the perfect marketing presentation and leave a great impression on your audience. With tens of color schemes, more than 50 unique marketing PowerPoint slides and plenty of attractive infographics, this template is perfect for social media presentation. With this template, you don’t have to waste time creating your slides from scratch. Just plug in your details and you’ll be done in minutes.

When you use this robust marketing plan PowerPoint template, you get access to an array of professional features that ensure your presentation is most successful. It has compelling infographics, social media elements and lots of unique slide designs. It makes your work a lot easier and leaves you to focus on creating your presentation content.

8. Green Marketing presentation

This template can be used more than once, making it a cheaper alternative. With hundreds of unique slide designs, color schemes and animations, the template guarantees that you will have a powerful marketing presentation that drives your message right to the audience. The template is easily accessible via instant download.

With this template, you don’t have to spend time developing marketing PowerPoint plan from scratch. It features drag-and-drop unique slide designs that very easy to use. The template packs hundreds of slide designs, a widescreen format that fills a distinctive conference room screen and vector maps for scaling geographic slides. Just download it if you want to avoid starting from scratch.

9. Marshal Marketing Presentation

Use this Marshall Marketing presentation as the perfect guide to building your own marketing presentation. The template contains all the ideas you may need when developing your marketing PowerPoint. Just populate the slides with our content ideas and you have a plan in no time at all.

10. Business Plan Marketing PowerPoint

Designed for business professionals and agencies, this business plan marketing PowerPoint template contains an unlimited number of creative elements to enable you to make a quick marketing presentation. The template is chock full with editable slide designs and multiple color schemes among other things.  Download it for your next presentation.

11. Marketing Support Presentation

This comprehensive marketing support presentation is as versatile as they come. With it, you can present your business plan, and also contains slides for a wide array of marketing needs. It has all the creative elements you may need to make a successful presentation. Easy to use, the template features hundreds of unique slide designs to use for any presentation. It is perfect for those looking to make a presentation but doesn’t have the time to make PowerPoint plan from the ground up.

12. Simple Marketing Presentation

Use this simple marketing presentation example to create an awesome presentation design that’s sure o wow your audience. The template features modern elements and simple-to-use graphics. Also, you get an unlimited number of editable charts and infographic designs. Download it if you don’t want to create your PowerPoint presentation from scratch.

13. Marketing Landing Presentation

Looking to make a perfect marketing presentation? This marketing landing presentation template might just be what you need. Containing hundreds of unique slide designs, this template has all the creative elements you may need for a successful presentation. They include colorful vector graphics, picture-perfect illustrations, and stylish infographics. You can download it instantly and get started with your presentation.

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