32+ Roll-Up Banner Designs & Examples in PSD, AI, Vector EPS

A roll-up banner is a marketing and advertising tool that is used by companies to display information for a variety of purposes. There are a lot of advantages in using a roll-up banner compared to a traditional banner, especially if functionality and cost efficiency will be considered.

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Designing a roll-up banner is easy if you are already guided by a few tips and samples. More so, referring to existing roll-up banners will allow you to get insights on how you can create an effective banner design and content layout. Use the downloadable templates available in this post as your references.

Free Clean Style Roll Up Banner Example

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  • Illustrator
  • PSD

Size: 30×70 inches + Bleed

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Free Product Roll Up Banner Example

File Format
  • PSD
  • AI

Size: 30×70 inches + Bleed

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Wedding Roll-Up Banners

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Planner

Tree Sketch Wedding

Corporate Roll-Up Banners

Corporate Business

Real Estate Corporate

Blank Corporate

Business Roll-Up Banners

Business Advertisement

Ecommerce Business

Business Marketing Roll-Up Banner

Where Can You Use Roll-Up Banners?

Since there are many ways that using a roll-up banner can be effective, there are also variations on how you can see them being maximized in company plan implementations. A roll-up banner can be used in the following processes and functions:

  • Events. A roll-up banner’s function when used in events can be any of the following:
    • To welcome the guests / customers to the location of the event and assure that they came to the right venue
    • To give information about the suppliers of the event
    • To display details and / or images of the purpose of the event
    • To properly direct people with regards to the usage of the event areas especially when registration for the event is needed
  • Trade fairs. Roll-up banners can be seen in different areas of the vicinity where a trade fair, exhibit or convention is held. Using a roll-up banner for this purpose is due to the following reasons:
    • To serve as a locator for the booths of the participants
    • To provide the details of the duration of the trade fair and the exhibit’s operational hours
    • To supply other information needed to be known by the attendees of the particular trade fair where the roll-up banners are used
  • Product promotion. A business can also use banners to promote their products and  / or services. Since roll-up banners can be brought anywhere easily, a company does not need to reprint promotional banners all the time. All they need to do is to maintain the quality of the banner so they can use it all over again in different promotional activities stated in a marketing plan like event sponsorship, partnerships and product showcase.

Advertising Roll-Up Banners

Fashion Advertising Banner

Marketing Advertising Banner

Media Advertising Banner

Fitness Roll-Up Banners

Sports Fitness

Fitness Club

Yoga Fitness

Agency Roll-Up Banners

Travel Agency

Modelling Agency

Advertising Agency

Who Should Use Roll-Up Banners?

Technically, everyone can use a roll-up banner if they want to market something or if they would like to disseminate information to the general public. However, the entities who will find the usage of roll-up banners most beneficial include the following:

  • Academic institutions that will use the roll-up banners for educational promotion and academic events
  • Designers who needs to develop marketing tools like advertising banners for their labels and fashion houses
  • Travel agencies which need to market their special deals, packages, travel products and services
  • Retail shops that can benefit from using roll-up banners to advertise their fashion store
  • Event organizers who can promote their services to prospective clients while providing professional services to a current client
  • Mall operators that need to announce sale dates, special events and programs

Guidelines in Creating a Roll-Up Banner

As a powerful tool in marketing, the content of a roll-up banner and how it will be used must be well thought of. Some of the guidelines that you may follow in making a roll-up banner are as follows:

  • Make sure that the pixel size of the banner design that you will use is appropriate with the size of the roll-up banner to be created.
  • Be knowledgeable on how a roll-up banner is set-up so you can easily attach the content of the roll-up banner to its base.
  • Know the measurements of the roll-up banner that you want to create so you can maximize the usage of the space of the roll-up banner.

Fashion Roll-Up Banners

Fashion Boutique

Fashion Sale

Fashion Store

Photography Roll-Up Banners

Wedding Photography

Event Photography

Fashion Photography

Contents of a Basic Roll-Up Banner

Though there are different kinds of roll-up banners, most of these marketing tools have common information that should always be present within their content and design. A few information that are mostly seen in roll-up banners include the following:

  • The company logo and/or name of the business
  • Necessary contact information that prospective clients may reach for inquiries
  • The item to advertise or the information to disseminate
  • Detailed designs for more visual impact

How to Create a Roll-Up Banner

Just like advertising posters, there are many ways that a roll-up banner can be used. Before this tool can be fully functional, you should first assure that it will be created in relevance to the purpose on why it is needed by the company. Here are the steps that you may follow in creating a roll-up banner:

  • Be specific with the purpose of the roll-up banner.
  • Identify all the content that you need to place in the roll-up banner. It will be easier if you will create a draft of the items that you would like to present.
  • Look for designs that will complement the information in the roll-up banner.
  • Open a software where you can create a roll-up banner template or design format so you can place all the details together.
  • Print the roll-up banner and either hang it or put it in a stand/base.

Funeral Roll-Up Banner

Funeral Service

Education Roll-Up Banners

Computer Education

School Education

Medical Education

Travel Roll-Up Banners

Travel Agency

Travel Insurance

Marketing Roll-Up Banners

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

How to Use a Roll-Up Banner

A roll-up banner should be properly assembled for it to display the items that a company will market. Being able to use a roll-up banner in the correct manner can  showcase the offerings of the business to entities like prospective clients, businesses, and partners.

Here is the printable checklist of the steps that you may follow so you can use a roll-up banner accordingly:

  • The easiest way to display a roll-up banner is by hanging it on available hooks within the display area. However, there may also be instances where a roll-up banner needs a base and a stand.
  • If you want to select the latter option, move out the legs of the roll-up banner stand depending on the size of the banner. Roll-up banners are usually supported by a single leg to make the tool stand in a stable manner.
  • Assemble the frame that will hold the banner accordingly. Move the frame and align it to the banner stand to make the entire tool more sturdy.
  • Pull the rolled banner upwards and attach it on top of the aluminum rod or the frame.
  • Once all the items have been attached altogether, it will be easier for you to display the roll-up banner anywhere.

The items present within the discussion in this post can be applicable based on the nature of the function that you would like a roll-up banner to provide you with.

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