Scholarship Presentation

Last Updated: June 21, 2024

Scholarship Presentation

As any student would know, presenting something to impress the committee or the school is a big thing. It could open new doors for you. If you are chosen to present something in front of the committee you are expected to do a good job. Often than not, some selected students are given the opportunity to present their reasons, ideas, topics, essays, to earn either an award or a scholarship. In this article, you are going to be shown some 4+ scholarship presentation examples in PDF.

4+ Scholarship Presentation Examples

1. Scholarship Presentation Example

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2. Student Scholarship Presentation

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3. Scholarship Award Presentation

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4. Application for Scholarship Presentation

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Defining Presentation

Presentation is the act of doing something. The act of showing someone something.

Defining Scholarship

A scholarship is a free financial aid given to a student who applies for it, won through a competition like a school presentation or a speech presentation, requested for it or given by a donor who believes they fit the criteria. 

Defining Scholarship Presentation

A scholarship presentation is a type of activity done in school, attended and presented by students. This usually happens when a student who participates in the said activity should be making a speech or an essay.

Tips on Writing and Making a Speech

All students who want to win a scholarship presentation know that a good speech can affect that possibility as well. So here are some few tips on writing and making a speech.

  • Write: Write what you wish to talk about.
  • Practice: Do some practices. The best way to be familiar with your speech is to practice out loud.
  • Know your audiences: Write a speech that goes well with your audience. Do avoid writing speeches that are irrelevant to the event, topic or it does not sit well with the crowd.
  • Present it: Present it with confidence. The audience must be drawn in to what you are saying.  You may make it lively but stick to the facts of what you have written.

Application for Scholarship Presentation

  • Date: Filling out the form, don’t forget the date. In case there may be some issues, tracing your application would be easier.
  • Name of School: This is important. Do not forget to put the name of the school or institution you are representing.
  • Important Details: Your name, year level, address, contact details, event name and number of students attending.
  • Signature of Authorized Party: The person in charge of the whole event should be the person to sign. This is usually a teacher or the head coordinator, and not a student unless given permission by the principal or teacher.

Common Activities for a School Presentation

The most common activities that usually end with earning a scholarship are:

  • Essay writing: The student is given a topic and an allotted time to finish the essay.
  • Speech: This could take any kind or form. The student is given the topic where he or she is given a few minutes to prepare. An impromptu speech, a
  • Passing the Interview: Students are trained to ask questions and to answer them. To make them prepare for the real world. Passing interviews are also a part of the scholarship qualification.
  • Writing stories: Just like essay writing, writing stories may it be a narrative story, is also one of the most common activities you will find in a scholarship presentation.
  • Debate: More common in high school presentations but can also be found in college.


Is there a chance to win a scholarship with a scholarship presentation?

Scholarship presentations are used as a type of events held in school. The winner gets to win what the committee offered as a prize, this is usually a full time scholarship grant.

I am a student and I want to know if I should be adding the name of the school I am from but I am participating in the same event except I came from a different school.

If you attend a different school but you are participating in the same event. Write the name of the school you are from.

I am a teacher. Is my student allowed to act on behalf of me for signing the application form?

This can be tricky but yes. As long as you allowed the student to sign it on your behalf, it is fine.

Scholarship presentations are a fun way of earning that desired prize. Treat it like any other event in school. Earn it, do your best, reach for the stars. Good luck!

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