How to Ask Clients Feedback

Last Updated: August 12, 2020

How to Ask Clients Feedback

In business, customer satisfaction is the key to success. To achieve this, a business must produce quality goods that meet or exceed customer expectations. Although, this isn’t much of an easy task as you can never really please everybody. Nevertheless, companies still believe that the voice of the minority plays a significant role in good marketing.

In order for a business to be aware of how customers feel about their goods, they must gain feedback. To do so, companies conduct various testings, survey questionnaires, and one-on-one discussions with their customers. Consistent feedback is essential for a business to garner reliable data from individuals who actually care about the quality of their products.

What Questions to Ask Your Clients

You need to be careful with the questions you ask, you don’t want to sound too intrusive. Keep in mind that your questions should relate to a given purpose, one of which is to gain feedback on an offered product or service.

First, you need to make sure that your respondent is familiar with your brand and the goods that your offer. This will help you determine the reliability of such feedback questionnaire.

Next, it’s important to specify the exact information you wish to acquire. Are you trying to learn how your customer feels about a certain product? Or do you want them to provide their personal suggestions for it? Avoid asking biased questions, as respondents may not be too comfortable to answer.

Additionally, you need to be direct to the point with your questions in order to avoid confusion. You wouldn’t want your respondents to keep rereading the question just to fully understand its meaning.

How to Ask the Questions

Be subtle with the way you ask questions. You don’t want a customer to feel attacked. You can do so by presenting a brief introduction that states the purpose of your questionnaire.

Remember to make your client feel like they are a part of the development process rather than being forced to provide feedback. Most importantly, make sure that your clients are doing it voluntarily. If you want honest feedback then you need to see to it that your respondents are willing to be of help. You may also refer to various questionnaire examples for you to properly structure your questions.

Best Ways to Get Consistent Feedback from Clients

  • Survey questionnaires. This might be the most common and the most practical method of acquiring customer feedback. Remember to only ask questions that are relevant to your given purpose.
  • Usability tests. User tests are common for technology-based products and services but this may also be used for physical goods. It provides potential users with firsthand experience of an offered product.
  • Social crowd sourcing. This proves to be another reason why technology is advantageous for any business. Online crowd sourcing through various social media networks will help you acquire data efficiently.
  • Comment boxes. These input boxes are typically found at the bottom of a company’s website. Pop-ups and live chats also provide a positive user experience for your customers.

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