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Call center agents are used to dealing with complaints every single day. Which is why you often see them try to de-stress in one way or another. If you look at their company office, you may notice a lot of facilities that help them do so. Game consoles, a ping-pong table, a gym, a billiards area, a smoking room, an employee lounge. Imagine that. But if you think about it, they handle about 60 calls a day, so cut them some slack. You may also see formal letter examples and samples

They may look happy on billboards and advertisements you see in TV, or they may offer a very high salary for being a customer service representative, but truth be told, it is the most stressful jobs in the industry which will eventually destroy your health the longer you stay there. Because when customers normally call these service providers, they are not normally happy. Typically, they are angry or simply pissed off about why this doesn’t work or why that bill has not been paid yet when it already is weeks ago. Although talking to a customer service representative can give you immediate feedback, writing a letter can also help in expressing your concerns and issues. You may also see complaint letter examples to give you a better idea of how to write them.

Sample Complaint Letter for Bad Service Example

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Here is a sample complaint letter for bad service, that will help you better understand how you should go about writing a complaint letter. You may also see complaint email examples for more information.

A complaint letter is a good way to express your disappointment at the bad product or service you have received, without creating any big hassles. In this corporate world, complaint letters are taken seriously by companies who care about the needs and concerns of their clientele- whether it is by letter or by email.

And, since this is a complaint letter, it helps to be formal. Formality often shows your maturity level as to how these things are to be handled. Subjectivity should be added to a minimum since you are writing to a business, a little courtesy and respect can go a long way. When drafting the first paragraph of the body, mention on how long you have been their customer; it helps to let them know that you are a loyal customer. You may also see acknowledgment letter examples & samples

In every business or formal letter that you write, always remember to keep it short and simple (KISS). Go directly to the point without beating around the bush too much. Avoid adding flowery words as you are writing to a professional and not to your friend. Elaborate as to what concern you have in detail so that they can verify the facts of the incident. Also, keep the language polite and non-threatening. Furthermore, if the company is serious about maintaining their reputation, they would best keep that complaint letter in mind.

Internet Service Complaint Letter Example

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Complaint Letter on Poor Customer Service Example

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Here is Another Sample Complaint Letter You Can Utilize

Jacqueline Poe
Communications Head
863, Main Street,
1423, New York City, New York

Dear Mr. Hamilton

Good day! My name is Bruce Wayne. And as you know, I and my family are loyal subscribers of Verizon for the past 15 years. Not only that, I am also a proud endorser of the telecommunications company which I frequently rely on for fast internet and for calls or text messages as well. You may also see how to write an official letter

But recently, however, my household and a number of my businesses were not able to connect to the Internet for almost a month despite the fact we pay our bills on time. A day after paying my Internet and phone bill on April 23, 2019, with reference number 123456ABCDEF, I was shocked to find out when I read in an email that my Internet bill has not been paid. When I talked to one of your customer service representatives, they told me that that record was either not found in their database or has been deleted from their systems asking me to pay again. You may also like business letter examples

Honestly, I am disappointed and dismayed at the unresolved matter at hand. For many years, I have always been able to trust Verizon to handle my internet needs, but because of this, I am doubtful as to whether I should continue my subscription or cancel it. I hope you would look into the matter, and make sure such an incident is not repeated. Your company has been known to provide good services, and such events tarnish the company name, so please address this issue soon. You may also check out application letter examples & samples

Thank you for your cooperation.
Sincere Regards,
Bruce Wayne

Again, there are many ways as to how complaint letters can be written without being disrespectful and discourteous. Just remember that being polite goes a long way. You may also see resignation letter examples

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