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We all have goals. And at some point of our lives, we will  want to achieve every single one of them. It might seem impossible at first, but once you would create a clear plan on how you would be able to achieve those goals, then the path toward achieving every single one of it will already be at sight.

One method of making your goals achievable is to have a goal journal that will not just document your goal-reaching journey but it will also help you in actually reaching it. Sure, you can still achieve your goals even without a goal journal, but it would still be best if you would have something that can help you in tracking your progress, reminding you of the things you should and should not do, and remind you that you are accountable for every action that you do.

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If you want to achieve your dreams in an organized and a more focused manner, it would be best if you would have a goal journal that will help you see how far or close you already are to reaching your goals. You may also see book journal examples.

To be able to track your goals is important because this is how you will actually achieve it. It is where you will see how much you have progressed and how that progress will eventually lead you to success. You will see how far you have grown as an individual and how it could be of great help in reaching your goals. You may also like travel journal writing examples.

7-Day Goal Setting Journal Example

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How to Set Your Goals

Is it your first time to keep a goal journal? You should then first know how to set your goals effectively. Let’s say you already have particular goals in your mind. How bad do you want to achieve it? No matter how bad it gets, it would still be unachievable if you would not be able to set it effectively. You may also see daily journal examples.

To set your goals, you can make use of the following methods:

1. Rapid Planning Method

Tony Robbin’s RPM or Rapid Planning Method makes you ask your own self with questions that would help you in setting your goals:

  • What do I really want?
  • Why do I want it? or What is my purpose?
  • What do I need to do?

RPM could also stand for:

  • R: Results-oriented (WHAT do I really WANT?)
  • P: Purpose-driven (WHY do I want it? or What is my PURPOSE?)
  • M: Massive Action Plan (What do I need to DO?)

When you will be able to answer these questions straightforwardly with no holds barred, it means that you are already certain of what you really want to achieve. You may also be interested in Summer Travel Goals for the Free-Spirited You.

There are a lot of people who have a multitude of things they want to achieve but when asked what do they really want, they simply cannot answer.

Most of them do not even know the reason behind why they want to achieve such goals. And since they are unsure of the things that they really want and they do not even know the reason or the purpose behind want to achieve those goals, then it will be very impossible for them to know what actions they need to take. You may also like how to write a journal entry.

2. SMART Method

Another method of goal setting is to make it SMART which stands for:

  • S: Specific
  • M: Measurable
  • A: Attainable
  • R: Relevant
  • T: Time-bound

By far, this is the most common method of all that has been used for a very long time in the business and management industry for a long time.

But despite being almost a cliche, it just means that it is very effective that it is still being used up to this day. It is a helpful method or guide that can help practically anyone, be it an ordinary individual, a business owner or an employee, because it keeps them focused on their goals. It is by making your goals SMART enough that you will enable your goals to become clearer and at sight.

Long-Term Goal Journal Example

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Minimalist Goal Journal Example

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Tips on How to Set Your Goals on a Goal Journal

Now that you have knowledge on what are the methods that could you set your goals, here are some tips that can guide you in setting your goals on your goal journal.

1. Be committed

If you are not committed and dedicated to achieving your goals, then you will definitely not achieve it. Sure, it gets tough when you are halfway toward achieving your goals, but just keep in mind why you started in the first place. You may be interested in winter travel goals in 2018.

2. Track your progress

Tracking your progress does not mean that you are simply documenting how far you have gone and how close you already are in achieving your goals, but it also a means of driving yourself to continue pushing harder. You may also be inspired with european travel goals for your next trip.

3. Break it down into manageable sizes

If you are a kind of person who believes in the saying that goes “go big or go home” but then notice that you are not really achieving anything, then this tip is for you. It is definitely all right if you have big and ambitious goals but it will be more realistic if you will tone it down into small, manageable sizes, and it’s also less overwhelming. You may also see travel journal writing examples.

4. It’s all right to get help

Do not be afraid to ask for help when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Even if your goals are personal to you, it does not mean that you have to go through your struggles alone. You can always ask for help even if it’s just moral support.

5. Be open-minded

Have you ever thought of the possibility that the path you created toward your goals is simply not right for you? As pessimistic as it may sound, there is really a possibility that the path you decided to take in order for you to reach your professional goals simply does not work. This is why you should be able to keep an open mind so that in the event that you will realize that what you are going for does not really work, you will be able to easily adapt to the changes.

Year Goal Journal Example

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6. Always keep your eyes on the prize

When you have a long-term goal, you will reach to a point wherein you will be so overwhelmed with all of the steps that you still have to go through. When you reach the point, always keep your eyes on the prize so that you will not lose your motivation and will to continue. Imagine that you have already reached your goal and imagine how it feels like. Now, will you stop or continue further?

7. Consistency is the key

Having consistent actions or a routine can play a great role in reaching your goal. Be consistent in your increasing progress. Be consistent with your focus and drive. Be consistent and doing better each day. Be consistent until you will finally reach your goals. You may also like the ultimate millennial life goals.

8. Let your goals grow

As the famous saying goes, “change is the only constant thing in this world,” you must also allow your goals to grow as you grow. You have to make sure that you will keep your goals relevant and realistic enough in order to adapt to this changing world and keep in mind that you are growing and changing too. You may also want to achieve 10 student goals to achieve before graduating college.

9. Focus on the positive but do not neglect the negative

Sure thing, positive thinking can empower people in reaching their successes and goals in life and that negative thinking has no room in it.

But come to think of it—is life even a “life” if it is all “ups”? How will you even recognize success if you have not experienced failure? Once you acknowledge the existence of the negative, the more it is possible for you to reach your goals? Why? Because as you think of the possibility of its arrival, you can also think of the way on how you will be able to overcome those. You may also see examples of short-term goals.

10. Celebrate every success no matter how little

You may have already accomplished and overcome a few steps toward your goals and you may have forgotten something about and that is celebrating those little or small successes. Without those what you consider as “small,” you will not be able to become capable of reaching the bigger ones. It will also hype you up and drive you to take a few more little steps until you will become worthy and capable of the bigger ones. You may also like leadership goals examples.

Are you now ready to take on the road toward your goals with the help of a goal journal? You may also get inspired with these Young Adult Goals – 20 Goals to Achieve on Your 20’s should you start setting your goals on your goal journal.

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