Young Adult Goals

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Young Adult Goals

When you will be looking for some quotes to relate to your young adult stage, you might find this one by Kyoko Escamilla that goes: “Your 20’s are your ‘selfish’ years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. Tinker with s**, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground.” You may also see leadership goals.

Although this quote can be applicable to all, it does not necessarily mean that you have to take it seriously and be selfish throughout the second decade of your existence in this world. Who wants to be remembered as a selfish person, right? You can still be selfish while giving back to the world. You can be selfless without forgetting yourself and your needs in the process. All you need is to set some young adult goals that can serve as your guide as you go on with life in your 20’s until your 30’s. You may also see team goals.

To further discuss about the goals you should have as a young adult as well as what you should be prioritizing in your first few years of adulthood, here are 20 goals that every young adult that should at least achieve.

1. Write Down your Goals (Every Single One of Them)

Writing all of your goals is one way of motivating yourself. Be it career goals, personal goals, job goals, fitness goals, or simply life goals, jot it down. Writing your goals down will work a lot of wonders for you.

2. Do Not Forget to Give Back

You will be receiving a lot of blessings as a young adult and the best way to show gratitude for all the things that you have received is to give back. You do not necessarily have to give back to the people who directly helped you as a young adult; you could be showing your gratitude to other people (i.e. communities, environmental and social welfare groups, etc.). You may also see SMART Goal.

3. Save Up Both for the Present and the Future

It is already common to save up for the future, but how about saving up for present needs? Do not give up your present needs just so you can save up for the future. Remember that your present situation affects your future so do not be too complacent and save up for whatever you might need in the present time. You may also see job goals.

4. Do Not Be Afraid to Spend for Your Needs (and Wants)

Another common thing to do is to just strictly spend on your needs and avoid spending on your wants. But don’t we all need some little reward after a day’s work or for a job well done? Rewards aren’t exactly a necessity — in fact, it’s more of a want than a need. But if you are really craving to spend on something that is not really that important, allow yourself to have a “cheat day” from your budget. Do not do this on a daily basis though as your future self won’t be thankful about this. You may also see investment goals.

5. Learn New Things

Learning new skill sets and other bunch of stuff can give you a whole new perspective in life. For example, you just took up a class on how to start your own business and now you are already doing some baby steps in putting up your business. Doesn’t it give you a new perspective in life? You may also see department goals.

6. Learn How to Cook

Unless you already know how to cook, then skip this goal idea. Cooking is both an essential and an ideal skill that everyone should possess. And no, frying is not one of them. You can start with learning at least a dish or two every month and that when you reach the end of the year, you will already know how to cook at least 12 up to 24 dishes. Aside from learning a new skill set, you will also be able to whip yourself some good food without needing someone to cook for you. And you won’t ever go hungry again. You may also see eduacational goals.

7. Put More Value on Your Health

As they say, health is wealth. Invest in healthy habits by starting to have a balanced diet. Choose healthy food rather than food which give you amazing flavors but compromises greatly your health a.k.a. junk foods and fast foods. Also, add some exercise to your daily schedule. You may also see employee goals.

8. If Possible, Live on Your Own

This is where your capability of being on your own will be tested. Although independence cannot be measured when you finally live on your own, it will be measured if you can support yourself without having to rely on your parents, siblings or other relatives to spend for your daily needs. You may also see short-term goals.

9. Manage and Budget Your Finances Well

You may be earning a lot in your 20’s but it does not mean that you have to spend for anything. Budget your finances well. Set aside budget for bills, savings, and other important expenses you have to spend on. You may also see personal goals.

10. Have an Emergency Fund

Your life is not always a rainbow that comes with a pot of gold at the end. There will be seemingly endless storms that will come in your life. Remember the good ol’ idiom that says save up for the rainy days. Do not take the rainy days literally for rainy days as it could mean any kind of emergency that could happen at any time. You may also see mentoring goals.

11. Learn the Value of Saying “No!”

Even if the job offer from your friend is tempting, learn to say “no” especially if it’s not within your line of skill and especially if you’re only in for the pay or the perks. You can also say no if you are not yet ready to be in a serious commitment. Who knows? Saying no might be able to save your life. You may also see long term goals.

12. Determine Your Real Friends

Some people might think that it is selfish to choose friends. But imagine spending your entire 20’s with people who are fake (people who are only there when they need something and with people who like to backbite). Instead, invest your time with people who genuinely care for you. You may also see work goals.

13. Do Not Rush Commitment

Do not be pressured with relatives and some friends who would nag you about getting a boyfriend or a girlfriend because, seriously, what’s the rush? If someone comes along and you just don’t feel a vibe with that person, you do not have to get into a commitment just for the sake of having a relationship. Invest your time with people that you can spend a lifetime with and not just for temporary relationships. You may also see academic goals.

14. Take a Break

It’s good to hustle, but you should take breaks from time to time. Taking breaks such as a nap or good sleep gives you a whole new energy and it makes you effective and productive. Taking rests is also good for your health and do not drown yourself with too much work. Keep in mind that you are not a robot. You may also see annual goals.

15. Travel

Be it on your own or with friends or family, it is suggested that you should travel and unwind. You do not have to travel far away as you can just travel in local destinations. If you have a budget for travel, go travel somewhere far. Aside from seeing new places, you will also be learning new culture and gain a lot of memories from your trip. You may also see marketing goals.

16. Seek for Ways to Improve

You can seek for ways to improve your current work performance by asking comments or advice from your colleagues. We are not perfect and the only constant is change. Even if our performances at work are not at its best, keep in mind that you can always improve. Let criticisms serve as your guideline on knowing what are the things that you should improve on. You may also see personal development goals.

17. Discover Your Morals, Beliefs, and Desires in Life

You are in control of what you believe in; your morals, and the things in life you desire. Don’t be shy to take a risk in discovering the parts that will make you a better person. There is no right way to live, therefore you must choose the path that is best for you. When it comes to religion, milestones, goals, and beliefs, you need to lean on yourself and be confident in your position. It’s your life, live it honestly and freely. You may also see corporate goals.

18. Do Not be Afraid to Commit Mistakes

Do not be too hard or hard on yourself whenever you commit mistakes that you are determined to punish yourself for it. Mistakes are normal and there are more mistakes that will occur in your life. It is through that where you will learn. Make your mistakes as lessons and not as reasons to give up on yourself. You may also see business goals.

19. Discover Real Happiness that Comes from Within

You cannot find happiness in material things, places, or in other people; you find it within yourself. You do not have to go far to seek for it. Happiness is not just contentment, but if you already feel contented with where you are but there are times when you do not feel happy or fulfilled about it, maybe it’s time to rethink some aspects in your life. You may also see teacher goals.

20. Accept and love yourself.

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True, receiving love from others is a wonderful feeling. But do you know the kind of love that makes you feel good and confident about yourself? It’s loving yourself. It is in loving and putting yourself up first that will enable you to receive love that you deserve. If you are worried or doubt that nobody else loves you, just love and accept yourself wholly and the rest will surely follow. You may also see internship goals.

Your 20’s could be your make or break the rest of your life. Your decisions in those years can greatly affect what’s in for you in the years ahead. You may also see learning goals.

So, are you now ready to face your 20’s having all these goals up in your sleeves?

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