Valentine’s Day Goals for Singles

February 14. It is that time of the year again where couples, both young and old celebrate their love for one another through romantic dates in fancy restaurants, or when the guy surprises the girl with the typical bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates to commemorate the occasion. It is the same week where schools and companies celebrate the “Love Day” by putting up heart-shaped metaphor decorations and wearing specific colors indicating their relationship status (e.g. black means being bitter). It is also the same month where restaurants bring in their A-game by setting up promotions for their dishes or make those cliche commercials that people are so into (Ugh!).

That may be nice and all for the couples out there– whether you are married, engaged, in a mutual understanding, or whatever status you deem yourselves to be, but what about all the singles out there reading this post and celebrating Valentine’s Day alone? Are you just going to mope around the entire day feeling sorry for yourself and watching others have their sweet moments with the love of their lives as you secretly wish that you could meet your significant half?! No!!! We will not do that. Do you know what we singles do on this day? We will celebrate our single status with pride and honor by doing some of these activities based on John D. Moore, Ph.D. post in Reaching Life Goals:

1. Make room for love

This does not mean that you will be open to the idea of relationships. This post is after all, is for singles and people not yet ready to mingle. This step refers to the cleansing of oneself of negative energy and completely embracing yourself as a person. For it is through this act of self-acceptance, you allow yourself to make room for love in your life that results in the addition of your own self-worth and attractiveness as a person. You may also see valentine’s day banner.

2. Volunteer your time on February 14

It is never a bad suggestion to dedicate your time and even your resources to the community. Instead of sitting around all day, you can always use that time to help other people who are in need of a special kind of love such as an old folks’ home or feeding the hungry and broken just outside the streets. You may also see love greeting cards.

3. Focus on the benefits of being single

The benefits of being single are vast. For example, you can travel to other places and even other countries, eat at expensive restaurants at no additional costs, spend more time with family and friends, and increase your workout and exercise sessions, among others. Being single is about being comfortable in your own skin. Not having a significant other on Valentine’s is not the end of the world, so don’t fret and enjoy each and every time you spend with yourself.

4. Detox from negative energy

Inhale and exhale. Don’t allow negative vibes to ruin your day or your mood. Instead, learn to channel it into something more productive and more creative. Try meditating. It does not only help clear the mind but also leads your soul into prayer as you go about your day.

5. Watch romance movies gone wrong

Now, this is something that people would like to do very much. Have a sit-down with your friends and maybe even your family and just kick back and relax as you watch those “epic fail” romantic movies. After all, not all of them have a happy ever after. You may also see romantic greeting cards.

6. Share love with your friends

You may be a strong and independent individual who does not need a man or woman in life, but there are other people who are not like you. Those people are probably suffering from loneliness from a recent breakup or perhaps just need someone to be with them as a friend to help celebrate sin

gles day. Whatever the case, it’s always a great idea to share that love with your friends. You may also see valentines day breakup playlist checklist

7. Engage in creative play with a child

Being a single parent is harder than it looks, especially when you are raising children without your significant half. Regardless, it is of utmost importance that you share that love with your child as Valentine’s Day is first and foremost meant for spending the day with someone you love. You may not share the same interests as your child, but it helps to spend some time with your son or daughter. Engage in some sports with him, play video games, eat at a restaurant, or catch a movie. You may also see wedding greeting card.

8. Focus on the good

Sit down and list all of the things you are grateful for in this life. Do not rush this. By the time you have finished listing all the things that you are thankful for, you will begin to feel better.

9. Do something physical

For couples going out on fancy dinners with their significant half, they will not have enough time to burn out those fats and calories they have gained after dinner. If you haven’t been to the gym in a while, Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect time to do so. So, grab those rubber shoes and start working out! You may also see smart goal examples.

10. Don’t buy into the myths

Valentine’s Day conjures up all sorts of mental imagery about love and relationships. Much of this is no doubt the direct result of the marketing efforts pushed out to the masses in an attempt to sell everything from perfumes to chocolates. Just remember that the imagery doesn’t always match the reality for most folks. Now might be a good time to review common marriage or relationship myths. You may also see life goal examples.

11. Embrace your single status

So what if you are single? That is great! Do not be in a rush to fall in love immediately. Because once you are in a committed relationship, the freedom to do some of the things you love when you are single will eventually be limited. Though that is not necessarily a bad thing, in one way or another, you will miss it.

All people in relationships do.Valentine’s Day for singles is not only limited to these 11 things. There can be so many ways on how you decide to celebrate this ordinary, not-so-special day. Whether you celebrate it alone or with your family, make sure that you’re happy doing so. You may also see smart goal.

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