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As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, numerous entities and organizers are now planning to hold events and activities to make Valentine’s Day more memorable not just for couples but for everyone. And because these events need promotion for the event to reach its intended market, promotional and marketing materials are needed.

Among the commonly used promotional materials is the multipurpose flyer. Flyers are but a common tool used to promote, advertise, or merely to inform people. Other people might think that because it is common, it is no longer effective. However, that is really not the case. For flyers, even though they became a hit for marketers for decades, or maybe centuries ago, they still continue to be an effective promotional material.

Because flyer examples can reach a wide range of prospective customers, they are very much useful especially when promoting an event. Thus, Valentine’s event is not an exception. To gather the right number of audience, flyers need be distributed in the streets, in parks, and other public places.

The design and layout of your flyer are considered to be crucial as this is where the eye of the customers will land first. When having a flyer, it is a common knowledge to have a strong and eye-catching design. You must know the perfect color that well suits you and your company for flyers represent your company, too! It is like an image to your company no matter how small it is. You may also love greeting card designs.

We understand your needs, and we are more than willing to help you reach your audience. Hence, below are examples of Valentine’s Day flyers that will surely entice people and attract more customers. Also, in the next section are events during Valentine’s Day to help organizers plan on what event to organize for that day. You may also see examples of party flyers.

Valentine’s Day Flyer Examples

Here are few examples of flyers. Check them all out and pick a design that meets your expectation. Remember, every business entity has a unique and distinct characteristic of all the others. So be sure to incorporate your company’s characteristics in your flyer. You may also see examples of romantic greeting cards.

Valentine’s Day Flyer Template


Classic Valentine Flyer


Valentine’s Day Party Flyer Template

Glittering Valentine’s Day Flyer


Valentine’s Speaker Night Flyer

Valentines Day Party invitation Template, MS Word, Photoshop, and Elements Template

Elegant Valentines Day Party Flyer


Chalk Valentines Flyer

Vintage Wood Happy Valentine’s Flyer


Valentine’s Day – PSD Flyer Template

Red and White Valentine’s Flyer


14 Feb Valentine’s Day Flyer

Card and Bouquet of Flowers Valentine’s Day Flyer

Happy Valentine’s Day Party Flyer

Be My Valentine Flyer


Valentine Mini Session Flyer

Valentines Day Party Invitation Template


Valentine’s Events

People commonly think that Valentine’s Day is a day for couples (and only couples) to celebrate their love. That is a very common misconception. The truth is, couples alone do not make Valentine’s special as everyone can enjoy the day with the events and activities being lined up. To give you examples and ideas of events and activities that you can hold or organize during Valentine’s Day, here are few examples. You may also see holiday greeting cards.

1. Kids’ Event

You can organize a kids’ event in which children are the center of the activities and their guardians can tag along with them. For example, they may play numerous games, sketch or color anything to their heart’s content, get along with other kids, or even make Valentine’s card for their parents. It will be satisfying for the parents to watch their children as they are involved in various activities. It is also a great opportunity for parents to let their children be engaged in social activities to prepare them for independence and self-reliance.

2. Dinner Show

You can also hold a dinner show, good for only a few people, where they can exclusively watch different shows like a comedy, orchestral performance, or theatrical production. It may be a bit pricey but the experience is worth it. You may also see retro flyer examples.

3. Singles’ Mixer

You may also try an event in which everyone; singles or couples can share the dance floor, unwind, and just enjoy the night. It need not be a great party as a simple one where you can meet other people, get acquainted, or be with your friends will do. The purpose of this event is to help you relax and take a break from your busy schedule sample.

4. Valentine’s Day Crafts Workshop

Crafts workshops may also be a great idea especially for those who love arts and crafts. You can hire an artist to have a demo or conduct a workshop related to Valentine’s day and other love-related concepts. Examples are making pop-up Valentine’s card, exploding love box, or decorations for Valentine’s. The participants may bring with them friends and other loved ones so they can enjoy doing the craft together and make the event as a great bonding moment. You can also create an activity exclusive to a pair or to a group. You may also see retro flyer examples.

5. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting can also be a great way to enjoy Valentine’s night. People get to enjoy the different types of wine, and by this, they might get an idea of what to buy in case they need one during special occasions. This is also a great way get acquainted with other people especially strangers. You may also see floral greeting cards.

Wine tasting is typical in bars and wine shops. Some bars even offer great discounts along with a free wine tasting event.

6. Comedy Show

People may also want to see comedy shows so they can chill and take a break from their busy schedules. Comedy shows help divert people’s minds from stress and other personal issues. Comedy shows are very enjoyable especially if they are watched together with friends and loved ones.

7. Masquerade Ball

Some people would also love to attend a masquerade ball especially when they are with their significant other. If a significant other is missing, then this is a chance for them to meet that special person. But that does not necessarily mean finding a future husband or wife. Sometimes, meeting a short-term partner is more enjoyable. You may also see photography flyer examples.

8. Marathon

This is an extraordinary and intensive event to organize for Valentine’s Day, but you can always try to hold an event like this. You can even add a twist like a buddy run or group run. For example in the buddy run, the pair should complete the run at the same time or else they will be disqualified if they win. Same for the group run; all must finish the race at the same time. This can help the pair or the group build camaraderie as they wait for each other, helping one another towards the finish line. You may also see event flyer examples.

9. Love Songs Night

People, especially couples, will surely want to listen to love songs during this day. Bitterness aside, singles, too, can attend this event if they want, since this is not exclusive for couples. However, singles may get dismayed if they see couples everywhere and they don’t have partners for themselves. To prevent this from happening, you might as well invite many singles or even groups to entertain the crowd. It will definitely be a fun event. You may also see invitation flyer designs.

Valentine’s Day is for Everyone!

Everyone is very much welcome to celebrate Valentine’s Day regardless of their relationship status. Also, if there are special activities and events which are held on that day, everyone and anyone can be invited (through the use of flyers or coupons). Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of loving and care for people regardless of civil status, gender, and race. You may also see funny greeting cards.

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