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Hotels have the obligation and moral duty to ensure that the guests are completely satisfied with their stay at the hotel. Anything less than that, however, then I suppose it is something that they need to seriously work on if they want to stay in the game. One of the more popular TV shows that Gordon Ramsay has hosted over the years aside from Hell’s Kitchen just recently Masterchef U.S., was Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell. You may also see survey templates

Restaurant Survey Example

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Sample Restaurant Survey Example

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Restaurant Evaluation Survey

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Although Kitchen Nightmares lasted longer than the latter show, the idea that these tried to portray are the same: Wake up and realize that the state you are in is even worse than I think it is! For at least three seasons, he has visited hotel after hotel in the United States noting down what the problems of the establishment were- from the room decor, to the dirty beddings and linings, to the ridiculous food being served to the guests and how they sometimes do not consider the opinions of the guests when it comes to improvement.

Restaurant Guest Survey Template

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Restaurant Competitor Pay Rate Survey

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Restaurant Competitor Pricing Survey

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Feedback Survey Examples template is an effective tool to assess customers’ experience with your service in the form of surveys. In this manner, you can have a first hand experience of your service from the customers. So, if you are on the lookout for a Feedback Survey Examples template this template will help you out with your search. You can also edit and customize this template in any way you want. Buy this Feedback Survey Examples now!

Hotel Questionnaire Example

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Despite all criticism being done the way Gordon Ramsay knows how he does have a point to it all and he means well. Imagine what the state of the hotels or restaurants would be had he not intervened. It would only make the proprietors of the hotel lose more customers and lose profit with their investment being washed down the drain.

All that they had worked so hard for, gone! That is why guest feedback is considered more important and more crucial than ever in order to understand how the guests are feeling to the accommodations provided by the owners or managers from the hotel. You may also see survey examples.

In order to fully comprehend the state of the hotel, it is important to allow an avenue for guests to comment on the services of the management through a survey. It may be important to some hotels, it may not. But what’s important is whatever position you hold in the establishment.

You always have to execute the best service that you can possibly offer to the guest in order to make them feel at home. The more you continue to do so, the better it is for the hotel to reach a golden standard. Below is an example of a hotel questionnaire that directly engages with the consumers. You may also like health questionnaire examples.

Dear Valued guest,

Good day! Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback on your experience at The Shangri-la. The following questions will help us ensure our hotels and service are designed with your comfort and needs in mind.
Firstly, can you tell us about your stay?

1. What was the reason for your trip?
(You can select more than one option)

  • For business
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Attending a local event
  • Visiting family or friends
  • Holiday

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2. Who did you travel with?
(You can select more than one option)

  • Alone
  • Work colleague(s)
  • Partner or spouse
  • Family with children
  • Friends
  • Other family members
  • Other (please state)
    If other

3. Why did you choose this particular hotel?

4. How did you book your visit?

5. Do you have any feedback for us about finding and booking this hotel?

6. Is there anything that would have improved your sleep?

  • Less outside noise at night
  • Different pillows (please describe)
  • Different bedding (please describe)
  • Darker room
  • Quieter air conditioning
  • Nothing, I had a great sleep
  • Not anything you can control
  • Other

Any other comments or suggestions about how you slept?

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7. If you came to our hotel for a business trip, is there anything we could do to improve your working experience?

  • I was not working
  • Different in-room work facilities (please describe)
  • Better broadband (please describe)
  • Better meeting spaces in the Hotel
  • Better business services
  • More taxis
  • Other (please state)

Any other comments or suggestions about working?

8. Do you have any feedback for us on our food & beverage service?

In-room dining?

Restaurant dining?


Any items you would like to see on the menu?

Do you have any dietary needs?

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9. If you traveled with children, did the facilities meet your and their needs? How? If not, how can we improve?

10. Should there be another Shangri-la Hotel or any Shangri-la affiliated hotel near you in your next destination, would you choose it above others?

  • Definitely not
  • Only if it were the cheapest
  • Yes, if it was the same price as other comparable hotels
  • Absolutely

11. On a scale of 1 to 10 how satisfied were you with your stay?
(1 being very unsatisfied, 10 being extremely satisfied)

On a scale of 1 to 10 how satisfied were you with your stay (1 being very unsatisfied, 10 being extremely satisfied)?

12. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is it you would recommend this hotel to family or friends?
(1 being not likely at all, 10 being absolutely likely)

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Restaurant Survey Example

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Now, if your hotel does not have its own restaurant, then there would be no need to include a restaurant survey. But that is highly unlikely. Even though the accommodations already come with free breakfast, it does not mean that hotels will just stop it at that.

Almost all hotels already serve lunch or dinner at their restaurants with more delectable food choices every day. And with that in mind, it is important to make room to suggestions especially since the food of the establishment serves as the other half of the success factor of the hotel itself. Here are the sample restaurant survey questions that every restaurant should try to ask their guests:

Restaurant Survey Questions

1. How often do you dine with us?

It may be a first-time customer or even a regular, you may never know. It may be their favorite restaurant to dine at, which is why they keep coming back to eat there. Or maybe they would want to try something new once in a while. Regardless, it’s important to give the first impression towards your diners so that they can keep coming back. You may also see marketing questionnaire examples & samples.

2. Does the restaurant have a sufficient selection of healthy choices?

For fast food restaurants, that question may not necessarily apply to them. For instance, when you go to McDonald’s, you can’t really expect them to serve healthy food when all they serve is mainly fried chicken. Maybe in some other countries, their version of McDonald’s serve salads, yogurt and etc…

We can’t deny that we all have our own guilty pleasures (e.g. sweets, cakes, shakes, coffees). But once in a while, it is good to eat healthy as well. If you maybe go to a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant, maybe you can rest easy knowing that there is healthy food available for you. You may also like student questionnaire examples.

3. What did you like best about our food and services?

“My compliments to the chef”. Familiar? It should be. When guests or customers really enjoy the food they have eaten, the first person that they would commend is normally the chef. Take Gordon Ramsay for example, a.k.a. The God of Cooking.

In his show Kitchen Nightmares, it is very, very, very rare for him to actually like the food being prepared. Normally, he would “grill” them by putting them into shame on the mediocre way they prepare the dish. Which is why I believe it is important to ask the guests on how they did in terms of food and service. You may also check out restaurant questionnaire examples & samples.

4. What Did You Not Like About Our Food and Services?

In the same manner, there are also times that the truth has to hit you hard in order for the management to realize the severity of the problem. Whether it is on Twitter or his hit show Kitchen Nightmares, he would never hold back on his insults and his comments.

There are times that he has compared food to that of an animal’s turd. Others he called it disgusting and purely lazy. By being open to feedback and that includes negativity, it allows them to understand how the quality of food has to be improved to better serve the good people in the near future. You might be interested in how to design a marketing survey.

5. How quick or adequate was the speed of service?

Speed is not always the answer. Sometimes, when you serve a dish too soon and it ends up as raw or undercooked, you would have to start over again. Too long and you might end up seeing the customers leave in a hurry. Even though it is the expectation to have a fast service, it is important to remember that people are paying to eat good and freshly cooked food.

Try timing yourself to see how long you would need to prepare that certain dish. If you need more time, it is fine. If it can be prepared faster and in a more efficient way, the better. You may also see sports questionnaire examples & samples.

Hotel Customer Satisfaction Example

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Restaurant Survey Questions (continuation)

6. Was the selection of beverages sufficient?

Everyone wants some sort of refreshment to end a good dinner. Be it soft drinks, hot drinks, milkshakes, cool refreshments- it has to be something that you would think the guest would like to try. And another important aspect to add would be deserts. If your restaurant has been able to fully satisfy the customers’ needs and demands, then you’re in the right direction.

7. How would you rate our staff’s ability to meet your needs?

Food aside, another crucial element to a good restaurant is the service of the staff. Were they able to deliver your meals on time? Did they give you the correct order? Did they cater to your every need? Was the response time from the fast when you needed assistance? It is important to have a staff rating to see how they are performing. You may also like questionnaire examples in pdf.

8. Did the restaurant have a family-friendly environment?

Keeping children satisfied is a huge part of the eating out family experience. If your restaurant caters to families, ask customers whether they think you operate a family-friendly environment.

Depending on the results of this question you will know whether you need to introduce more family-friendly features. Such features may include putting crayons and coloring books or electric gaming devices in the restaurant to keep youngsters entertained. You may also check out marketing research questionnaire examples & samples.

9. How would you rate the cleanliness of the restaurant?

Cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation are one of the most important components of running a restaurant business. You may think your restaurant is clean but do your customers agree? Asking patrons their thoughts on the cleanliness of your eatery will let you know if improvements are required.

10. Would you recommend our restaurant to family or friends?

Word-of-mouth is as important in promoting a business as ever. And thanks to technology, it has become easier to do so. Blogs, video blogs, restaurant reviews, Facebook posts. Even the customers have the power to change other’s perception of the restaurant.

In China, there is a small stall that sells the best pork dumplings with soup stock inside that the line was so long there were customers already fighting compared to a very spacious restaurant that serves the same kind of dish but is not as populated as the stall. You may also see questionnaire examples in word.

If you want your hotel and restaurant business to be a huge success in the years to come, it is important to always keep an open mind to all forms of feedback- be it positive and negative for the sake of growth and development.

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