Online Questionnaire

Last Updated: March 12, 2024

Online Questionnaire

What Does an Online Survey Mean?

An online survey is a questionnaire that the target audience can complete over the internet. Online surveys are usually created as web forms with a database to store the answers and statistical software to provide analytics. Sometimes, answering online surveys give people a chance to earn money or even win a prize if the survey indeed comes from a legitimate company and not some made up survey out there to steal your private data and personal information. Online surveys or questionnaires are actually very easy to create. You do not need an IT expert or a technician to help you make one when in fact, you can do it on your own through the help of other online software or programs on the internet.

Companies and researchers would often make use of online surveys to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ tastes and opinions. The goal of online surveys is to first provide more data on customers, which includes the basic demographic information (e.g. age, education level and so on) to social data (causes, clubs or activities the customer supports). What online surveys can do better than traditional surveys is that it is able to reach more people at a lower cost. For instance, posting an online survey in your Facebook account increases the probability of the survey being answered by many people in one instance and being shared by your respondents that reach out to more people. You may also see what is a questionnaire?

When making a survey, it is important that you should know as to the kind of data you are looking for. When making online surveys, it is crucial that you categorize the said online questionnaire in order to separate the kind of data that you are looking for. One other good reason is to separate the general questionnaire into parts so that the kind of questions may be separated from the rest. Below is an example of an online survey:

Dear Respondents,

We are Fourth Year students taking up Communication Arts major in Media Communication with our graduate thesis entitled Promotional Materials in the ‘Be Like Trump’ campaign within the University of Ohio. In line with this, we request for your time and full cooperation. Rest assured that all your answers will be confidential and will be strictly used for academic purposes only. Thank you! You may also like assessment questionnaire examples

Part I

Directions: Please check whatever applies. You may check more than one item in the choices.

1. I am aware of the ‘Be Like Trump’ campaign

a) Yes

b) No

2. If yes, from where/whom did you learn about it?

a) School

b) Friends

c) Word of Mouth

d) Social Media

3. If from social media, which platform?

a) Facebook

b) Twitter

c) Instagram

d) Others (Please provide examples)

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4. I am properly informed about the campaign

a) Yes

b) No

5. I have seen the following collaterals

a) Infographics

b) Tarpaulin

c) Stickers

d) Posters

e) Others (Please provide examples)

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6. I have participated in the following events:

a) Campaign Launch

b) Uniform Exception

c) Others (Please provide examples)

7. I follow the ‘Be Like Trump’ campaign

a) Yes

b) No

8. If yes, do you clean your trash after eating in the canteen?

a) Yes

b) No

9. Do you segregate your trash properly in the right trash bin?

a) Yes

b) No

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10. If yes, how often do you segregate your trash?

a) Very frequently

b) Somewhat frequently

c) Occasionally

d) Somewhat infrequently

e) Very infrequently

11. After hearing about the ‘Be Like Trump’ campaign, how did you react?

a) Fearful

b) Contempt

c) Joyful

d) With interest

e) Angry

f) Trusting

g) Sad

h) Anxious

i) Disgusted

j) Guilty

k) Surprising

12. I have seen the following collaterals in the following areas:

a) Cafeteria

b) Comfort room

c) The portal gate of the University

d) Various school buildings

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13. How do you practice the ‘Be Like Trump’ campaign?

a) Throwing my own garbage properly

b) Segregating my trashes to the proper bin

c) Leaving the table clean for the next users

d) I do not practice this campaign

14. Is the ‘Be Like Trump’ campaign an adaptation of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Clean as you Go” (CLAYGO) initiative?

a) Yes

b) No

15. I am knowledgable of the goals and the objectives of the campaign

a) Yes

b) No

16. The Supreme Student Council (SSC) is successful in disseminating the information to the student body

a) Yes

b) No

17. I observe proper waste management inside the campus

a) Yes

b) No

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18. I throw other people’s trashes whenever they fail to

a) Yes

b) No

19. I encourage my peers to practice environmentally healthy habits

a) Yes

b) No

20. I call out other people’s attention when they leave their trashes anywhere

a) Yes

b) No

Part II.

Directions: Please choose one among the choices that best applies to you (SA- for strongly agree, A- for agree, N- for neutral, D- for disagree, and SD- for strongly disagree).


  1. Implementing environmental campaigns on the campus are important.
  2. The ‘Be Like Trump’ campaign is properly organized.
  3. The ‘Be Like Trump’ campaign is effectively broadcasted through social media.
  4. The ‘Be Like Carlos’ campaign is a waste of time.
  5. The ‘Be Like Trump’ campaign encouraged me to clean the table after eating.
  6. The ‘Be Like Trump’ campaign is beneficial to the student community.
  7. I am satisfied with the campaign materials.
  8. Trump is relatable.
  9. The University doe does not need another environmental campaign.
  10. The campaign is vital to keep the campus clean and healthy.
  11. I support the goals and objectives of the campaign.
  12. I am aware of the campaign through online posts.
  13. The campaign is worth the time and money spent.
  14. I am more mindful of my own trashes through the campaign.
  15. The campaign is successful because of my full cooperation.
  16. The campaign is only beneficial to the Supreme Student Council.
  17. The collaterals of the campaign are poorly designed.
  18. I do not feel the presence of the campaign.
  19. The Supreme Student Council should strive to have better results on future environmental campaigns.

It is important to know the goals that your online survey seeks so that you can get better results.

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