Teacher Appreciation Questionnaire

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Teacher Appreciation Questionnaire

Sometimes, it just takes a passionate teacher with a goal for the students to be excited about a subject they previously could care less about. At the end of the semester, students would find themselves working harder than they originally planned for that course. How many careers in the arts, sciences, and humanities have been lit up because students found themselves to have loved the fundamental subjects? Students go to school to learn how to make it far in life. They come out with a purpose in society. For reshaping society for the modern world, educators are receiving less teacher appreciation efforts than deserved.

Teacher appreciation celebrations honor the gift of modern man to itself: our educators. From learning how to doodle crooked shapes to single-handedly performing an assay of zinc in plants, our teachers have carried humanity until we could make it in the academic and real-world on our own. Educators perform their magic on the students, and it is the students who can attest to the greatness of a teacher. So, the school administration should recognize these mentors and their most inspired works with the help of the student body. 

Rallying support for this cause will not be a challenge because the students themselves believe their teachers deserve recognition for their work. The office can hand survey questionnaires to the students to find out which of your teachers are top performers in the school. A survey in the form of teacher appreciation questionnaires is a cost-effective way that you can reach many students. Once you have collected enough information, how do you celebrate your teachers’ achievements?

Give Love On Teachers Day

While handmade thank you letters, apples, and roses are how kids show their love for preschool and kindergarten teachers, maybe it’s time for the school administrators to show a little more love than that. You can organize a short meeting with all your teachers. During the session, the school board can give a sincere appreciation speech about how the school sees and recognizes your teachers’ efforts hard work. You can also arrange for appreciation messages from your students to give to your educators. The school can also provide gift cards or cash bonuses as a treat for your teachers. While this doesn’t have to be an everyday occurrence, there are other ways that you can show that you value your educators.

And Give Love Everyday

It also comes across genuine when you appreciate them on days other than teachers’ day. While heartfelt appreciation letters are thoughtful, addressing your teachers’ concerns in and out the classroom also shows that the administration cares about them. A viral GoFundMe campaign asks the public to help the teachers afford school supplies. The fact that educators are either spending their own money or crowdsourcing for help shows how little the support our system gives to these professionals. Your school board can address this issue by talking about dedicating a fund for classroom and learning supplies. This will save your teachers from sourcing the money from their tight budget. While waiting for the decision on that matter, you can also provide free coffee for the faculty and staff.

It’s one thing to celebrate all your teachers’ efforts and accomplishments, let’s move to how we can recognize the stand-out educators who performed beyond what was expected from them. You can work with your students for this part. They can tell you, and they will be more than willing to, about who they think left the best impression on them. Your students are your best source for the data, and you can easily ask them through questionnaires.

4+ Teacher Appreciation Questionnaire Examples & Templates

Browse through the following free printable teacher appreciation questionnaire templates that you can use for your activity!

1. Sample Teacher Appreciation Questionnaire Example

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2. Teacher and Student  Appreciation Questionnaire Example

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3. Basic Teacher Appreciation Questionnaire Example

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What should be in the questionnaires:

Questionnaires, in general, are an easy method to gather information when you know what you are looking for. Sometimes, it’s the wrong use of the right instrument renders the results inadequate or invalid for a conclusion. What should be the content of the teacher appreciation questionnaires?

1. Job Performance

You are reviewing and evaluating the performance of teachers to determine if they did an exemplary job. Naturally, how they performed their duties and obligations as a teacher is one of the major things you have to look at. Provide questions about how well the students think their teachers have taught them. The responses can be subjected, so you can compare the answers coincide with the reports on the overall performance of students in the subject. The greatness of a teacher shows in his or her students. And it is the students who can tell you if they learned substantially in class.

2. Teacher-Student Interaction

How your educators interact with the students is another thing to look out for. Are the teachers professional and friendly or stingy and rude to the students? The best teachers aren’t necessarily the friendliest people, but they nurture a mentoring relationship with the students. They make the students want to go to school and learn. They don’t put down failures, and they boost the students’ motivation and morale. The teachers effectively manage the classrooms for a healthy learning environment. They challenge students to become better people.

3. Attendance

Even with the technology available today, classrooms still require teachers to facilitate learning and manage the students. Educators have to be present so that they can make students appreciate the discussions. Attendance in classes also shows dedication to the craft. What kind of impression does a teacher make to his or her students when he or she is frequently tardy and absent? Educators also have to evaluate more than the students’ assignments. That requires teachers to be present.

4. Adherence to School Policy

The teachers also have the obligation to uphold and implement the school or university’s policy. They are the closest school personnel that the students interact with. Teachers should set an example for the students. If the teachers themselves don’t honor the rules, how can you expect the students to? Adherence to school policy means that your teachers follow the school’s employee handbook on handling different issues, especially those that are disciplinary in nature. The teacher doesn’t abuse his or her authority in the exercise of his or her functions.


For all the great things that our teachers make possible, we should recognize their efforts and strive. They have transformed kids into responsible and capable adults. We should appreciate them for what they have done. And we should rightfully reward the people who went the extra mile to make learning easier and better for the students.

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