8 Letter Words with U

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8 Letter Words with U

Embark on a linguistic journey into the realm of 8-letter words with the letter ‘U.’ In this curated selection, you’ll encounter a tapestry of terms that are both unusual and unexpectedly useful. From Rhyming Words that can elevate your writing to Daily Use English Words and Singular & Plural Words that will leave a lasting impression, this collection has it all. Whether you’re a wordsmith seeking to expand your vocabulary or a casual reader looking for intriguing language, our compilation of 8-letter words with ‘U’ is sure to pique your curiosity and engage your intellect.

300 Most Commonly Used 8-Letter Words with “U”

The English language is rich with 8-letter words containing the letter “U,” offering a diverse range of vocabulary that is commonly used in various contexts. This comprehensive collection of 300 words is ideal for expanding your linguistic arsenal, whether for writing, speaking, or playing word games. Each word is carefully selected for its frequency of use and relevance in everyday conversation and text. The table format, divided into 6 rows, ensures easy readability and quick reference. These words cover a broad spectrum of meanings, serving as a valuable resource for writers, educators, and language enthusiasts. By incorporating these Positive Words, Action Words, and Adverbs Words into your vocabulary, you can enhance your communication skills and enrich your linguistic expression.

Most Trending 8 Letter Words with “U”

Most Trending 8 Letter Words with U

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Dive into the dynamic world of 8-letter words containing the letter ‘U’. These words are not just linguistically rich but also trending in various fields like literature, technology, and everyday communication. Perfect for avid readers, writers, and word game enthusiasts, this list enhances vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension skills. Each word, highlighted in bold, comes with a definition, making it easier to grasp and remember. Whether you’re crafting an article, preparing for a spelling bee, or simply looking to enrich your word power, these words are invaluable. Their usage spans across multiple contexts, making them a versatile addition to any linguistic repertoire. Embrace the challenge and delight of these 8-letter treasures, including Compound Words, Consonant Words, and Describing Words.

  1. Unveiled: Revealed or disclosed something that was previously hidden.
  2. Universe: All existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos.
  3. Utensils: Tools, especially in a household or kitchen, used for a particular purpose.
  4. Ultimate: Being or happening at the end of a process; final.
  5. Uncommon: Not found or seen frequently; rare.
  6. Unworthy: Not deserving respect or attention.
  7. Umbrella: A device used for protection against rain or sunlight.
  8. Upheaval: A strong or violent change or disturbance.
  9. Uplifted: Raised or elevated.
  10. Unbiased: Showing no prejudice for or against something; impartial.
  11. Universe: All existing matter and space as a whole.
  12. Unburden: Relieve someone of something that is causing them concern or trouble.
  13. Undercut: Offer goods or services at a lower price than a competitor.
  14. Underdog: A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.
  15. Undergo: Experience or be subjected to something, typically something unpleasant.
  16. Undersea: Existing or situated below the surface of the sea.
  17. Undertow: A current of water below the surface, moving in a different direction from any surface current.
  18. Unearthed: Discovered something in the ground; dug up.
  19. Unedited: Not altered, abridged, or marked by an editor.
  20. Unending: Never finishing; endless.
  21. Unevenly: Not evenly or equally.
  22. Unfairly: In a manner that is not in accordance with the principles of fairness; unjustly.
  23. Ungainly: Lacking grace or elegance; clumsy.
  24. Unharmed: Not injured or damaged.
  25. Universe: All existing matter and space considered as a whole.
  26. Universe: All of space and everything in it including stars, planets, galaxies, etc.
  27. Unlawful: Not conforming to, permitted by, or recognized by law or rules.
  28. Unloaded: Removed a load or cargo from a vehicle, ship, container, etc.
  29. Unlocked: Unfastened or opened a lock.
  30. Unmoving: Not moving; motionless.

Noun 8 Letter Words with “U”

Noun 8 Letter Words with U

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Exploring the English language reveals a treasure trove of nouns, especially those intriguing 8-letter words that contain the letter ‘U’. These words are not just unique but also enrich our vocabulary, enhancing both written and spoken communication. For SEO and NLP enthusiasts, these Dictation Words, Difficult Words, and Encouraging Words are valuable for content creation, offering a blend of specificity and diversity. They are particularly useful in academic, technical, and creative writing, where precision and variety are key. Understanding and using these nouns can significantly improve language skills, making communication more effective and engaging. Below is a curated list of 30 eight-letter nouns containing ‘U’, complete with their meanings, to expand your vocabulary and enhance your linguistic prowess.

  1. Bacillus: A rod-shaped bacterium.
  2. Capsicum: A pepper plant.
  3. Clupeoid: Any fish of the herring family.
  4. Crucible: A container for cooking at high heat.
  5. Cubature: The measurement of volume.
  6. Culicide: A mosquito or gnat.
  7. Cumulate: A mass gathered together.
  8. Curlicue: A decorative curl or twist.
  9. Curtalax: A type of short, broad axe.
  10. Cuticula: A small cuticle, especially in plants.
  11. Diluvium: Geological debris from floods.
  12. Disburse: To pay out money.
  13. Dulcimer: A type of stringed musical instrument.
  14. Dumfound: To make speechless with amazement.
  15. Euphrasy: An herb known as eyebright.
  16. Furculum: A forked structure, like a bird’s wishbone.
  17. Globulin: A type of simple protein.
  18. Gruiform: Relating to cranes and similar birds.
  19. Guttural: A throaty sound.
  20. Outburst: A sudden release of emotion.
  21. Outvalue: To surpass in value.
  22. Overburn: To burn too much or too long.
  23. Overturn: To turn over or capsize.
  24. Pulmonic: Relating to the lungs.
  25. Puncture: A small hole made by a sharp object.
  26. Rufiyaa: The currency of the Maldives.
  27. Ruminate: To think deeply about something.
  28. Ruptured: Broken or burst open.
  29. Sculptor: An artist who creates sculptures.
  30. Sunburnt: Burned by the sun’s rays

Adverb 8 Letter Words with “U”

Adverb 8 Letter Words with U

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Exploring the realm of 8-letter adverbs with the letter ‘U’ opens up a fascinating aspect of English vocabulary. These specific words play a vital role in adding clarity and detail to our sentences, enhancing both spoken and written communication. Ideal for writers, educators, and language enthusiasts, this collection of adverbs is not just a linguistic treasure but also a tool for enriching language skills. Each word, presented in bold for emphasis, comes with its meaning, aiding in understanding and usage. This list is particularly beneficial for expanding your vocabulary in a targeted manner, and it’s a great resource for anyone looking to refine their language skills for personal or professional purposes. Including Funny Words, Transition Words, and Vowel Words will add a layer of enjoyment and depth to your learning experience.

  1. Uniquely: In a manner that is distinctive and one of a kind.
  2. Upwardly: Directed or moving towards a higher position.
  3. Cautious: In a manner showing care or concern.
  4. Dauntless: Without being intimidated or discouraged.
  5. Ebullient: In an enthusiastic or lively manner.
  6. Faultily: In a manner having defects or errors.
  7. Gallantly: In a brave or heroic manner.
  8. Hauntingly: In a manner that remains in the thoughts or memories.
  9. Jauntily: In a lively, cheerful, and self-confident manner.
  10. Unitably: In a manner that can be united or joined together.
  11. Laudably: In a manner deserving praise and commendation.
  12. Maturely: In a manner showing the wisdom of age.
  13. Naughtily: In a disobedient or mischievous way.
  14. Outright: Completely or immediately.
  15. Piquantly: In a pleasantly stimulating or exciting way.
  16. Quaintly: In an attractively unusual or old-fashioned manner.
  17. Unsurely: In a manner that lacks confidence or certainty..
  18. Annually: Occurring once every year; yearly.
  19. Ubiquity: Being everywhere at once.
  20. Aneurism: Relating to the abnormal swelling or bulge in the wall of an artery.
  21. Anxiously: In a manner showing worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.
  22. Artfully: In a manner that is skillful and clever, especially in achieving a goal.
  23. Assuredly: In a confident and certain manner; without doubt.
  24. Audacity: With boldness or daring, often in a manner considered impudent.
  25. Acutely: In a keen or perceptive manner.
  26. Blatantly: In an obvious and unsubtle manner.
  27. Crucialy: In a manner of great importance.
  28. Doubtful: In a manner not certain or convinced.
  29. Equally: In an identical or similar manner.
  30. Avulsing: In a manner of tearing off or away by force

Adjective 8 Letter Words with U

Exploring the English language reveals a wealth of descriptive terms, especially when delving into adjectives with specific characteristics. Adjective 8 letter words containing the letter ‘U’ offer a fascinating glimpse into this linguistic diversity. These words are not only pivotal in enhancing writing styles but also crucial for enriching vocabulary. Ideal for word enthusiasts, writers, and students, these adjectives can add precision and color to sentences. Understanding their meanings not only bolsters language proficiency but also aids in effective communication. Below is a carefully curated list of 30 eight-letter adjectives that include the letter ‘U’, complete with their definitions.

  1. Unruly – Difficult to control or manage.
  2. Unusual – Not common, rare or unexpected.
  3. Upfront – Honest and straightforward.
  4. Useless – Not useful; without utility.
  5. Utmost – Greatest; of the highest extent.
  6. Unheard – Not heard or known before.
  7. Unhappy – Sad; not experiencing happiness.
  8. Unmoved – Not emotionally affected.
  9. Unknown – Not known or familiar.
  10. Unfazed – Not disturbed or disconcerted.
  11. Unguard – Not guarded or protected.
  12. Unlucky – Having bad luck.
  13. Unquiet – Restless or uneasy.
  14. Unruled – Not governed by rules.
  15. Unsolid – Not solid or firm.
  16. Uptight – Anxious or unable to relax.
  17. Unloved – Not loved or cherished.
  18. Unmixed – Not mixed with other substances.
  19. Unsaved – Not saved or rescued.
  20. Unsized – Not sized or measured.
  21. Untamed – Wild; not domesticated.
  22. Untried – Not tried or tested.
  23. Unbaked – Not baked or cooked.
  24. Unclean – Not clean or pure.
  25. Uncouth – Lacking good manners.
  26. Undried – Not dried.
  27. Unfired – Not fired in a kiln.
  28. Unfixed – Not fixed or fastened.
  29. Unjoint – Not jointed or connected.
  30. Unlined – Without a lining or layer.

Phrasal Verbs With 8 Letter Words Containing ‘U’

Phrasal verbs play a crucial role in the English language, adding depth and nuance to verbal communication. This list focuses on phrasal verbs that incorporate 8-letter words containing the letter ‘U’. These verbs are not only essential for fluent English conversation but also enrich writing skills. They are particularly useful for ESL learners and those looking to improve their command of English. Each phrasal verb is presented in bold for easy identification, followed by its meaning. This compilation is a valuable resource for students, writers, and language enthusiasts, aiding in understanding and applying these unique verb phrases effectively.

  1. Burnouts – To become exhausted from overwork.
  2. Cutbacks – To reduce in extent or quantity.
  3. Dropouts – To leave school or an organization prematurely.
  4. Holdouts – To resist something or refuse to accept a deal.
  5. Jumpouts – To emerge suddenly or unexpectedly.
  6. Lockouts – To prevent employees from entering the workplace.
  7. Opt-outs – To choose not to participate in something.
  8. Outburst – To express strong emotion suddenly and forcefully.
  9. Outranks – To have a higher rank or position.
  10. Outruns – To run faster than someone or something.
  11. Outturns – To result or end up in a certain way.
  12. Pullouts – To withdraw from an agreement or competition.
  13. Pushouts – To force someone to leave or resign.
  14. Putdowns – To criticize or belittle someone.
  15. Rideouts – To survive a difficult situation.
  16. Rollouts – To introduce a new product or service.
  17. Runabout – To move about without a clear purpose.
  18. Sellouts – To betray one’s principles for personal gain.
  19. Setups – To arrange or organize something.
  20. Shakeups – To undergo a reorganization or restructuring.
  21. Spunouts – To lose control, especially in a vehicle.
  22. Standups – To rise to an upright position.
  23. Takeouts – To obtain food from a restaurant to eat elsewhere.
  24. Talkouts – To resolve an issue through discussion.
  25. Tearouts – To remove something by tearing it.
  26. Throwouts – To dispose of something no longer needed.
  27. Turnouts – To attend or participate in an event.
  28. Walkouts – To leave suddenly, often in protest.
  29. Washouts – To be canceled or unsuccessful.
  30. Workouts – To engage in physical exercise.

Describing 8 Letter Words with U

Exploring the English language reveals a vast array of intriguing and useful words, particularly when focusing on 8-letter words containing the letter ‘U.’ These words not only enhance vocabulary but also enrich communication, making them ideal for writers, students, and language enthusiasts. Understanding and incorporating these words can significantly improve both written and spoken English, especially in professional and academic settings.

The letter ‘U’ often brings a unique sound and structure to words, making them stand out. It’s essential for learners to recognize and utilize these words to enhance their language skills. Additionally, these 8-letter words with ‘U’ are beneficial for various word games and puzzles, boosting cognitive abilities and vocabulary prowess.

  1. Unusual – Not common, rare or unexpected.
  2. Utterly – Completely and without qualification.
  3. Uncover – To remove a cover or covering from.
  4. Unhappy – Sad, miserable, or displeased.
  5. Uniform – Consistent and unchanging; identical.
  6. Utility – Usefulness or practicality.
  7. Upsurge – A rapid increase or rise.
  8. Urgency – Importance requiring swift action.
  9. Uplifts – Raises or elevates.
  10. Unravel – To separate or disentangle.
  11. Unaware – Not having knowledge or awareness.
  12. Unearth – Discover something hidden or lost.
  13. Unfolds – Opens or spreads out from a folded position.
  14. Untried – Not tried or tested.
  15. Upgrade – A raise to a higher standard or quality.
  16. Unveils – Reveals or makes visible.
  17. Unwinds – Relaxes or reduces in intensity.
  18. Unleash – Release from a restraint.
  19. Unusual – Not common, rare or unexpected.
  20. Uproots – Removes or pulls out from the roots.
  21. Uptight – Anxious or unable to relax.
  22. Unlucky – Having bad luck.
  23. Unscrew – To open or loosen by turning.
  24. Unicore – A mythical animal.
  25. Unities – States of being united or joined.
  26. Unfixed – Not fixed or fastened.
  27. Unloads – Removes a load or cargo.
  28. Unseats – Removes from a position of power.
  29. Unusual – Not common, rare or unexpected.
  30. Upwards – In a direction from lower to higher.

Positive 8-Letter Words with ‘U’

Explore the uplifting world of positive 8-letter words containing the letter ‘U’. These words are not just vocabulary enhancers but are also sources of inspiration and positivity. Each word in this collection carries a unique and affirmative meaning, making them ideal for motivational writing, speeches, and daily affirmations. The presence of ‘U’ in these words adds a unique twist, showcasing the diversity of the English language. Ideal for educators, writers, and self-improvement enthusiasts, these words are bolded for emphasis and accompanied by their meanings. Use these words to enrich your vocabulary with positivity and to convey uplifting messages in your communications.

  1. Plentiful: Abundant, in large quantities.
  2. Fortuity: A chance event or occurrence.
  3. Undoubted: Without doubt; certain.
  4. Unspoilt: Not spoiled or ruined.
  5. Outshine: To surpass in excellence.
  6. Outgoing: Sociable and engaging with others.
  7. Utterly: Completely, absolutely.
  8. Unbiased: Showing no prejudice for or against something.
  9. Doubtful: Uncertain but with potential.
  10. Euphoria: A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.
  11. Rusticly: In a simple, charming, rural manner.
  12. Untiring: Tireless, showing great effort.
  13. Mouthful: Pleasingly large or substantial.
  14. Bounties: Generosities; gifts.
  15. Courages: Acts of bravery and confidence.
  16. Unifying: Making or becoming united.
  17. Outreach: To surpass in reach.
  18. Cultured: Educated, polished, and refined.
  19. Uncloudy: Clear, without clouds.
  20. Outgrown: Grown beyond or too big for.
  21. Curlicue: A decorative curl or twist in calligraphy or design.
  22. Outhouse: A small building separate from the main building.
  23. Unveiled: Revealed; made public.
  24. Youthful: Young or seeming young.
  25. Unbitter: Not bitter; free of bitterness.
  26. Juiciful: Full of juice; juicy.
  27. Guidance: Leadership or direction.
  28. Unwarped: Not twisted or turned.
  29. Outflank: To gain a tactical advantage over.
  30. Unsoured: Not turned sour or bitter.

SAT 8 Letter Words with U

Preparing for the SAT can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Enhancing your vocabulary is a key part of this preparation. Among the multitude of words you might encounter, 8-letter words with ‘U’ stand out for their complexity and utility. These words not only bolster your vocabulary but also sharpen your understanding of nuanced language, essential for excelling in the SAT. This list of 30 carefully selected 8-letter words, complete with meanings, will be an invaluable asset for your SAT study plan. Each word is not only rich in letters but also in educational value, ensuring you are well-equipped for the verbal challenges of the SAT.

  1. Abstruse: Difficult to understand; obscure.
  2. Accruals: The process of accumulating interest or other increments.
  3. Acaulous: Lacking a stem or stalk.
  4. Becrusts: To cover with a crust or hard coating.
  5. Becurses: To invoke evil upon; to curse.
  6. Capsuled: Enclosed in a capsule.
  7. Clamours: Loud and persistent outcry from many people.
  8. Cultured: Characterized by refined taste and manners.
  9. Curbside: The side of a pavement or road.
  10. Curlicue: A decorative curl or twist in calligraphy or design.
  11. Curtails: Reduce in extent or quantity.
  12. Cushions: A soft bag filled with air or padding.
  13. Doubtful: Uncertain or questionable in nature.
  14. Dulcetly: Sweet and soothing.
  15. Exultant: Triumphantly happy.
  16. Furthers: Promote the progress of; advance.
  17. Hurtling: Move or cause to move at high speed.
  18. Juncture: A particular point in events or time.
  19. Juryless: Without a jury.
  20. Lustrous: Shining luminously.
  21. Outcries: Acts of speaking loudly or vehemently.
  22. Outflank: Move around the side of an enemy to gain advantage.
  23. Outlines: Draw or trace an outline.
  24. Ruptured: Broken or burst suddenly.
  25. Rustical: Characteristic of rural life; rustic.
  26. Sculpted: Create or shape a sculpture.
  27. Sultrier: Hot and humid.
  28. Undulate: Move with a smooth wave-like motion.
  29. Unfurled: Spread out from a rolled or folded state.
  30. Uprooted: Pulled up or torn out by the roots.

Perspectives 8-Letter Words with “U”

Exploring 8-letter words with ‘U’ opens a new window into the dynamic world of English vocabulary. These words are not just mere combinations of letters; they carry significant meanings and are widely used in various fields. Ideal for enhancing communication skills, these words are also key players in word-based games, academic writing, and professional discourse. This curated list is a treasure trove for students, educators, and language enthusiasts, offering a deeper understanding of word usage and context. Each word is presented in bold, followed by its definition, making this compilation an informative and engaging resource. Dive into this collection and enrich your vocabulary with these versatile and meaningful 8-letter words.

  1. Cultured: Having good education, manners, and appreciation of the arts.
  2. Cupboard: A cabinet or small closet used for storing dishes, food, or other items.
  3. Duration: The length of time something lasts or continues.
  4. Curators: Individuals responsible for overseeing collections in museums or galleries.
  5. Curbside: The side of a curb; often referring to pickup or drop-off locations.
  6. Curtains: Pieces of fabric used to cover windows, or as a movable screen in a theater.
  7. Curviest: Having the most curves; often referring to roads or physical shapes.
  8. Cushions: Soft bags filled with air, foam, or other soft materials, used for sitting or kneeling on.
  9. Customer: A person who buys goods or services from a business.
  10. Cuticles: The skin at the base of nails on the fingers or toes.
  11. Juncture: A particular point in events or time.
  12. Outburst: A sudden release of strong emotion.
  13. Outfield: The part of a baseball field beyond the diamond or infield.
  14. Outflank: To move around the side of an enemy to achieve an advantage.
  15. Outfoxed: Outsmarted or tricked by cunning.
  16. Outlines: Draws or traces the outer edges of something.
  17. Outreach: The extent or length of reaching out.
  18. Outshine: To surpass in brightness, performance, or quality.
  19. Outsider: A person not belonging to a particular group, society, or community.
  20. Outskirt: The outer parts or edge of a town or city.
  21. Outspend: To spend more than another person or organization.
  22. Outstand: To be very noticeable or extraordinary.
  23. Outstrip: To surpass or exceed.
  24. Outweigh: To be heavier, more important, or more significant than something else.
  25. Outwears: Lasts longer than others or withstands wear and tear.
  26. Outworks: External fortifications or defensive works.
  27. Overcome: To succeed in dealing with or controlling a problem.
  28. Overhead: Situated above the level of the head.
  29. Overheat: To become excessively hot.
  30. Overtime: Time worked beyond the usual working hours.

8 Letter Words that Ends with “U”

Exploring the unique world of 8-letter words ending with “U” opens up a fascinating aspect of the English language. Often, these words are derived from various languages, enriching English with their distinctive sounds and meanings. This list of 30 such words is not just educational but also a fun way to enhance your vocabulary. Each word, showcased in bold for emphasis, comes with its definition, offering a clear understanding of its usage and context. Ideal for word game enthusiasts, writers, and linguists, these words are a testament to the diverse influences in English.

  1. Tenpoku: A type of Japanese pottery.
  2. Shogatsu: The Japanese New Year.
  3. Ploughu: An old form of ‘plough.’
  4. Malagou: A variant of ‘malague,’ a lively Spanish dance.
  5. Jus-sieu: An old French legal term.
  6. Habirou: An old term for wanderers or vagabonds.
  7. Gazumpu: A variant of ‘gazump,’ to outbid someone unexpectedly.
  8. Froufrou: The rustling sound of silk or similar fabric.
  9. Camaieu: An art technique using shades of a single color.
  10. Bijouxu: Plural of ‘bijoux,’ meaning small, delicate jewelry.
  11. Rendezou: A variant of ‘rendezvous,’ a meeting at an agreed time and place.
  12. Barbeque: A cooking method and apparatus.
  13. Ballyhoo: Loud, noisy, or exaggerated talk or activity.
  14. Cachepou: A decorative cover for a flower pot.
  15. Cocoyocu: A place name, often found in Central America.
  16. Fondueu: A variant of ‘fondue,’ a dish of melted cheese or chocolate.
  17. Grisgris: A voodoo amulet.
  18. Harangou: A variant of ‘harangue,’ a lengthy and aggressive speech.
  19. Jujutsuu: A form of Japanese martial arts.
  20. Kinkajou: A tropical American mammal.
  21. Mambosou: A type of lively dance music.
  22. Outargou: A hypothetical word, possibly a place name.
  23. Pilaffou: A variant of ‘pilaf,’ a rice dish.
  24. Quaaluu: A hypothetical word, possibly a drug reference.
  25. Racahou: An old term for a type of fabric.
  26. Samsarau: A term relating to the cycle of death and rebirth.
  27. Taboulou: A variant of ‘tabbouleh,’ a Middle Eastern salad.
  28. Unguentu: A variant of ‘unguent,’ a medicinal ointment.
  29. Voodoou: A variant of ‘voodoo,’ a religion practiced in Haiti.
  30. Wamefou: A hypothetical word, possibly a name or term in a specific context.

8 Letter Words with U in the Middle

Exploring 8-letter words with ‘U’ in the middle unveils a treasure trove of vocabulary that is both intriguing and beneficial for enhancing language skills. These words are pivotal in enriching communication, writing, and word-based games. This compilation is particularly useful for educators, students, and word game enthusiasts. Each word in this list, boldly highlighted, is accompanied by its definition, providing a deeper understanding of its usage and context. These words demonstrate the diversity and richness of the English language, making them essential for those looking to expand their lexical range. Ideal for crossword puzzles, Scrabble, and academic writing, this list is a valuable resource for anyone looking to strengthen their vocabulary.

  1. Outburst: A sudden release of strong emotion.
  2. Doubloon: A Spanish gold coin.
  3. Doubtful: Uncertain or unsure.
  4. Shouting: Yelling or calling out loudly.
  5. Troubles: Difficulties or problems.
  6. Outclass: To surpass in quality or performance.
  7. Outcasts: People who are not accepted by a group.
  8. Roulette: A game of chance played at casinos.
  9. Outcries: Strong expressions of public disapproval or anger.
  10. Cultured: Educated, polished, and refined.
  11. Outfield: The part of a baseball field furthest from the batter.
  12. Cultures: The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people.
  13. Cultured: Characterized by refined taste and manners.
  14. Outflank: To move around the side of an enemy to gain advantage.
  15. Outflows: The movement of water or other substances out of a place.
  16. Outfoxes: To outwit or outsmart someone.
  17. Outgrown: Grown too large for something.
  18. Outgrows: Becomes too big for something.
  19. Outlines: Draws or traces the outer edges of something.
  20. Outlawed: Made illegal or prohibited.
  21. Outlooks: Views or perspectives on something.
  22. Outlying: Situated far from a center; remote.
  23. Outmatch: To be better or stronger than someone else.
  24. Outmodes: Makes outdated or obsolete.
  25. Outpaced: Surpassed in speed.
  26. Outplays: Performs better than.
  27. Outrages: Acts that arouse fierce anger, shock, or indignation.
  28. Outreach: The extent or length of reaching out.
  29. Outright: Completely or immediately.
  30. Outrival: To surpass or do better than a rival.
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