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Statement Sentence

Elevate your writing skills with this comprehensive guide on statement sentences. Discover what statement sentences are, how to craft them effectively, and get inspired by practical sentence examples. Whether you’re a student or a professional, our actionable tips and examples are designed to provide you clarity and confidence in your writing journey.

What is the Statement Sentence? – Definition

A statement sentence is a type of sentence that provides information or conveys a declaration. It is the most common sentence type and is usually declarative, ending with a period.

What is the best Example of a Statement Sentence? – Detailed Explanation

The best example of a statement sentence is straightforward and conveys a clear message. For example, “The sky is blue.” This sentence is a statement that presents a fact. It is clear, concise, and leaves no room for ambiguity. It serves its purpose by providing information in a direct manner.

100 Statement Sentence Usage Examples

Statement Sentence
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Embark on a journey to master statement sentences with these 100 unique examples. These sentences span various topics and contexts, offering a rich, diversified learning experience. Perfect for enhancing your writing, these examples are specially crafted for clarity and effective communication.

  1. The cat sleeps on the sofa.
  2. My favorite fruit is mango.
  3. The movie starts at 7 PM.
  4. Sarah is a brilliant student.
  5. The bookshelf is made of oak.
  6. She has a strong work ethic.
  7. The coffee is too hot to drink.
  8. Water boils at 100°C.
  9. I prefer tea over coffee.
  10. The bakery opens early in the morning.
  11. New York is famous for its skyscrapers.
  12. The soccer match was a tie.
  13. He failed his driver’s test.
  14. Emily loves to read mysteries.
  15. The ice cream shop is closed on Mondays.
  16. It is raining outside.
  17. The river flows to the east.
  18. My sister is a nurse.
  19. The cake tastes delicious.
  20. The concert was a hit.
  21. John is the CEO of the company.
  22. She has three siblings.
  23. The sun sets in the west.
  24. The library is open until 9 PM.
  25. The painting is an original.
  26. We have a meeting tomorrow.
  27. The garden looks beautiful in spring.
  28. Your answer is incorrect.
  29. He is an expert in mathematics.
  30. She plays the piano.
  31. The shop is closed for renovation.
  32. The bus arrives in 10 minutes.
  33. Tom is allergic to peanuts.
  34. The assignment is due on Friday.
  35. The apples are ripe.
  36. The museum houses ancient artifacts.
  37. She has traveled to Europe.
  38. He graduated with honors.
  39. The pizza is too spicy.
  40. There are twelve months in a year.
  41. She enjoys hiking on weekends.
  42. The play was a success.
  43. The volcano is active.
  44. He studies economics.
  45. The Earth revolves around the Sun.
  46. The moon is full tonight.
  47. Birds migrate in the winter.
  48. The test was difficult.
  49. The baby is crying.
  50. The cake needs to cool before icing.
  51. He is late for the meeting.
  52. The dog is barking.
  53. The room is dimly lit.
  54. He is fond of animals.
  55. The car needs fuel.
  56. The kids are playing in the yard.
  57. This chair is broken.
  58. She is afraid of spiders.
  59. It’s your turn to play.
  60. The machine is out of order.
  61. The rose smells sweet.
  62. She speaks three languages.
  63. The window is open.
  64. My grandmother is 85 years old.
  65. The new model comes with advanced features.
  66. She is good at dancing.
  67. The store offers a discount on weekends.
  68. The exam is next week.
  69. Her dress is made of silk.
  70. The ice is slippery.
  71. The air feels humid.
  72. The meeting was productive.
  73. He is an author of five books.
  74. The formula is correct.
  75. The tree is tall.
  76. She owns a fashion boutique.
  77. The baby is teething.
  78. The car is parked in the garage.
  79. They are getting married next month.
  80. The food is delicious.
  81. The earth is round.
  82. The program starts at 10 AM.
  83. He is a skilled carpenter.
  84. The meeting lasted two hours.
  85. She is a vegan.
  86. He was late for the flight.
  87. The soup is cold.
  88. The bag is heavy.
  89. He swims every day.
  90. The match was canceled due to rain.
  91. The building is under construction.
  92. The recipe requires three eggs.
  93. The sky is cloudy.
  94. The hat fits perfectly.
  95. She is a teacher.
  96. The door is locked.
  97. The zoo is a fun place for kids.
  98. The paint is still wet.
  99. The restaurant is fully booked.
  100. The movie was entertaining.

Examples of statement in a Sentence

  1. The CEO announced a statement on the company’s growth.
  2. Her statement swayed the jury’s verdict.
  3. His statement on social media went viral.
  4. The teacher’s statement highlighted homework’s value.
  5. The report included a statement on climate impacts.

Statement Sentence Examples for Class 2

Master the art of statement sentences with this expertly curated list aimed specifically for Class 2 students. Packed with easy-to-understand examples, this list is a great resource for parents and teachers alike to elevate children’s writing skills.

  1. I have a red ball.
  2. She is my best friend.
  3. My cat is fluffy.
  4. The sky is blue.
  5. We have a new teacher.
  6. I like ice cream.
  7. My house has a garden.
  8. It is sunny today.
  9. She can sing well.
  10. The pizza is yummy.

Statement Sentence Examples for Class 3

Step up your learning curve with statement sentences designed for Class 3 students. These examples are not just sentences; they are building blocks for stronger communication skills in young learners.

  1. Elephants are big animals.
  2. The Earth is round.
  3. I read a book every week.
  4. She has a pet fish.
  5. The cake is chocolate flavored.
  6. My birthday is in June.
  7. Dad works in an office.
  8. The movie was funny.
  9. They are my cousins.
  10. The car is green.

Statement Sentence Examples for Class 4

Expand your grasp of statement sentences with these specifically crafted examples for Class 4 students. Utilize them to enrich vocabulary and bolster sentence construction skills effectively.

  1. The museum has ancient artifacts.
  2. She plays the piano very well.
  3. Our school library is big.
  4. The test was quite easy.
  5. He is allergic to nuts.
  6. The conference starts at 9 AM.
  7. My mom bakes delicious cookies.
  8. The river flows to the east.
  9. Solar energy is renewable.
  10. They visited the zoo last weekend.

Statement Sentence Examples for Class 5

Intensify your understanding of statement sentences through these finely tuned examples for Class 5 students. Ideal for in-depth learning, these examples are invaluable for those looking to master the art of effective communication.

  1. The experiment was successful.
  2. She is a native of California.
  3. The soccer team won the championship.
  4. The painting is an abstract.
  5. He completed the marathon in three hours.
  6. The village has no electricity.
  7. The castle was built in the 15th century.
  8. Hurricanes are natural disasters.
  9. The chocolate is dairy-free.
  10. She received an award for her poem.

What is the Structure of Statement Sentence?

Understanding the structure of a statement sentence is crucial for effective communication. A standard statement sentence in English usually follows the Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) structure. However, variations can occur based on emphasis, style, and additional elements like adverbs or adjectives. In its simplest form, a statement sentence can include just a subject and a verb, e.g., “She sings.” For more complexity, additional information can be added, like “She sings beautifully in the choir.”

  1. Subject: The person, place, thing, or idea that the statement is about.
  2. Verb: The action or state of the subject.
  3. Object: What or whom the action is affecting (not always required).


  • Subject + Verb: He runs.
  • Subject + Verb + Object: She loves chocolate.
  • Subject + Verb + Adjective: The cake is delicious.

How do you write Statement Sentences? – Step by Step Guide

Writing statement sentences is an essential skill in English that can be mastered with practice. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you write effective statement sentences.

  1. Identify the Subject: Determine what or who your sentence is going to be about.
  2. Choose the Verb: Decide on the action or state the subject will be in.
  3. Consider the Object: If applicable, figure out what or whom the action is affecting.
  4. Add Modifiers: Incorporate adjectives, adverbs, or phrases to give more detail.
  5. Check for Clarity: Make sure your sentence conveys its message clearly.
  6. Review Grammar: Ensure proper tense and subject-verb agreement.
  7. Finalize: Read the sentence out loud to make sure it sounds correct.


  • Step 1: Subject = “John”
  • Step 2: Verb = “ate”
  • Step 3: Object = “an apple”
  • Step 4: Modifiers = “quickly”
  • Step 5, 6 & 7: Final Sentence = “John quickly ate an apple.”

Tips for Using Statement Sentences

Statement sentences are the backbone of clear and effective communication. Here are some tips to make your statement sentences even better.

  1. Be Concise: Stick to the point and avoid unnecessary words.
  2. Use Strong Verbs: Choose verbs that are specific and vivid to make your sentence impactful.
  3. Maintain Consistency: Keep your tense and point of view consistent throughout your writing.
  4. Add Variety: Don’t start every sentence the same way; vary your sentence structures.
  5. Proofread: Always review your sentences to check for errors or areas for improvement.
  6. Context Matters: Tailor your sentences to suit the tone and purpose of your writing, be it formal or informal.
  7. Practice Makes Perfect: The more you write, the more natural it will become to create effective statement sentences.

Apply these tips and guidelines in your daily writing to create statement sentences that are not only grammatically correct but also engaging and effective.

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