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Cubic foot

What is Cubic foot?

A cubic foot is a unit of volume measurement in the imperial system, equal to the volume of a cube with sides each measuring one foot. It’s commonly used to quantify the volume of objects or spaces, such as rooms, boxes, or refrigerators. It’s equivalent to about 28.3168 liters in the metric system.

1 cubic foot = 28.3168 liters

Unit of Cubic foot

The unit of a cubic foot is simply “cubic foot” and is typically abbreviated as “ft³” or “cu ft“. It represents the volume of a cube with sides each measuring one foot.

Cubic foot of 3D Shapes

  1. Cube: A cube with sides each measuring one foot has a volume of 1 cubic foot.
  2. Rectangular Prism: A rectangular prism with dimensions 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot also has a volume of 1 cubic foot.
  3. Sphere: A sphere with a diameter of approximately 1.24 feet (or a radius of 0.62 feet) has a volume of about 1 cubic foot.
  4. Cylinder: A cylinder with a radius of approximately 0.21 feet and a height of about 4.83 feet also has a volume of 1 cubic foot.
  5. Irregular Shapes: For irregular shapes, the volume can be determined by measuring the dimensions and applying appropriate formulas.

List of Cubic foot Formulas

CubeVolume = side length³
Rectangular PrismVolume = length × width × height
SphereVolume = (4/3) × π × radius³
CylinderVolume = π × radius² × height
ConeVolume = (1/3) × π × radius² × height
PyramidVolume = (1/3) × base area × height
EllipsoidVolume = (4/3) × π × a × b × c
Triangular PrismVolume = (1/2) × base area × height
Trapezoidal PrismVolume = ((base1 + base2)/2) × height
Irregular ShapeVolume = ∫∫∫ dV (Triple integral over the region)

Conversion of Cubic foot into Other Units

From/To Conversion factor
Cubic Foot to Liters (L)1(ft³) = 28,316.8 Liters
Cubic Foot to Cubic Meters (m³)1(ft³) = 0.0283168 Cubic Meters (m³)
Cubic Foot to Cubic Inches (in³)1(ft³) = 1728 Cubic Inches (in³)
Cubic Foot to Gallons (US)1(ft³) = 7.48052 Gallons (US)
Cubic Foot to Gallons (UK)1(ft³) = 6.22884 Gallons (UK)

Cubic Foot (ft³) to Liters (L)

1 Cubic Foot (ft³) = 28,316.8 Liters (L)

One cubic foot (ft³) is equivalent to approximately 28,316.8 liters (L). This conversion factor allows for the convenient measurement and comparison of volumes in different units.

Cubic Foot (ft³) to Cubic Meters (m³)

1 Cubic Foot (ft³) = 0.0283168 Cubic Meters (m³)

One cubic foot (ft³) is equivalent to approximately 0.0283168 cubic meters (m³). This conversion allows for accurate measurements when comparing volumes in different units of measurement.

Cubic Foot (ft³) to Cubic Inches (in³)

1 Cubic Foot (ft³) = 1728 Cubic Inches (in³)

One cubic foot, abbreviated as ft³, is equal to 1728 cubic inches, abbreviated as in³. This conversion is based on the fact that one foot equals twelve inches.

Cubic Foot (ft³) to Gallons (US)

1 Cubic Foot (ft³) = 7.48052 Gallons (US)

One cubic foot (ft³) is equivalent to approximately 7.48052 gallons (US). This conversion is often used in various applications, including shipping, fluid measurements, and residential water usage estimations.

Cubic Foot (ft³) to Gallons (UK)

1 Cubic Foot (ft³) = 6.22884 Gallons (UK)

One cubic foot, symbolized as ft³, equals approximately 6.22884 gallons in the UK measurement system. This conversion is often used in various applications requiring volume calculations.

How to Calculate the Cubic foot?

To calculate the volume in cubic feet, you need to measure the length, width, and height of the object or space in feet. Then, you multiply these three dimensions together.

Here’s the formula:

Volume (cubic feet) = Length (feet) × Width (feet) × Height (feet)

For example, if you have a rectangular box with a length of 3 feet, a width of 2 feet, and a height of 4 feet, you would calculate its volume like this:

Volume = 3 feet × 2 feet × 4 feet = 24 cubic feet

So, the volume of the rectangular box is 24 cubic feet.

Example of Cubic foot

Certainly! Here are ten examples of objects or spaces that can be measured in cubic feet:

  1. Refrigerator interior volume
  2. Bathtub capacity
  3. Shipping container volume
  4. Fish tank size
  5. Bookshelf storage capacity
  6. Bedroom closet volume
  7. Garden planter box size
  8. Dumpster capacity
  9. Swimming pool volume
  10. Storage locker dimensions

Uses of Cubic foot

  1. Shipping and Logistics: Cubic feet are used to determine the volume of cargo containers, trucks, and shipping containers, facilitating efficient transportation and logistics management.
  2. Construction and Architecture: Builders and architects use cubic feet to calculate the volume of building materials such as concrete, lumber, and gravel, aiding in project planning and material estimation.
  3. Home Appliances: Cubic feet are used to specify the capacity of household appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, and dryers, helping consumers choose products that suit their needs.
  4. Storage and Warehousing: Cubic feet are employed to measure the capacity of storage spaces, warehouses, and storage containers, assisting in inventory management and space utilization.
  5. Interior Design: Designers use cubic feet to assess the volume of rooms, furniture, and decorative items, ensuring proper spatial planning and arrangement.
  6. Packaging: Cubic feet are utilized in packaging design to determine the volume of boxes, crates, and packaging materials, optimizing packaging efficiency and minimizing shipping costs.
  7. Landscaping and Gardening: Cubic feet are employed to calculate the volume of soil, mulch, and other landscaping materials, aiding in garden design and maintenance.
  8. Aquariums and Fish Tanks: Cubic feet are used to specify the volume of aquariums and fish tanks, assisting hobbyists in selecting appropriate tank sizes and managing aquatic environments.


Why is cubic foot used in some countries instead of cubic meters?

Cubic feet are part of the imperial system, which is commonly used in countries like the United States. Cubic meters are used in the metric system, which is prevalent in many other countries.

Are cubic foot and board foot the same?

No, they are not the same. Cubic feet measure volume, while board feet measure the volume of lumber. One board foot is equal to a volume of wood one foot wide, one foot long, and one inch thick.

how big is 1 cubic foot in inches

To find out how big 1 cubic foot is in inches, we need to consider the conversion from cubic feet to cubic inches.

Since 1 cubic foot is equal to 12×12×12=1728 cubic inches (because 1 foot = 12 inches), we can say that 1 cubic foot is equivalent to 1728 cubic inches.

How can I convert cubic feet to other units of volume?

You can use conversion factors to convert cubic feet to liters, cubic meters, cubic inches, and gallons. For example, 1 cubic foot is approximately equal to 28.3168 liters.

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