Financial Planning Brochure

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Financial Planning Brochure

Marketing has migrated into the digital world. If you are not optimizing your content for different screen interfaces, are you even doing anything? However, the loads of content saturating our screens may be reducing our marketing message into a negligible murmur. With the financial planning industry seeing promising growth, not effectively getting your message across audiences will leave you and your business in the dust. When your business and career rely on being relevant to your target audience, you might want to work on a more personal approach to reach out to people. Boost your marketing strategies with the old but gold financial planning brochures!

Financial planning brochures are important business information and company message in an attractive package. The word attractive here is in the sense that the vessel of the information does not limit, compromise, or antagonize its dissemination. Rather, the brochure is key in the message distribution and, when possible, client conversion. A brochure is an effective advertising implement that can take many forms and variations. Essentially, financial planning brochures promote your services or your business to the public. Because the financial planning and advice industry is expected to grow continually, you are bound to have more competition. By staying relevant and connected with your target consumers, you are not left out in the game. How do you convince people to trust your company and services?

Content Saturation in Modern Marketing

Ubiquity seems to be the dominant force that drives social media and the World Wide Web to be a marketing force to be reckoned with. Since a lot of people are on their phones and computers for several hours a day, going digital creates a bridge between your financial services company and this profitable pool of clients. Blogs would tell you that digital marketing trumps print marketing at any day. However, seeing the digital epoch as the time to completely ditch print marketing will not always end well for your business and your career as a financial consultant. It is because of this thinking that online marketing platforms are saturated with brand messages.

The quality of some of these works has also taken a dip, now that we can just click-and-post on social media platforms. We saw several digital marketing campaigns commit some regrettable blunders. Convenience seems to come with oversight and a degree of sloppiness. With online marketing, you are walking a fine line between relevance and triviality. The competition in digital advertising is like a large mob of people shouting all at once, each wanting to be heard. When your advances become bothersome and hard-sell to others, you will get the opposite of the reaction that you are hoping.

Although emails, social media posts, and paid advertisements make the company reach a lot of customers, this ubiquity, as mentioned earlier, can be the biggest reason why your ad did not elicit the intended response from clients. First, the ads you paid for on websites may not even be clicked at all by most people. People may not even remember seeing your ad beside an article that they are reading. Sometimes, the spaces for these ads are not well-thought-out that these will cover the content a person is trying to access. Intrusive advertisements or too many irrelevant content will not convince your target audience to try your services.

Brochures: Old But Not Dated

The mentioned pitfalls are not an attack to discredit the strides in marketing through digital marketing. Instead, they show that going digital is not a marketing panacea to getting your business out there. Brochures, and print marketing, in general, have a place in the advertising community for the longest time, and it is not difficult to see why. They are a cost-effective alternative to promoting your financial solutions services. Production and distribution will cost your company less compared to paying for the airtime of your ad on social media and websites.

Brochures also last longer than the ads you put up online. When you pay for good quality materials in producing your marketing material, the papers would not tear or fall apart quickly. When your clients decide to keep the brochure because the information inside is useful to them, they get to hold on to it longer. Aside from durability, the quality of the paper, print, illustrations, and text all make your brochure attractive to your customers. That is why you should invest in premium materials when producing the brochures.

Unlike emails or online advertisements that users may be accustomed to skipping or ignoring, brochures provide a different experience. Premium quality brochures, both in the layout and content, help in disseminating the message you want to communicate. It has a certain appeal born from creative effort and the charm of old-world marketing. Unlike its digital counterpart, brochures don’t leave your financial planning establishment as just a nameless face in the crowd.

7+ Financial Planning Brochure Examples

Printed and digital marketing revolve on the effectiveness of the content to achieve the desired effect. Effectiveness means how appealing the package and the content are to the clients you wish to acquire or reach. Your printed financial services brochure also has to stand out from others should it be placed with other company’s paraphernalia in a rack. A good design requires a good knowledge of your target customers, from their values to their interests. Rather than start from scratch, you can take your pick from the following rich list of brochure examples and templates.

1. Financial Planning Brochure

Financial Planning Brochure

2. Retro Financial Planning Brochure

Retro Financial Planning Brochure

3. Classic Financial Planning Brochure

Classic Financial Planning Brochure

4. Financial Advisor Trifold Brochure

Financial Advisor Trifold Brochure

5. Financial Business Planning Brochure

Financial Business Planning Brochure

6. Corporate Financial Planning Brochure

Corporate Financial Planning Brochure

7. Financial Advisor Bifold Brochure InDesign

Financial Advisor Bifold Brochure InDesign

8. Financial Brochure Example

Financial Brochure Example

The Financial Planning Brochure 101

How do you make sure that your financial consultant brochures can function as intended? Instead of just putting them in a lonely corner in your establishment, financial planners can be strategic about where your brochures will be found. Research on places that have promising leads so that your brochures will reach a lot of people. Financial services brochures are a/an:

1. Response to Warm and Qualified Leads

You have a potential convert for your business or services. They are already interested. But before you can proceed with getting the clients on board, you have to answer their questions about the service and the company first. You can supplement your discussion with the person using financial services brochures. The brochure should already have a good explanation of the process you are explaining. It should answer frequently asked questions. You already have interested prospects. Now, you have to sell the business successfully and convince them to go through with asking for your help.

2. Reminders and Giveaway Cards

You can also send brochures as souvenirs or giveaways to people during events or after the business transactions. This reminds people of their impression of your services. You and your brochures might even be at the top of their heads when their peers ask for a recommendation for financial planners and advisers. You can even partner with related businesses so that they will include your brochures in the tokens or cards they provide their customers. Your creative brochures would have to be attractive enough that people will pick one up.

3. Entertaining Lobby Reading Material

Another way to showcase your financial services company brochure is to place is somewhere people are bound to look through it. During waiting hours in different business establishments, people will look for something to read and tinker with. Your financial institution brochures arranged neatly and conveniently near the waiting area can pique these people’s interests. They can look through the content while waiting for their turn to transact. Unlike coffee-table books, brochures will not take a long time to read. That short time may be enough to keep these people occupied and make them aware of your services.

4. Marketing Strategy Complement

Instead of picking just one platform, create a strategic plan where the printed and digital channels complement each other. Optimize your digital marketing campaigns to connect with people beyond the superficial level. But don’t leave out the print marketing in the process. You can use it to cover both client bases: the digital natives and immigrants. You can link these two channels, too. For example, you provide your company’s social media and website address on the brochures. You can also upload a digital copy of the brochure online for clients to download for more information.


Going digital is not for everybody. Some businesses may have found success in relying on one channel to facilitate customer traffic and boost sales. However, this is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. In the financial planning industry, trendy is not the best marketing strategy. Your industry is built on trust, security, and reliability. While other businesses do well scrapping printed marketing from their arsenal, your industry will benefit from brochures, flyers, leaflets, and printed advertisements. As trends fade and consumer behavior shifts from time to time, you have to uphold the core of your industry. It is better to trust the tried-and-tested strategies. For you to get the best of both worlds, it is best to integrate them both in your company.

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