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Managing one’s finances is complicated work, much more handling several others’. It takes specialized skills and studying to become financial planners, consultants, advisors, coaches, and the like. However, such complexity doesn’t have to translate to the people that need our help. For many, financial management a daunting task, which makes financial freedom a far-off dream for these people. In the end, these people need someone to help them achieve their financial goals. Be the financial counselor that these people need with a variety of financial flyers.

Financial flyers are a cost-effective marketing and promotional tool for wide-scale information dissemination. Everything has to fit in one side of the sheet of paper, so creativity and skill in design and layout are prerequisites for producing the best kinds of flyers. Since the message has to be short and concise, the designer of the flyer can use graphics and illustrations to deliver the point further. The content of the flyers can be about services, products, or offers from financial personnel and institutions. The flyers can come in different forms for different intentions. That is why they are a favorite tool for marketing teams.

Creativity with using flyers and other print advertising materials is under the umbrella of guerilla marketing. Guerilla marketing is the unconventional approach to getting your brand and product out there. It is a unique and unusual way of advertising. Success is tricky, but when this marketing strategy is done right, you can turn public attention into profit. Unlike traditional marketing, people do not expect the ads. The surprise factor gives you and your business a chance to be memorable to the public. When you use your flyers right, your business can get noticed even without a multi-million marketing budget for marketing.

Are Flyers Right For You?

Success despite the financial constraints will work for you. In your industry, financial management skills are a huge chunk of your brand identity. Financial advisors, consultants, coaches, and planners are seen as people who make sound financial decisions for themselves and for others. That is your selling point. Therefore, your practices should also align with what you are preaching. You do not opt for the cheapest available option just because it is the most affordable. You evaluate first if its returns are worth its price. This should resonate with your business practices.

What makes advertising flyers an affordable go-to option is that they can be produced with humble materials. You can print your content on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper and distribute the material to people. Even though flyers come cheap, they may not give the results that you wanted. The wrong use of a good product will not give you promising results. Producing too many flyers with non-engaging and irrelevant content is your flyers’ ticket to the trash bin. So, when should you use flyers?

  • Events – Aside from posters and brochures, flyers are usually the go-to print advertising media to promote events or your business in an event. Flyers facilitate fast and easy dissemination of information. Whether you will organize or participate in events, like consultations, fairs, and exhibitions, you can use flyers for advertising the affair or your business. The content of your flyers may be related to the theme of the event.
  • General Information – Like a brochure, you can use flyers to make the people aware that you exist. You can put these flyers wherever they can be noticed, like in your building or related establishments. These materials contain basic and general information about what you do or what you can do for others. You can talk about the financial problems that you can handle or how you can help them reach their financial goals.
  • Announcements – Flyers are also useful for spreading news and announcements. For example, your office is looking to hire new people. It could be that you have a new branch opening in another city, or you are offering promotions and deals. You can use print materials to spread the word.

10+ Financial Flyer Examples

Flyers are useful and effective when they are made well. This means that the design is attractive, and the content is informative. Lousy and poorly-thought-of flyers usually end in trash bins immediately. No one wants to hold on to flyers that look lazily put-together. With your job, you need not worry about starting your flyers from scratch. If you don’t know where to start, you can save time and download the following sample creative financial flyer for your business. Scroll to find the right flyer for your needs!

1. Financial Services Flyer Template

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2. Personal Financial Services Flyer Template

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3. Financial Advisor Flyer

4. Financial Services Tax Flyer

5. Financial Tax Refund Flyer

6. Financial Services Flyer Sample

7. Financial Services Flyer Example

8. Accounting Services Flyer Example

9. Accounting Finance Services Flyer

10. Financial Advisor Flyer Example

11. Financial Advisor Flyer InDesign

How To Effectively Distribute Flyers

Producing creative and well-made flyers are one part of the story. The next challenge is how you can distribute these flyers so that they will reach the right people, and you will gain a promising result. The following are some of the ways that you can use to utilize the full potential of this marketing wonder.

1. Man On The Street

Your representatives distribute the flyers to areas with heavy foot traffic. They hand out the sheets to passers-by. It is important to position the representatives strategically to take advantage of the flow of people in the area. This approach takes advantage of the number of people that goes through that location to maximize flyer distribution. Sales pitch about your services can be part of the advertising or marketing plan. However, your representatives should be able to engage with people, and at the same time, be respectful when the person declines. A derivative of this approach is door-to-door, wherein representatives visit houses and business establishments to make a sales pitch.

2. The Chosen One

The chosen one is like the man on the street approach. However, the representative chooses people who he or she thinks fit the demographic of the flyer. The representatives can choose the kind of people who might fit the intended demographic of the flyer. For example, the service offered in the flyer is for retirement planning. On average, college students would not be considering that yet. The representatives can also give the flyers to most people if these contain offers that will appeal to a broad range of people, like savings plans. This approach is useful when the content of the flyer is aimed at clients from a certain background

3. The Bulletin Posts

Instead of manually distributing the flyers to people, you can pin the sheets to bulletin and public information boards in crowded places. Seeing the neatly-pinned flyer on the bulletin board makes your business or event appear more professional. You can also do a variation of this where, true to guerilla marketing, you can be unconventional in your distribution. You could erect an exhibit related to your business, and people can grab the flyers pinned on that exhibit. Maybe you can put up a fun game where people get a prize and flyer. This will pique the interest of people and raise awareness for your company as well.

4. The Hitchhiker

You can also provide copies of your flyers in other business establishments and places where a large crowd of people frequents. For lead generation, ensure that the crowd in that area is the appropriate market for the content in your flyer. The location where you place the flyers should be relevant to your ad. You can also choose to send the flyers via mail couriers. You can use a targeted mailing list and insert the flyers in their mail. You can also opt to have the flyers published in magazines. This may be more expensive than the other approaches, but you get to target a more specific audience with a higher chance of gaining clients and customers.

The flyers will not fly themselves. They need engaging content and effective distribution techniques. With what you learned, you can take advantage of flyers to advance your business and your career in a competitive industry. When people know and remember you, you can become the go-to financial institution or independent help for their financial goals.

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