14+ Gift Certificate Examples

A gift  certificate is a prepaid card that serves as an alternative to cash so you can make purchases with the use of gift certificates. Gift card is the other term for a gift certificate in pdf. It is basically issued by bank or a retailer.

A gift certificate is type of a marketing tool used by retailers and other marketers to attract their potential patrons and also to keep their old customers to be loyal at their stores. They are also given by hotel and casinos, boutiques or stores where they serve as a token of appreciation so they get to use it and purchase without the aid of money. Appreciations are not only expressed through thank you notes or letters, gift certificates can be too.

Free Gift Certificate Template

free gift certificate template

Blank Gift Certificate Template

blank gift certificate template

Fancy Gift Certificate Template

fancy gift certificate template

Free Holiday Gift Certificate

free holiday gift certificate

Sample Christmas Gift Certificate Template

sample christmas gift certificate template

Travel Gift Certificate Template

travel gift certificate template

Birthday Gift Certificate

birthday gift certificate

Massage Gift Certificate

massage gift certificate

Christmas Gift Certificate

christmas gift certificate

Blank Gift Certificate Example

blank gift certification example

Holiday Gift Sample

holiday gift sample

Things You Should Know About Gift Certificates

Who doesn’t love gift certificates? I bet no one ever think of not receiving them. Gift certificates are really awesome and cool they have a way lot more to do in people’s lives. So how much do you know about gift certificates?

  • Gift certificates can be given not only as a token or for advertisement as the word itself “gift” they can act as presents on different.
  • Gift Certificates are given on special occasions too like birthdays and holidays when you are too  tired of deciding what present to give, a gift certificate will do. Giving a massage or travel own certificate in gift are very overwhelming too.
  • Gift certificates are also known as gift cards, there is a little bit of difference on the appearance and gift cards are re-loadable and has expiry also but still serves the same purpose.
  • Gift cards or gift certificates are also given because of a loyalty program or as awards and prizes.
  • Gift certificates don’t come in as cash, but still one can purchase using it since it is already prepaid.
  • Gift certificates can be used as a marketing tool. It’s not flyers or brochure example that helps in advertising, gift certificates do that too. It improves cash flow and would help increase sales and branding.

There are really lots of things a gift certificate can do. From gift to becoming a marketing tool to improving sales and what not. It may not sound as convincing at it may, but gift certificate in word are  important in the field of business too.

Photography Gift

photography gift1

Printable Gift Certificate

printable gift certification

Travel Gift Certificate

travel gift certificate

Valentine Gift Certificate

valentine gift certificate

Gift Certificates As A Marketing Tool

With so much competition in the field of business, people nowadays invent another way of making their business on top. They invented ways on how to keep the business going because maintaining  their patrons and clients loyalty is a must. Below are the few things what a gift certificate template and example can do in your business.

A gift certificate helps in awareness of a business brand because it allows people to visit and purchase goods in your store. You are not only being visited but you are also being paid. Aside from that, new customers get to visit your store, so there is a greater chance of having new loyal customers since your current customers get to promote it from their friends because gift certificates are usually given to those loyal ones.

Easy to distribute. It is also inexpensive to produce  gift cards, They mostly come in wallet sizes.

Improves the flow of your money. Your cash flow would certainly be at good score because gift certificates have already been paid by banks or retailers even before purchasing from your store. So it is a sure hit that you have already gained something. Although a modern certificate is considered an effective marketing tool business brochures and flyers are also very effective too.

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