Ways to Impress at a Job Interview

Did you ever feel like the job of your dreams just keeps slipping from your grasp?  You wake up, check the classified ads while drinking a nice cup of coffee. You see a job opening for something you have a passion for and for a company that you admire. You get dress and list the necessary certifications on your resume then head out of the house to try and get an interview for that job position you just saw. You go into the company, gave your resume, take an exam, wait for your turn to be called up for the interview, then you walk out. The next time you hear from them, they decided to pass up on your opportunity. And the cycle continues.

Landing a job you want is never going to be such an easy task that companies would line up just to try and recruit you for the position. There will definitely be some hardships along the way and not everyone is able to make it or brace for the impact of the much-dreaded rejection. But there are ways for you to be able to land the job of your dreams from the 1st interview from the get-go. Sometimes all you really need to do is to make a very good or lasting impression on the person who interviewed you. And if everything works out in the end, you will be able to go back home and burn the rest of your printed resumes as you have already landed yourself that elusive job.

Smile a Lot

Make sure that you smile as naturally as you can during the interview. It will show that you are a positive person and it can make the entire process much easier. Just make sure that you don’t do it too much as it would show that you are nervous. A smile can even be infectious as even the interviewer will be at ease and perhaps smile with you. A little smile can go a long way.

Keep Your Hands Dry

Make sure that your hands are dry at all times. No one wants to have sweaty hands as that would indicate nervousness. There will definitely be interviews wherein you will need to shake the hands of those people that interviewed you and no one wants to share with someone who has wet hands. It goes without saying that when you shake hands with people who do business then you need to make sure that you have a firm grasp, doing a limp handshake is out of the question and back to the classified ads.

Always Maintain a Proper Posture

Having a proper posture is key. There are so many things that can be translated just by observing a persons body movement. If you have poor posture then it would show the negative traits that you might have. So it is paramount that you do not slouch in the slightest or anything of the sort. You need to stand and sit up straight, and if you do it a lot, it will exuberate confidence. Also do not forget to walk with confidence since you need to make sure that you keep up appearances until you are at least out of the interview room or better yet, out of the building before you can let yourself loose again.

Dress Smart

You need to make sure that you are properly dressed when you go for the interview. Do not wear anything like shorts, sandals, or anything of the sort as you may not even be allowed to enter the building for dressing inappropriately. It would also help if you add a bit of color to what you are wearing as it will show that you know how to add style or some variation to things, it would look boring if you were dressed just like every other person in the business world, what with their gray and black ever abundant.

Be Brief

When it is your turn to talk and tell the interviewers to about yourself, do not talk so much and make comprehensive ramblings, there is such a thing as too much information. If you talk too much, there will be too many things for your interviewer to take note of that it will become quite a mess. If you make it brief, you will be able to get straight to the point and keep to the interview schedule as timely as possible because there might be other applicants and it’s important to make sure that everyone gets a turn.

Be Passionate

Talk with passion. Sell yourself passionately. Probe with passion. Being passionate about your chosen profession shows dedication and expertise. Interviewers would be very impressed if you were to show to them that you love what you are doing, what you did, and what you will do for them. Passion is what drives a human being to do great things, to go beyond their measure, and enables them to surpass expectations. Passion may not be a requirement but it drives home more soundly than most other qualities a person can have.

Become a Storyteller

When the interviewer wants to know about you and especially when they ask about past experiences, then it is a good technique to weave a story out of it. It will show how creative you can be and how well you are able to present something in an impromptu manner. This technique will also enable the interviewer to be able to gauge you in a more interactive and personal level so you can make a connection much easier and more natural. It also helps if the story you manage to create would be something that can easily entertain the interviewer so that you can ease any sort of tension you or the interviewer are displaying.

Be Humble

Nobody likes to see someone boast so much about their accomplishments. It is one thing to be confident and another thing to be arrogant. Any company would see that if you are too arrogant, it can be a negative thing for their company as you would show an image that is unbecoming of what their ideal employee image would be. So it is a good practice if you were to be as humble as you can. Humility is a great virtue and in the business world, it is a rarity which makes it all the more precious.

Clam Down and Relax

Be as relaxed as you can be, at least as much as needed for you to not have your nerves wracking at you all the time. Let us face it, an interview can increase our heartbeats no matter what, especially if we had to go through a series of interviews before we got endorsed for the final interview. Your nerves are jumping all around and you do not know how to face the interviewer, you are sweating buckets. During these times you need to just relax, close your eyes, take a deep breath, slowly count to 10, and open your eyes again. You need to keep yourself in control at all times as nervousness can potentially be seen as a negative. So just chill.

Express Great Interest

Companies would love it if you are interested in joining them because of the projects that they have or for their background. So try and ask them more information about those topics which have piqued  your curiosity, they would be more than happy to share some details with anyone who expresses interest, just do not ask them too much as there could possibly be some information that is considered to be a little bit confidential, so be mindful of that. If you can show interest in them, it is likely that they, in turn, will also show interest in you.

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