Best Email Etiquette Tips for Job Seekers

We live in an age where individuals would rather communicate with one another through online platforms. It’s not that people are too lazy to interact personally, but technology has made a lot of things much easier for us in more reasons than one.

Nowadays, technology has made it more efficient for a company to carry out its regular operations. Companies can easily contact their employees regarding urgent matters by sending out electronic mails with a simple click of a button. Recruiters can also allow applicants to send their applications through email. With the proper business email etiquette, online communication can still be made formal.

Email Rules to Follow for your Job Search

  • Make sure you’re using an appropriate email address for your job search. Avoid using vulgar words and too much characters as they can often be distracting.
  • Have a specific person as your recipient. Your email in pdf may likely come unnoticed if you use a general company email address as your recipient. This is because such email may be used for various purposes, such a inquiries and complaints.
  • Add a subject to your subject line. If you don’t, “(no subject)” will be displayed in your recipient’s inbox. This will lessen your chances of getting noticed as recruiters wouldn’t even bother opening your message.
  • Add a body to your email. Even if you have a email resume and cover letter attached, you should avoid leaving the body blank. You need to assure your recipient that your email has a purpose and that your attachment isn’t some sort of virus.

How to Write and Send Professional Email Messages

First and foremost, your subject line should indicate the purpose of your email.

Once this is completed, you need to start your email message with a proper greeting. You can do so by acknowledging your recipient. You also need to be straight to the point with the message you want to relay.

Be use to observe proper spelling, grammar, and structure. Make sure to review your message before you send it. You may also add an email signature at the bottom part of your email. You can customize this through the email’s settings.

Furthermore, a professional email should not include playful font styles and emoticons as they can often be interpreted wrongly, sometimes appearing too childish or flirty. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to act professionally.

Include a Clear and Direct Subject Line in an Email

A subject line is located at the tab labeled “Subject” and it should always be made concise. Anything lengthy can be easily dismissed as it appears to be pointless. Not everyone will take the time to read a subject line with more than 150 characters.

Guidelines to Help You Befriend Email Recruiters

  • Clearly state your purpose on the subject line.
  • Write an email cover letter as the body of your email instead of having it attached.
  • Do not make your content too lengthy.
  • Provide updated personal and contact information on the body of the email.
  • Do not spam messages all at once.

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