Tips on Winning Employees

Last Updated: May 8, 2024

Tips on Winning Employees

One of the reasons why employees leave the company is because of how management agenda handles them. The employees are the brain and the soul of your business branding and without them, your company is just a good as nothing. That is why you should be very mindful of how you manage your employees because you never know you might lose one of your assets.

Not everyone in the company will be easy to work with due to differences in culture and attitude. However, as someone who is more experienced than them, you should be the one to lead and create a positive environment in the office. Happy employees are also more productive in business talk compare to those that are not happy with what they do or are demotivated. Here are some tips on how you can manage your employees well.

Tips on how to manage your employees

Tips on how to manage your employees

Constant Communication

Communication plays a big part in the success of all companies for beginners. Without constant and proper communication, there will be a lot of misunderstanding between you and the employee. Most of the time, employees will feel comfortable if their management statement is talking to them on a daily basis to ease the tension between their ranks. Employees also like being involved with the company that they are working with so make sure that you can be very approachable about any questions or suggestions that they have.

Be transparent

Being transparent to your employees will gain you their trust and confidence. Always make sure that you keep them in the loop of all ongoing projects proposal, changes, and deadlines so that they will never feel isolated from the company. Most of the time, employees just wanted to feel that they are not just a number but also part of a family in the company that they are working with. However, of course, there is some sensitive information that only project management can know but for those decisions and changes in the rules that can highly affect the employee, be transparent with them about it.

Recognize good work

Most of the time, management only calls your attention when you did something wrong but not when you did something great. Employee recognition is vital to keep them motivated at the work that they do. Give positive feedback email all the time and encourage them even when they did something wrong. You do not have to drag someone deeper when you know you can just pull him up and teach him a lesson. Acknowledging employees who did a good job will also help them determine what is really expected of them.

Conduct team buildings

Team buildings are essential for a better relationship marketing between you and your employees because it strengthens your bond with them and you will be able to know them personally. Plan monthly team outings at the beach, weekly get together in a karaoke house or even just a simple team meeting lunch during your breaks can actually help you motivate and manage your team properly because they will be more comfortable with you and vice versa.  You can also organize open forums in your team buildings to know the problems that your employees are keeping from you.

Try to know them personally

Do not be one of the bosses who think negatively of their employees right away when they are absent, when they are always late or when their performance assessment is not good. You never know what your employee has been into so always be kind to them and try to know them personally so you can help them adjust to working. A personal plan touch is still the best way to getting managing your employees because, in that way, they will feel your presence and will be more motivated to finish their work on time. When you try to put an effort into knowing your employees personally, it can build more rapport in the long run and can create more bond.

Be fair

Divide the tasks accordingly to your employees and do not make them feel like you have a favorite among them. Being fair is not difficult to achieve because basically you just have to set aside your personal statement biases and be professional portfolio enough in handling your people. Never take sides and always listen to both parties to know the real story because most of the time people do have a lot to say about things that sometimes the story becomes exaggerated. Favoritism among employees most of the time results to misunderstanding and fights. If you want your employees to respect you, treat them fairly because respect should be gained and not imposed.

Manage Conflict

Never turn a blind eye to any conflicts between your employee because it can definitely affect your productivity tools. Communication among the team will also suffer if you set aside unresolved conflicts. Working in a negative atmosphere is also not a good idea so when there is a conflict between your team, resolve it right away before it builds up and become more chaotic. You should also not forget to abide by the company rules when resolving conflicts so that our actions will not fire back to you as well.

Be a good example

Your employees will look up to you for guidance and motivational speech so make sure that you are also mindful of your acts around the company. If you expect them to be professional at their work and commit on the tasks that you give them, make sure that you also show them the same. Everything is a domino effect on the company and the reaction will start from you. All your actions will ripple to your employees statement so make sure that you are doing your job accordingly and never stop improving as well while you are also managing your team.

Managing your employees is actually not that difficult if you are professional career portfolio enough in handling them. Most of the time, a good management report plan with a proper execution will work out but you should still be ready at times when there are unexpected things. Always bring with you a contingency plan in any company analysis matter so that you can act accordingly to whatever is asked of you. The tips above will be your guide in managing your employees so make sure to put them in mind so you can maximize them at times when they are needed.

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