HR Department Structure

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

HR Department Structure

The truth is, there is no secret ingredient to success. You cannot find anywhere else in the world, not even in the astral dimension, a magical door to get you into success.

The same principle actually applies to business plans to develop human resources departments. It takes time and a considerable amount of effort in order to get to the top ladder of success. Your mission, whether you are the human resources manager or the chief of operations in your organization, is to make sure that the human resource department is well-rooted and grounded on your company’s mission and vision.

The thing about growing a business is that you have to look at the whole scenario from a variety of angles. You need to have an eagle-eye on the things that are important. Remember that every element is crucial to your success.

Why Is Human Resources Important?

The adjective that best suits to describe a human resource department is “essential.” The reason for that is because without it, the whole company would crumble. It is an important building block for a company to thrive amidst the growing competition in an industry. We all know that the human resources department is solely responsible for the recruitment and hiring process of employees.

Therefore, it is their team who knows very well who they are dealing with, and to check beforehand who has the potential to be a company asset.

Asset employees are those who can contribute to the growth of the company or the business. In other words, they are the employees who work at their best and use their skills and talents effectively. They are those who excel in their respective line of work and avoid being a mediocre.

The other side of the coin goes to the employees who become liabilities in the long run. These are the people human resource specialists try to avoid. So, if we are to examine the scenario, the human resources department is responsible for bringing in good gardeners to nurture and take care of the seeds of the company.

Human resources department is important in the sense that without this team, there would be no one to take care of the employees.


No, they are not nannies to babysit the workers. They are simply the individuals who know exactly what to do and the kind of treatment and activities that the employees want in order to perform effectively in their jobs.

It is important that the company takes care of its employees because without them, production—which fuels the business—would be compromised and that the quantity and quality will be at risk. Human resources department determines what incentives and bonuses to give to the employees. They will also know who among the employees deserve to receive them.

The question that surrounds the whole human resources team as a whole is whether they can continue to provide relevant ideas and the kind of help that could boost a business. It is a challenge that every human resource specialist has to accept because it is in their hands that the company’s fate rests.

It is also wise to know that they are the most reliable source of information with relevance to how the business is running and continue to flourish.

If we are to make a simile for the human resources department, the best one so far is the human heart. The human body is composed of different organs. Each organ plays a different role but acts cohesively with the rest in order for the whole human body to properly function. Since the heart is responsible for fueling the body with blood, the same goes with the human resources department.

Employees are essential in a company because without them, no one is going to perform the tasks. In the same way, human resources individuals filter the good blood—i.e., employees for the business to perform at its best.

5 Creative Ways to Structure Your HR Department

Structuring your human resource department is one of those primary steps that you have to take in order to establish a credible and strong business.

One of the strategies to enhance the brand of a company is to make sure that the people who are working within the organization lives the mission statement of the company. When all the individuals who are part of the company lives and applies their value in every action, people will easily recognize the brand.

It is through these collective efforts that create a reason why strong branding is important to your small business.

The key factor, however, whether you are a small or large business, is that each and every department has to be structured or molded in the likeness of the values and virtues that you hold on to.

It is possible for you to have a name in the market. Yes. It is easy. But working up to make that name strong and impenetrable is something else. Here are the five creative ways on how you can structure your human resource department.

1. Adopt a Business Model

Some people fall into the wrong pit by working on their own efforts while disclosing their minds to outside ideas. We have to remember that the business industry has been in existing for many decades.This only means that those who are in the business world have tried multiple trial and errors just to come up with something good and unique.

Unless you have the mind of Albert Einstein or the likes of Isaac Newton, why not, right? However, you need to be open to possibilities that you can create a human resource department in the light of a business model of somebody else.

You do not have to necessarily copy their ideas because that would constitute to intellectual property rights violation. What you can do is simply use it as your format to guide in making your own. You might not know you could end up doing something better than theirs right?

2. Check Your Resources

It is important as well that you should make a little research on the things that you need. Consider things like the number of people required in your department.

If you have a small company, do not get a lot of human resource specialists. You only need at least one or two or maybe three at the most. Sure most people would often say that two heads are better than one. But when there is little task and not much employees to attend to, you do not need that many people in your human resource department.

Another would be the materials that you might be needing to run the group. It is advisable that you should make a list of the things you will need in the future to set the proper tone as you go along the way.

3. Use Automation

The days of the present are offering us ways and means on how to do things quick and easy. This should be a great opportunity for everyone, especially in business to make use of them. The digital age is a new thing and newer and bolder technologies are continuously being developed everyday.

When it comes to human resources, incorporating automation is not a bad thing. In fact, it makes the job a little lighter compared to the traditional ways of doing what a human resource specialist does. Take for example the computation of compensation and benefits as well as filing of documents.

Before, offices are crowded with stacks of files that are yet to be checked and filed. Human resources keep the whole day busy, especially when the pay release is approaching. They would manually calculate the employees’ salaries, compensation and benefits. Now, everything can be done with just a single device.

4. Embrace Your Company’s Vision

A vision statement is something that you want to achieve or become in the future. For a company, they are more likely success in business and strength of the whole organization. Human resources department should be centered on the company’s vision.


Because they are the front-runners and they are responsible for all business and employee relations. If you want to establish a strong human resources department, be in line with your company’s goals and dreams so that your methods and plans can be set in harmony.

5. Divide the Group into Smaller Branches

In a classic war story or movie, we would often see the division of responsibilities. There are archers and swordsmen. The same thing applies when constructing a building. There are laborers, architects, and engineers.

The reason why such strategy is applied is that tasks are done effectively and swiftly. So as with your human resources department, divide the tasks according to the strength of our members. Assign someone to handle employee benefits and compensation, recruitment, and employee relations. It helps your group deliver the tasks and make sure targets are met on time.

There is a big advantage when a company holds a strong and established human resources department. It’s a factor that sets it apart from the rest. One major reason why human resources are important in a business is that these are the individuals who can really determine what is best for a company.

Recruitment and the hiring process is just a small piece of a big puzzle that the human resources department has to solve. Bigger and harder challenges always await. And for that, having a well-structured team is your winning card in a game where you are in constant competition with other businesses.

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