Management Skills List

If you dream of becoming someone who manages or leads a group of individuals in an organization, then you must know that you need several management skills to qualify for such position. Leadership and management skills, simply speaking, is a set of skills inventory an individual must possess in order to become an effective manager.

Effective quality management means that an individual is able to manage a team agenda of individuals within the same organization with ease and confidence, at the same time motivates such individuals to work efficiently to ensure individual growth and overall organizational success.

What Skills do You Need to Be a Manager?

In the business world, there are many different types of skills which make one an effective team player and manager. Of course, there are those skills which serves as the basic management skills for beginners must possess and improve to grow as and effective manager.

  • People management skills. Some people just have that natural interpersonal skills—the ability to interact and work well with other people. This allows a manager to effectively lead other people while at the same time motivating them without having to use threats, pressure, or violence.
  • Time management skills. Time management system is an essential tool for success. If someone knows how to manage time well, he/she will be able to prioritize things well, and increase productivity despite having a work schedule.
  • Project management skills. If an individual has such skills, he/she can effectively manage the process of completing several projects at a given time. Such skills involve understanding the processes involved in project plan completion, and knowing how to incorporate business goals to such projects.
  • Problem solving skills. Instead of letting problems drag the whole team around, a manager possessing problem solving skills will be able to easily identify the problem statements and its cause, in order to provide possible solutions to such problem.
  • Technical skills. This is basically an individual’s know-how in doing a specific job or task at hand. This includes in depth knowledge of how to use materials and equipment necessary to complete a job schedule.
  • Communication skills. This refers to the ability to communicate well with other people.
  • Conceptual skills. An individual possessing such skills knows how to look at the bigger picture. A person with conceptual skills knows how to see the general picture of the organizational analysis as a whole, including its external environment, allowing him/her to easily spot root causes of problems and conflicts.

Management vs. Leadership Skills

They say there are many differences between being a manager and being a leader. Let’s discuss such differences.

  • Management skills are the skills used to manage people. This means that he/she directs the team of individuals towards achieving smart goals by following set standard and rules. People who possess skills performance management knows how to take control of the situation, while creating different strategies to promote harmony.
  • Leadership skills are the skills needed to lead people. Individuals possessing such skills know how to motivate people while leading the way to a desired goal. They are the people who guide others in taking new steps and actions towards achieving the team’s goals.

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