How to Prepare a Pro-forma Invoice

What Is a ProForma Invoice?

A proforma invoice is a simple invoice where all the information regarding the payments of goods and services is requested by the seller to the customer. It also states their the commitment of the seller to deliver the products as requested by the buyer for a fixed price.

The proforma invoice is considered to be a pre-advice document as it is provided to the buyer before a deal is finalized and settled. This also serves a guide for the seller on what action plan is necessary to take on what the expectations are on an export sale.

How to Make a Proforma Invoice?

Here’s how to make a proforma invoice.

  • Determine the price and the sales term. As you have arranged the prospective deal, identify all the additional costs that you have acquired.
  • Use a price quotation. Also called commercial invoice form format, where the “Pro Forma Invoice” is clearly stated at the top and the name and address of the seller and the buyer is written.
  • Write the products and/or services covered by the proforma invoice. List all item separately and identify its prices.
  • State the financial and shipping terms. The currency used and the distribution channel.
  • Sign and put a date.To make an invoice official.

What Is the Difference between an Invoice and a Pro-forma Invoice?

The proforma invoice in pdf as mentioned above is a document of commitment to the part of the seller to sell the goods as stated in the agreement of the buyer for a specific price. In other words, the proforma invoice is considered to be a “confirmed purchase order” from the seller.

While the invoice or commonly known as the commercial invoice is also a document where it is used to record the accounts receivable for the seller and records the account payable of the buyer. The content of the invoice may also be the same as the proforma invoice.

The Benefits of a Proforma Invoice

The main purpose of a proforma invoice is that it helps tighten the export sale, which means that the two person involves in the transaction, which is the buyer and the seller has agreed to the terms of the contract of sales invoice.

Here are some other ways in which the proforma invoice is important to use.

  • It checks and minimizes errors.
  • Serves as a legal, binding agreement.
  • Only includes all relevant and useful information regarding the export transaction.
  • The proforma invoice is universally accepted as an invoice form of sales document format in the export industry.

The Total Landed Price in the Proforma Invoice

The costs of the product you buy from the manufacturer plus the markup you get are your selling price. To get the total landed price per case, add the numbers of your selling price to the total shipping cost and then divide that total by the number of cases.

To get your landed price per unit, divide the total landed price per case to the number of units in a case.

Once you get all of that, you have finally created your proforma invoice in word. To make it more official, include the date during which your quote is valid and the freight forwarder’s quote reference number.

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